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Scout Blog: July 19 Alabama Summer Trials

PBR Alabama Staff

Alabama Summer Trials Scout Blog: Analysis on each player that attended the Alabama Summer Trials on July 19 at Birmingham Southern College.

Alex Wilson (2021, 2B/SS, Hoover) 5'8 130 lbs.- 7.19.18- showed the ability to use the whole field and sprayed the ball over the field in BP with a short, simple approach at the plate with an exit velo of 77. He ran the 60 in 7.02 and showed good actions with the glove and real good footwork and a 66 mph IF velo.

Connor Odom (2022, OF, Calera) 5’6 146 lbs- 7.19.18- solid actions in the OF with an arm that will continue to gain strength as he gets older, tracked balls very well. He ran a 7.84 60 yard dash and showcased a 70 mph velo from the OF during drills. Showed good athleticism in the field and at the plate.

Steven Wisdom (2020, OF, Lauderdale County) 5’7 150 lbs- 7.19.18- an athletic, fast twitch athlete that ran a 6.70 60 yard dash and showed plus OF play with a plus arm as he threw 84 from the OF during drill work. Offensively, he showed the ability to handle pitches on the outer half and use the right side. Swing stayed through the zone and on plane with an exit velo of 74 mph.

Bo Spencer (2019, 2B, Lamar County) 5’7 165 lbs- 7.19.18- showed some pop at the plate with loud contact and a gap to gap approach with the ability to handle balls on the inner half while showing an exit velo of 84 mph. Very good actions on the IF with the glove and tremendous feet with a 76 mph IF velo across the diamond. A very solid player.

Brandon Williams (2022, RHP/3B, Elberta) 5’7 170 lbs- 7.19.18- a young player with a lot of upside in years to come. A solid fundamental approach on the IF whose feet will continue to progress to go with the good feel with the glove. Showed a 75 mph IF velo to go with an 8.01 60 yard dash. Offensively, he showed some juice to the pull side and to the back side gap with a balanced, connected swing and approach and an 81 mph exit velo. On the mound he was up to 77 mph with slight ASR. His breaking ball was a slower, over the top breaking ball at 61-65 and he featured a changeup that faded away from RH hitters at 67-69 mph.

Chance Owens (2022, SS/RHP, Fayetteville) 5’8 135 lbs- 7.19.18- another young player at the Trials, he showed some pitchability on the mound locating his breaking ball on both sides of the plate at 58-60 and had good feel with the changeup at 62-65. His fastball was 69-71 and topped at 73 mph. During IF drills he presented an advanced approach with the glove and had a 69 mph IF velo. He ran the 60 in 8.22 and presented a simple compact swing with the ability to use the field and a 73 mph exit velocity. Will continue to progress as he gets older.

Brayden Merriweather (2021, RHP/C, Madison Academy) 5’9 145 lbs- 7.19.18- did a lot of good things at the event showing fast twitch actions. A 7.15 60 yard dash runner, he was very consistent behind the plate showing pop times in the 2.15-2.17 range and a C velo of 71 mph while doing a good job of receiving pitches. Offensively he showed some pullside pop with his leg kick approach at the plate resulting in an 81 mph exit velo. As a pitcher, his fastball sat 72-74, topping at 75 with good ASR. His breaking ball had tight spin and had more of a slider type action at 64-66 and he also featured a changeup at 67-68. A name to remember in the 2021 class.

Tanner Hayes (2020, 3B, Corner) 5’9 160 lbs- 7.19.18- really showed the ability to control the hitting zone in BP as well as really getting the barrel to the ball and the ability to stay through the zone. His exit  velocity was 79 mph and he ran the 60 in 8.10. Showing 81 mph across the diamond during IF drills, he had an athletic approach with good feet before and after fielding groundballs with solid glove work.

McGwire Turner (2022, SS/OF, Helena) 5’11 135 lbs- 7.19.18-  another young player at the event that ran an 8.28 60 yard dash while showing an IF velo of 68 mph. His glovework was solid with good presentation of the glove and fluid actions. At the plate, he had an exit velo of 76 mph from a slightly open stance with an inside out approach and a backside approach.

Evan Liddie (2019, SS/2B, Madison Academy) 5’11 160 lbs- 7.19.18-  in his second event he showed some improved numbers and skillset. His 60 yard dash time was 7.51. In IF drills, he continued to show fast twitch actions with the glove and advanced feet as he also threw 84 across the diamond. Offensively, he showed pop to all fields and is very comfortable using the backside of the field and doesn’t try to do too much.  His approach is gap to gap and he showcased an 86 mph exit velo. A 2019 grad that will be a good get for someone.

Luke Hodge (2022, RHP/3B, Oneonta) 5’11 185 lbs- 7.19.18-  a 2022 grad to keep an eye on. On the mound, he showed a mid 70’s fastball, a breaking ball at 60-62 with late down action and a changeup at  61-64 with tumble away from RH hitters. From an arm slot over the top, he showed the ability to spot up all 3 pitches. He ran a 7.31 60 yard dash and threw 71 across the diamond. His glovework is very solid and his feet will continue to progress as he continues to grow. Very impressive at the plate showing very quick hands and a short, compact swing that created backspin and gap top gap pop and an exit velocity of 76 mph.

Blake Madewell (2019, C, Grissom) 5’11 185 lbs- 7.19.18-  ran a 7.57 60 yard dash and showed lots of athleticism behind the plate. He showed a 2.06-2.18 pop time with a C velo of 72 mph. Very impressive during BP showing strength in his lower half with an exit velo 78 mph. Impressive gap to gap approach with juice to both sides of the field with bag spin.

Joshua Simmons (2020, C/OF, Athens) 6’0 151 lbs- 7.19.18-  a very athletic C that can also play the OF. His 60 time was a 7.49 and he showed a 76 mph exit velocity from the tee. He has a short, simple swing from both sides (switch hitter) but appears more advanced from the right side. Shows a line drive approach. Behind the plate, he does a very good job of blocking balls in the dirt showing off his athletic skills. Receives the low pitch very well. He showed pop times between 2.12-2.26 and a 70 mph C velocity.

Jacob Kornegay (2020, RHP/2B, Fayetteville) 6’0 160 lbs- 7.19.18- on the mound he showed a fastball from 74-76 and a curveball at 62-65 that he was able to spin for a strike. He showed feel with a changeup that showed sink at 65-66 mph. He ran an 8.15 60 yard dash and showed flash with the glove and an IF velo of 79 mph. A switch hitter that showed a 69 mph exit velo, he showed the ability to use the opposite side of the field and seems to be more of a natural RH hitter.

Peyton Wesson (2019, LHP, Fayetteville) 6’0 185 lbs- 7.19.18- a typical LHP that creates serious movement on all of his pitches. Showed a fastball from 78-80 mph with ASR and a very tight breaking ball at 65-66 mph. His changeup is a plus pitch that he can locate at 71-72 mph. Does a good job creating deception from hitters. Will be an interesting follow in the 2019 class.

Drake Montgomery (2019, OF, American Christian Academy) 6’1 150 lbs- 7.19.18- an athletic outfielder that showed flash twitch actions. A very good defender, he ran a 7.03 60 yard dash while showcasing plus ball tracking skills to go along with very good arm strength (80 mph OF velo). Offensively, from a slight open stance he showed some pull side pop and appeared to stay synched up, while showing an 84 mph exit velocity.

Trey Simpkins (2021, 1B, RHP, Elberta) 6’1 160 lbs- 7.19.18- an interesting 2021 grad that did a lot of things well. On the mound, his fastball was up to 73 mph with a breaking ball at 61-63 mph with tight slider type action. His changeup was 64-65 mph from an over the top arm action. During IF drills, he appeared to have good feet and a solid glove and played low to the ground. He has an IF velo of 67 mph and a 7.95 60 yard dash. At the plate, he had an exit velocity of 72 mph and showed some pullside pop with a soft load of the hands.

Parker Willoughby (2020, OF, Athens) 6’1 175 lbs.- 7.19.18- an athletic OF that did a good job of getting good angles and using his athleticism to be in position to make accurate, consistent  throws. His OF velo was 76 mph and his 60 yard dash time 7.43. At the plate, he starts slightly open and has no wasted movement in his swing, created a plus bath path. Showed the ability to hit balls in the gap.

Jake Farrell (2020, C, St. Pauls) 6’1 180 lbs. – 7.19.18-  an interesting catching prospect that showcased very good receiving skills and looked very good blocking balls in the dirt. Very athletic behind the plate. He showcased a pop time of 2.09 with a 73 mph C velo. He ran the 60 in 7.58 and showcased some strength at the plate. A line drive hitter that has enough juice to hit  the ball in the gap, he had an 80 mph exit velo.

Zavion Anderson (2020, OF, Booker T. Washington, FL) 5’7 158 lbs.- 7.19.18- ran the 60 in 7.34 and showed a consistent arm from the OF with a 75 mph OF velo and tracked balls very well. His exit velo was 83 mph off of a tee and he showed very quick hands and bat path. Able to use the whole field and really showed some oppo pop. A good looking 2020 athlete.

Ryan Wilcutt (2019, C, Jasper) 6’0 170 lbs.- 7.19.18-  an athletic catcher than ran the 60 in 7.27 seconds. Offensively, he has a high leg kick approach that creates pop as shown in his BP round filled with loud contact and an exit velo of 91 mph. Really attacks the baseball. Behind the plate, he showcased an event best 1.95 pop and 75 mph exit velo.

Trentin Dupper (2019, OF, Decatur) 5’10 185 lbs.- 7.19.18-  had an impressive day all the way around starting with a 60 yard dash time of 7.07. His OF work was impressive as well as he was always in position to make the throw after the catch and showcased an OF velo of 79 mph. Offensively, he had an exit velo of 89 mph and showed nice pop with a good lower half during his BP round. Starts from a slightly closed stance and really stays through the zone with his barrel.

Jacob Oliver (2021, C, Chambers Academy) 5’10 200 lbs. 7.19.18-  ran a 9.22 60 yard dash and received pitches well behind the plate. His C velo was 64 mph with a 2.56  pop time. Offensively, his swing sometimes got a big long but was able to barrel some balls up and show pullside pop. His exit velocity off of a tee was 64 mph.

Cole Patterson (2021, C, Westbrook Christian) 6’0 210 lbs.- 7.19.18- a 2021 catcher that ran the 60 in 8.53 and showed slight improvement from an event just a few weeks back. His top pop time was 2.31 with a C velocity of 68 mph while showing improved receiving skills and was able to keep balls in the dirt on front of him. In BP, he showed the ability to use the field with a solid line drive approach and swing path with an exit vol of 80 mph.

Treyce Byrd (2020, SS/RHP, Saraland) 6’1 187 lbs.- 7.19.18-  an physically impressive player at the event that really showcased his skills well. He ran a 7.58 60 yard dash and showed twitchy actions in IF drills with both his glove and advanced footwork while throwing 80 mph across the diamond. Very smooth in the field. On the mound his fastball topped at 82 mph while showing the ability to bury his breaking ball at 79-80 mph. He also commanded a changeup at 72-73 that showed tumble. Offensively, from an even stance he consistently barreled pitches and showed backside juice with an exit velocity off of a tee at 82 mph.

Jake Hodge (2019, RHP/1B, Oneonta) 6’1 200 lbs. -7.19.18- solidly built player that ran a 7.28 in the 60 and had an exit velocity of 89 mph while showing serious pop in the bat and the ability to handle the pitch on the outer half. During IF drills, he showed good footwork with advanced glove presentation and threw 78 mph across the infield. On the mound he showed a fastball up to 78, a breaking ball at 68-69 and a changeup at 68-70. His stuff was “nasty” and all three pitches showed a lot of movement and the ability to miss barrels.

Nathan Grisham (2021, RHP, Lauderdale County) 6’2 150 lbs.- 7.19.18- an intriguing arm in the 2021 class, his fastball sat 75-76 and topped at 79. His breaking ball had very tight spin action and was difficult to pick up at 63-65. His changeup sat 72-73 and showed late disappearance and tumble away from LH hitters. He was able to command in and out with all three pitches.


JC Wilburn (2020, 1B/RHP, Helena) 6’2 190 lbs.- 7.19.18- physical player that ran the 60 in 7.63 and did some very good things on the day. At the plate, he had a 75 mph exit velocity off of a tee and showed a compact swing with very good barrel path that resulted in line drives gap to gap during BP. Defensively, he showed legitimate skills with nice hands and nimble feet and an IF velo of 72 mph. A newcomer to pitching, his fastball topped at 77, breaking ball was 72-74 and his changeup 67-70 as he commanded all three pitches. His best pitch was nasty split finger that he threw at 68-70 but showed late bite and life.

Slade Brown (2020, C, Lauderdale County) 6’2 220 lbs.- 7.19.18- a physical player with matching athletic ability as well. Ran the 60 yard dash in 7.50 seconds and was impressive behind the plate showing a C velo of 70 mph and a C pop time range between 2.21-2.27. Showed well receiving pitches and was very athletic blocking balls in the dirt. In BP, he really created some pop with a powerful lower half and fluid swing path through the zone. Showed the ability to use the entire field with an exit velocity of 84 mph off of a tee.

Hudson Holley (2019, RHP, Demopolis) 6’3 165 lbs.- 7.19.18- the ball seemed to “jump” out of his hand and showed the ability to command all 3 pitches and has good “stuff”. His fastball sat 81-82 and topped at 83 with a tight breaking ball at 69-72 that stayed down in the zone. His threw his changeup at 77-78 and may need to continue to develop that pitch and take more velo off but it created tumble vs. LH hitters.

Jackson Reece (2019, LHP, James Clemens) 6’3 180 lbs.- 7.19.18- very impressive in his command of 4 pitches he threw from a ¾ arm slot. Very clean mechanics. His fastball had legit ASR and sat 78-80 and topped at 81. His breaking ball showed depth at 63-65 and his changeup showed the ability to disappear from RH hitters and the possibility to be a legit swing and miss pitch. His cutter has the chance to be a weapon vs. LH and RH hitters with late action at 76-77. Has really showed the ability to really pitch.