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Year Review: Peak Velocity

Brett Thorney
State Scouting Director

YEAR REVIEW: Peak Velocity

It was indeed a strange year in 2020, the spring HS season shut down early and players across the state found themselves trying to get games in wherever they could. The state of Arizona was luckier than some states out there and was able to show some consistency throughout the summer and fall seasons. From a scouting perspective, the players that got to work during some extra time off really stood out towards the end of the summer and during fall competition. Some players were able to make some big physical transformations during that time while some prospects were able to make some big improvements to their swings or mechanics. PBR Arizona was able to get out to see some of these improvements, having spent hundreds of hours at the baseball field while holding plenty of their own events throughout the year. 

The biggest question mark in 2020 was what was going to happen to college recruiting. Scouts all over the country have had to get clever with their approach but there has been plenty of recruiting still going on. At this time last year, there were about 3 commits in the 2022 grad class committed to DI programs. This year, there are already 16 prospects committed in the 2023 class. College coaches are finding a way to get it done and Prep Baseball Report has been there to help provide resources to those scouts to aid in the process. We are looking forward to continue covering prospects in the future.

One of our biggest additions to PBR in 2020 was the implementation of higher level technology with advanced data metrics including. Prep Baseball Report events across the country were powered by TrackMan’s industry-leading Portable system to capture pinpoint accurate, actionable data from player performances. Prep Baseball Report and TrackMan are dedicated to recognizing talent and unleashing their potential.

As we wrap up 2020, we will continue reviewing some of the top performances of the past year. Today, we will be taking a look at the top velocities recorded on the mound using our Trackman system:

1 Ronan Kopp AZ Scottsdale Christian 2020 LHP 96.00 mph
2 Grant Smith AZ Pinnacle 2023 RHP 91.00 mph
3 Sean Farney AZ Millennium 2022 RHP 90.55 mph
4 Kaden Schiefelbein AZ Liberty 2021 RHP 90.00 mph
5 Jackson Thomas AZ Mountain View 2021 RHP 89.76 mph
6 Marcus Delgado AZ Canyon Del Oro 2022 RHP 89.47 mph
7 Connor Mattison AZ Canyon View 2023 RHP 89.33 mph
8 Jason Barres AZ Perry 2020 RHP 89.00 mph
9 Reed Interdonato AZ Horizon 2021 RHP 88.80 mph
10 Austin Puett CA West Ranch 2021 RHP 88.68 mph
11 Mason Kelley AZ Red Mountain 2022 RHP 88.20 mph
12 Cody Albright AZ Notre Dame Preparatory 2021 RHP 87.88 mph
13 Lucas Cardy AZ Canyon Del Oro 2022 RHP 87.60 mph
14 Steven Vasquez AZ Odyssey Prep 2022 LHP 87.50 mph
15 Lucas Cardy AZ Canyon del Oro 2022 RHP 87.34 mph
16 Derek Schaefer AZ Cactus Shadows 2023 RHP 87.06 mph
17 Gavin Muller AZ Desert Ridge 2020 RHP 87.00 mph
18 Brady Nelson AZ Ironwood Ridge 2021 RHP 86.94 mph
19 Marcus Delgado AZ Canyon Del Oro 2022 RHP 86.85 mph
20 Josh Tiedemann AZ Hamilton 2023 RHP 86.61 mph
21 Dillon Roberts AZ Cactus Shadows 2023 RHP 86.58 mph
22 Nick Arias AZ Tucson 2022 RHP 86.45 mph
23 Henry Chabot
AZ Brophy 2022 RHP 86.18 mph
24 Hayden Lewis AZ Chaparral 2022 RHP 86.00 mph
25 Henry Chabot AZ Brophy 2022 RHP 85.96 mph
26 Mason Kelley AZ Red Mountain 2022 RHP 85.89 mph
27 Nick Evans AZ Arcadia 2021 RHP 85.77 mph
28 Mario Bejarano AZ Tucson 2022 LHP 85.71 mph
29 Michael Fuller AZ Corona del Sol 2021 RHP 85.19 mph
30 Austin Corbett AZ Horizon 2021 RHP 85.00 mph
  Alessandro Castro AZ Pusch Ridge 2022 LHP 85.00 mph
31 Juan Carlos Kalemera AZ Pinnacle 2023 RHP 84.97 mph
32 Roman Bracamonte AZ Nogales 2022 RHP 84.96 mph
33 Daniel Osborn AZ Liberty 2022 RHP 84.88 mph
34 Saul Adrian Soto AZ Nogales 2022 RHP 84.81 mph
35 Collin Senior AZ Horizon 2023 RHP 84.68 mph
36 Andrew Mings AZ Chaparral 2022 LHP 84.36 mph
37 Garrett Hicks AZ Verrado 2022 RHP 84.35 mph
38 David Galindo AZ St. Marys 2023 RHP 84.29 mph
39 Blake Lehmbeck AZ Canyon Del Oro 2022 RHP 84.06 mph
40 Josh Wakefield AZ Mountain Ridge 2022 LHP 84.04 mph

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