April 28 Future/ Jr Future Games Trials: Pitcher (Only) Scout Blog

PBR Alabama Staff

There were four 2021 arms that showed up to pitch on Sunday, including 2 LHP’s and 2 RHP’s. All four showed solid mechanics and the ability to command the zone. Let’s take a look at those pitchers. Our final scout blog, on the infielders that attended the event, will be released Monday, May 6.

*Note- Pitchers that went through a positional workout have their pitching notes included in their positional analysis. 

Cole Cheatham (2021, LHP/OF, Danville) 6’1 160 lbs.- Had a nice stint on the mound. Had a bit of a deceptive, funky motion and hid the ball well in his delivery. The FB sat in the low 80’s and topped at 84 a few times. The ASR from this lefty was legit. The CB took very nice shape and showed sharp, late down action. The change up showed deception at 73 mph. Slender build with quick action in the delivery and the arm works from a short ¾ slot. Really like this LHP.

Nick Hamlin (2021, RHP/OF, Oxford) 6’2 175 lbs.- Showed nice plane on the FB and really worked to get on top of this pitch. Really gets on top of the breaking ball which really creates some depth in the pitch and has tight spin. Quick to the plate out of the stretch. Simple, clean mechanics that will continue to add velo as the body matures. Really attacks the plate. FB was mid 80’s and touched 86 a few times. Does a nice job really driving off the mound and letting the arm work through the throwing motion.

Parker Willingham (2021, RHP/1B, Deshler) 6’2 202 lbs.- No wasted motion in the delivery and shows simple, clean mechanics. Strong core strength and does a nice job of using the lower half of the body. FB had late life and was mid 80’s throughout and bumped 88 a few times. Showed some ASR. The change up was a plus pitch in the low 70’s with the same arm speed and showed nice tumble in to RHH. The breaking ball was a definite two plane pitch with late depth. Not just a big velo guy, showed the ability to throw 3 pitches with confidence. Big time arm in the ‘21 class.

Wes Sanders (2021, LHP, Spain Park) 6’6 218 lbs.- A young arm that has added some weight and strength since we saw him previously. Quick delivery with some rhythm. Did a nice job with the breaking ball and showed that he has the ability to “back foot” some RHH. He does create some typical LH movement with the FB in the low 70’s. Creates some good down action from his 6’6 frame and will add some velo in the future. The breaking has 12/6 depth and he does a nice job of getting on top of this pitch.

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