Prep Baseball Report

Fall Prospect Showcase: Pitching Analysis

Jordon Banfield
Arizona Scouting Director

PBR’s inaugural event in Arizona took place on October 29 at the Kansas City Royals Complex in Surprise. This week we begin our positional analysis from the event, continuing with the Pitchers. 

Due to the high volume of talent at the event we have broken down the top prospects on the mound into upperclassmen and underclassmen. 2019 RHP Jacob Henderson and 2020 Kyle Ponzo headline their respective lists after impressive showings. It should also be noted that 15-year old Italian RHP Daniele Di Monte was not included on this list as he is a likely international signing in the near future, but he was extremely impressive running his fastball up to 89 with zero effort.

Here’s a look at our top ten pitchers: 


1. Jacob Henderson, RHP, Mesquite, 2019
6-foot 175-pound quick twitch frame with proportional strength and broad shoulders. Very good athlete whose high tempo delivery and lightning quick arm stand out immediately. Threw heavy 85-87 mph sinkers from a low angle that easily register as the best pitch of the event. Fastball appeared to get a foot of late movement at times. Also mixed in 70-73 mph slurve with consistent rotation that should continue to develop into an average secondary offering as his timing gets more consistent. One of the top uncommitted 2019 prospects in Arizona; Henderson is capable of getting outs at any level. 



2. Tyler Magin, RHP, Desert Vista, 2019
Wiry strong 6-foot 170-pound frame with broad shoulders and a trim waist. One of the top unsigned prospects in Arizona’s 2019 class, Magin flashed the event’s firmest fastball and an ability to consistently throw all three pitches for strikes. Works from a modified set position with a small side step and up-tempo athletic delivery. Slight hook in back of arm action did not create any command issues for him. 87-89 mph fastball had late life and good plane for a 6-foot pitcher. His curveball has tight rotation and consistent downward break at 69-73 mph. 77-79 mph change flashed fading action and was thrown aggressively with good arm speed. Magin’s combination of arm speed and feel for pitching make him a very strong prospect on the mound and will give him a chance to pitch at a high level. 

3. Cal Lambert, LHP, Sandra Day O’Connor, 2019
6-foot-2 185-pound frame. Strong lower half is much more developed than relatively narrow upper body. Possesses a very high ceiling and is one of the top uncommitted pitchers in Arizona’s 2019 class. Simple, compact delivery and clean arm action should be easy to repeat as he gains experience. High front side and shoulder tilt creates some plane and deception. Does exhibit some looseness in hips and at times lands slightly open which can create some timing and command inconsistencies. If this improves, Lambert has a chance to be an elite level prospect. 83-86 T87 fastball tended to cut when working to glove side and run when working to arm side. Curveball was 68-70 mph with 1-7 shape and flashed depth. Also showed a developing changeup at 80-81.

4. Adam Parra, RHP, Perry, 2019
6-foot-2, 210-pound frame with wide hips and a thick lower half. Interesting two-way prospect showed best on the mound where he worked 83-85, T86 with his heavy fastball, utilizing a full windup and short, clean arm action. Generates good downhill plane with strong front side and high ¾ slot. Showed consistent rotation on 69-71 mph curveball with 11/5 shape and advanced feel for 72-75 mph changeup with good arm speed and sinking action. Big frame and feel for three pitches make him an intriguing prospect on the mound. Offensively, his best tool is his bat, turning in an 87 mph exit velocity with a simple, balanced swing. Generates impressive raw power and was consistently on the barrel. Shows strong arm at 3B with 81 mph infield velocity with longer arm action and could also profile to 1B at the next level. 

5. Hayden Nierman, RHP, Desert Mountain, 2018
6-foot-1, 145-pound frame. Extremely physically immature with long limbs and plenty of projection remaining. Nierman’s bullpen and future potential stood out at the event and with continued physical development has the necessary skillset to make an impact at the next level. Fastball topped out at 84 mph as he effortlessly delivered the ball with downhill plane and running life to the bottom of the zone from a near ¾ slot. His excellent posture and clean delivery combined with the looseness of his arm indicate there is a strong chance of a velocity increase in is future. 75-76 mph changeup filled up the zone with some fading action and also showed a developing curveball at 68-70. 


1. Kyle Ponzo, RHP, Hamilton, 2020
6-foot-5, 195-pound frame with very long limbs and plenty of room to fill out. Established himself as one of the top prospects in Arizona’s 2020 class and is certainly one to watch moving forward. Working exclusively from the stretch, Ponzo uses some shoulder tilt, a high front side and high ¾ arm slot to work downhill through the bottom of the zone.  Heavy fastball sat 82-84 mph, topping out at 85 with plenty more to come. 68-70 mph curveball showed 11-5 shape and will improve as he throws it harder and shortens the break. Showed advanced feel and good arm speed on straight 77-78 mph changeup. 

2. Augie Walters, RHP, Brophy College Prep, 2021


High-waisted 6-foot-3, 155-pound frame with very long limbs; tons of projection in body. Very good athlete for current strength level, running a 7.25 60-yard dash. Established himself as one of the elite prospects in Arizona’s 2021 class. Big-time follow as he grows into his frame. Ceiling is highest on the mound where he worked exclusively from the stretch with a short stride and some explosiveness in his lower half. Threw 79-81 mph fastballs downhill with some sink, topping at 82. Long, loose arm action with very little effort. Flashed a solid changeup at 69-72 with good arm speed and also showed a developing breaking pitch at 67-78. Offensively, showed some hitting ability that will continue to improve with strength. Gets foot down early without a ton of rhythm in his setup/swing. Made mostly solid line drive contact; 80 mph exit velocity. Shows easy outfield actions with good footwork and solid carry on throw from high ¾ slot. 78 mph outfield velocity. 

3. Ben Meyerson, LHP, Scottsdale Christian Academy, 2020
Projectable 6-foot-1 160-pound frame with long limbs. Meyerson showed very well at the event and has a chance to be a high-end prospect with continued physical development. Repeats delivery well from ¾ arm slot with limited effort, good arm speed, and an athletic finish. Shows ability to pitch with rare combination of plane and angle on 78-81 T82 fastball that also flashed arm side run. Sweeping slider was consistently around the zone. 71-73 mph changeup showed good arm speed with fade and sink. This three-pitch 2020 lefty bears watching. 

4. Spencer Seigworth, RHP, Valley Christian, 2021
Physically immature 6-foot, 147-pound frame with long torso. Showed best on the mound where he uses a compact, low effort delivery with a slow tempo. Generates very little from lower half and has plenty more in tank. Worked 74-76, T77 with his fastball that showed slight cutting action at times from a high ¾ slot. 65-69 mph changeup is only secondary pitch, which is appropriate for his age and physical development. Has a chance to become high-level prospect on the mound as his body matures. Offensively hits from upright setup with toe tap trigger and somewhat steep bat path generating 75 mph exit velocity. Registered 76 mph outfield velo using short arm action and high ¾ slot. 7.43 60-yard dash. 

5. David Utagawa, RHP, Corona del Sol, 2020
6-foot-3, 200-pound frame with broad shoulders and a developed lower half. Two-way player showed best on the mound with an ideal pitcher’s body. Compact, on-line delivery with short, clean arm stroke. Gets on top of the baseball quickly in back with short action and just above ¾ slot. Fastball sat 80-82 mph, touching 83 and was mostly straight. Breaking ball pops up out of hand at 65-67. Changeup flashed fading action from 67-71. Offensively, hits from relaxed setup with low hands and easy rhythm. Uses lower half well with aggressive backside, turning in 88 mph exit velo. Arms works well at 1B with 75 mph velocity and short action. Tends to field the ball deep with some stiffness in hands. 7.76 60-yard dash.

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically) 

Blake Berrett, RHP, Basha, 2020
5-foot-10 138-pound frame. Shows easy rhythm and quiet hands in swing; 82 mph exit velo. Leg lift trigger that at times turned in to toe tap. Defensively showed soft hands, fluid footwork and good arm strength with carry for young prospect, 79 mph infield velo. On the mound worked 76-78, touching 81 with fastball that showed cutting action at times. Used full windup delivery and showed good feel for pitching. 64-66 mph curveball had consistent rotation and downward break, also threw straight changeup at 69-71 in strike zone.

Kyle Conway, RHP, Highland, 2019
Strong 6-foot 185-pound frame with broad shoulders. Uses explosive lower half to and considerable effort to generate velocity. Topped out at 85 mph with mostly straight fastball. Tight rotation on hard 11/5 curveball that showed good depth at times. Developing changeup at 69-72. Solid stuff; has a chance to get outs at the next level with improved command and increased consistency. 

Tanner Keeley, RHP, Casteel, 2019
6-foot 240-pound frame. Hits from slightly open setup and loads hands very deep. Looking to turn on ball and make contact out in front with uphill path. Shows strength in swing evident by 91 mph exit velocity. Defensively did a nice job digging throws out of the dirt in workout. Also pitched, working 72-74, T76 with his mostly straight fastball. Threw curveball with 11-5 shape from 62-65 mph and a shorter slider at 68-70. 68 mph changeup was best pitch with good arm speed and sinking action at times. 

Jeremy Levine, RHP, Campo Verde, 2018
5-foot-9 155-pound frame. Displays advanced feel for pitching and confident demeanor on mound. Showed a true three-pitch mix and the ability to throw them all for strikes. Lower half drives aggressively to plate and high front side allows him to create surprising plane for size. 82-84 mph fastball flashed some sink and run to the arm side and was consistently located down in the zone. 70-72 mph curveball showed consistent tight rotation and 11/5 shape. Levine showed an ability to throw this pitch for a strike and also bury it below the zone. Changeup flashed fading action and was thrown with good arm speed at 75-77 mph. 

Ryan Peterson, LHP, Valley Christian, 2020
Young, 6-foot-2, 175-pound frame. Right-handed hitter starts from tall, open stance. 80 mph exit velo with uphill bat path. Big target at first base showed some softness in hands and very short arm action. The big lefty also pitched, using same short arm action from high ¾ slot and short stride. Worked 66-67 mph with fastball topping at 68. Also threw 55-57 mph breaking ball with lateral spin and 59-63 mph changeup. 

Kyle Pogson, RHP, Pinnacle, 2021
5-foot-9, 140-pound with very young look. Showed ability to throw lots of strikes with simple delivery featuring a high front side and very short stride. Fastball sat 68-70 mph, topping out at 71 from ¾ arm slot. Showed feel for spinning breaking ball with 10-4 shape at 59-61 mph.  Grips developing changeup very deep in handing, resulting in a 65-67 mph pitch that was often below the zone.

Garrison Pregulman, RHP, Chapparral, 2020
5-foot-10, 165-pound frame. Hits from balanced, relaxed setup with toe tap trigger and very high two-handed finish. Turned in 77 mph exit velocity. Defensively shows clean actions, some softness in hands and a very quick transfer. Threw 72 mph across the diamond with a short arm action. Also pitched, working 77-78, T79 with his mostly straight fastball using a short clean arm action. 68-69 mph breaking ball showed inconsistent rotation and shape. Flashed a solid changeup that was his best pitch on this day. 

Noah Rodriguez, RHP, Basha, 2020
5-foot-11, 175-pound frame with developed lower half. Bat is best tool. Hits from wide setup and rocks back to load; barrel stays in zone and generated some line drive contact. Defensively registered 71 mph infield velocity using short ¾ arm action. On the mound worked 72-75, T76 with his fastball using same short arm action that showed some whip. Compact delivery features low front side and short stride. Showed consistent rotation on 62-63 mph curveball with 11-5 shape and also threw a developing 68-70 mph changeup that tended to miss to the arm side.

Carter Schmitz, RHP, Queen Creek, 2018
6-foot-2, 170-pound frame with athletic look. Clean, low effort delivery with some explosion in lower half and a slight early backside collapse. Filled up zone with mostly straight 81-83 mph fastball. Arm action makes it somewhat difficult to generate consistent rotation on 72-74 mph breaking ball. Shows good arm speed on 73-75 mph changeup.

Cannon Smith, RHP, Liberty, 2021
Young 6-foot, 150-pound frame, very thin. Body is in a bit of an awkward stage right now but there’s plenty to like about the frame. Compact, high tempo delivery; upper body gets ahead of lower body at times. Worked 69-71, touching 72 with his four-seamer that showed slight cutting action at times. Also threw two-seam FB with some arm side.

Kai Taylor, RHP, Mesquite, 2020
6-foot, 150-pound frame. Two-way prospect showed best on the mound where his loose arm and clean delivery stand out. Fastball sat 80-81, touching 82 from ¾ slot with occasional late life. Changeup is best secondary pitch, thrown with good arm speed at 73-75. Developing 60-62 mph breaking ball has a bit of a hump in it, but shows consistent rotation. Offensively hits from crouched setup with flat barrel and no stride; 81 mph exit velocity. Turned in a best pop of 2.16 behind the plate with 70 mph arm strength and a quick release, gaining very little ground on his throws to 2B. 7.51 60-yard dash.

Drew Woody, LHP, Highland, 2020
5-foot-10, 165-pound frame. Shows quiet setup with easy rhythm and good balance in swing. Linear bat path and line drive approach, making lots of solid contact. Shows solid carry and good accuracy on throws from the outfield with 79 mph velocity. Also pitched, working 74-77, T78 from high ¾ arm slot. Shows slight hook in back of arm action. 68-69 mph curveball showed consistent rotation and 1-7 shape, usually buried below the zone. Also threw developing 67-68 mph changeup that showed both cut and fade at different times.