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June 25 Underclass Games Scouting Analysis: Catchers

PBR Alabama Staff

June 25 Top Underclass Games Scouting Analysis: Catchers

Alabama is a state that is loaded with good catchers and the June 25th event at UAB showed that to be the case as twelve players showcased their talents behind the plate. The catchers went through a morning workout and then played in one of the two games that followed. We will look at outfielders and infielders in the days to come, but today let's look at the guys that set up shop behind the plate. 

Owen Roberson (2021, C, Wilson) Offensively, Roberson has an even stance that displayed some pull side juice in his BP round. Utilizes a toe-tap to load and has a level swing path. The ‘21 grad had a single in the game he played in. Behind the plate, the catch and throw skills are there. Posted the top pop time at 1.95 while ranging from 1.95-2.18 to go along with a 73 mph C velo. At 6’0” 160 lbs, Roberson has the chance to become a physical C if he continues to progress and put on more weight.  

Tyler Waugh (2021, C, Briarwood Christian) Waugh is another C at this event that really did some good things offensively and defensively. Using an open stance, he has a big leg kick from the left side of the plate. You could really see the balls that he hit up the middle had some backspin. Defensively, the LHH C flashed consistent 1.98-2.02 pop times to go along with a C velo of 75 mph. Above average receiver during gameplay. 

Grant Jay (2022, C/OF, Mobile Christian) One of the top performers at the event, Jay has all of the tools to become a top prospect in his class. At 5’11” 200 lbs., Jay showed present strength in his lower half during his BP round. Starts with an even stance and creates some tilt in his swing. Consistent line drives to all fields with backspin. Listed as a C/OF, Jay’s future is behind the plate. Pop times ranged from 2.03-2.07, but these will continue to improve as he works on his footwork and his arm gets stronger (75 mph). High-ceiling for this ‘22 C. 

Lawson Stricklin (2022, C/3B, Decatur) Impressive day for this ‘22 C/3B at the event. Offensively, Stricklin starts with an even stance and a quiet load but generates some juice with his bat speed. Consistent load contact to all fields. Really stays inside the baseball and incorporates his lower half really well into his swing. Defensively, the ‘22 C showed pop times that ranged from 2.07-2.14 to go along with a 73 mph C velo. These numbers will continue to progress as he gets quicker and the arm gets stronger.

Charlie Cochran (2022, C/1B, Florence) At already 6’2” 180 lbs. as a ‘22, Cochran already possesses the size to become a future top prospect in his class. Cochran had an impressive showing at this event while showcasing some quick hands and + bat speed during his BP round. His swing is synced together nicely. Defensively, the RHH C posted a 2.06 pop time and a C velo of 70 mph. Interesting follow.

AJ Causey (2021, C, Sparkman) Another young C that looked very good at the event. His BP round consisted of very hard hit line drives to all fields with backspin. He was not afraid to go oppo as well. Advanced approach for the young RHH C. Defensively, the arm strength is already there for Causey as he posted an event-best C velo at 81 mph. His pop times were 2.10-2.17, but these will be trimmed down in the future as a gets stronger and his feet get quicker. Interesting follow. 

Cole Patterson (2021, C/3B, Westbrook Christian) This RHH C/3B displayed some juice to his pull side during his BP round. He really stays through the zone and does not pull off the ball. There is still more juice in the tank for this ‘21 grad. Defensively, he posted a 2.12 pop time to go along with a C velo of 70 mph. Looking forward to seeing how much he progresses in the coming years. 

Glavine Segars (2021, C/3B, West Morgan) Walking away from this event, we were really impressed with Segars. He just does a lot of things well. During his BP round, he consistently hit line drives to all fields from his slightly open stance. He also had a single in gameplay. Defensively, he is still a little raw but you can tell the arm is there (76 mph). Liked his approach at the event.

Samuel Hogue (2022, C/RHP, Sparkman) Hogue displayed some pull side juice during his round of BP. Did not see him go opposite field that much. This translated to the game as he flew out to LF in one of his AB’s. Like his swing as he creates some tilt which allows him to drive the ball to the LCF gap. Defensively, his best pop time was 2.18. These will continue to get trimmed down as he gets stronger and quicker.

Brayden Merriweather, 2021, C/RHP, Madison Academy) After attending other PBR events in the past, we were very impressed at how much Merriweather has progressed since. Offensively, he starts with a slightly open stance and has a little leg kick in his swing. Showed some pull side pop during his BP round. Defensively, he showed very well during gameplay behind the plate. There were many balls in the dirt that he was able to block and keep in front. Love his game. On the mound, Merriweather’s FB played 76-77 T79 with a nice, loose arm action. SL was 68-69 and showed tight spin. Very athletic delivery. 

Jackson Hirschler (2021, C, Madison Academy) Starting from an upright stance, Hirschler has a very simple swing. Most of the balls that he barrelled up were to his pull side during BP. Has a top tap for his load. Likes to pull the ball. Defensively, the arm strength (80 mph) was one of the best at the event from the C position. His best pop time was 2.24, but will get trimmed down once his feet get quicker.

Isaiah Sims (2022, C/3B, Pinson Valley) Sims starts with an open stance before coming back to square. Pretty quiet load that translates to a short swing with above average juice. During gameplay, Sims had a single over SS in one of his AB’s. Defensively, his best pop time was 2.27. He is still pretty raw, being a ‘22 grad, but there is some potential there.

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