Prep Baseball Report

Arkansas ProCase Pitching Analysis

Brian Walker
Arkansas Scouting Director

Breakdown in class order of the pitchers at the Arkansas ProCase May 22nd at Arkansas Tech University.


Arkansas commit, 2018 RHP, Connor McCullough, (6-Foot-1), 175-pound frame, long and lean projectable build, high ¾ slot with easy arm swing. Repeatable delivery with command to glove side with fastball. Fastball 87-88, curveball had tight spin with 11-5 rotation at 75-76, change up was 77-78 with arm side action at the plate, advanced pitch ability.

Crowder College commit, 2018 RHP, Treshon Paschal, (6-Foot-1), 180-pound frame, athletic body with room to fill out, long levered, tempo to delivery, clean break, high ¾ slot, hands on time, slight jump to land foot with heel landing, fastball had life at 88-91 with command to glove side, cb had shape and 1-5 tilt at 76-78, extension to curveball with bite, change up was 77-79, had arm side run with proper arm speed.

Arkansas State commit, 2018 RHP, Will Richardson, (6-Foot-3), 205-pound frame, long levers with strength to the body,  ¾ slot with repeatable delivery, lands slightly across line with spin off lead leg, Showed advanced pitch ability adding and subtracting from his Fastball throwing anywhere from 80-88. 80-84 fastball two seam with depth at the plate, 86-88 four seam with control to glove side, Two types of slrve adding and subtracting anywhere from 72-77. Richardson also showed a changeup with heavy sink at the plate at 77-78 which played like a splitter.


2019 RHP, Landon McAllister, (6-Foot-1), 175-pound frame, thinner body with room to fill out, wide shoulders, good tempo, clean arm swing, high ¾ slot,  lands slightly open toed, extension over lead leg, fastball was 84-88 with sink to arm side, curveball was 73-76 showed good shape with gradual break, change up was 79, had feel to arm side.

Arkansas commit, 2019 LHP, Zack Morris (6-Foot-3), 211-pound frame, Electric fastball and command of it. Fastball ranged 88-92. Showed feel for high spin breaking ball at 73-76. Change up was inconsistent to arm side but had run at 80-82. Repeated delivery with physical frame. A big time LHP that caught attention of scouts in attendance.

Arkansas commit, 2019 RHP Zane Ryne Neves, (6-foot-0), 195-Pound frame, stocky build with present strength, athletic body, low ¾ slot, closed line, action to arm side, heavy sink, fastball ranged 85-88 and heavy, slider was 73-77 inconsistent release, showed depth and action with extension, change up 77-79 showed same sink action as fastball.


Arkansas commit, 2020 Tyler Cacciatori, (6-Foot-5), 205-pound frame, strong frame, long levers to fill out, heavy sink with swing and miss slider. Fastball sat 86-88. Difficult low ¾ arm slot with bowling ball type heaviness at the plate. Deceptive delivery with arm strength. Across line with stride, deceptive glove arm, Slider was 72-79 varying depth and shape, change up with splitter action at 77-79.

2020 RHP, Luke Davenport, (5-Foot-11), 205-pound frame, strong build, wide shoulders, Strong body with high ¾ slot, clean swing with effort to delivery, lower half front foot heal land, spin off lead leg after release, arm recoil after release,fastball straight with life at 85-88, curveball showed 12-6 rotation at 74-77, change up has action to arm side at 73-75, Slider with short action at 77-78.

2020 LHP, Matthew Magre, (6-Foot-0), 185-pound frame, over the top slot with deception from glove side, tall and fall through delivery, limited push through ground on backside, fastball 83-85 straight, fastball plays up with deception and spin,  curveball has shape with extension at 73-75, advanced out pitch against hitters, change up at 79, pushed to arm side.

Arkansas commit, 2020 RHP, Cayden Wallace (6-Foot-1), 195 pound frame, strong athletic body, tempo to delivery, hands break late at times, power arm, ¾ slot with clean swing, strides across line, lands on heal at release at times, spin off front leg, fastball was 87-90 with life at the plate, slider showed late tilt at times at 75-78, change up was 70-73 action to arm side, pushed at times with late release.