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Canadian Mizuno Prospects of the Week: February 28

Ryan Sattz
Intern, PBR Canada

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Ty Fluet 2B / 3B / Elgin Park Secondary, BC / 2022

Fluet, a 6’0, 175lbs uncommitted infielder from the White Rock Tritons brings a lot of tools to his game that can be impactful all over the baseball field. The speed stands on with a 6.97 60-yard time, has long legs with the ability to cover a lot of ground with his strides. At the plate Fluet gets loaded and on time with a high leg kick. The swing is mostly geared towards the pull side but has the ability to go to the opposite field. In the infield the hands are quiet with quick footwork around the baseball, gets his body behind his throws. A steal for a school looking for an infielder to add to their program. 

Jesse Dale C / 3B / Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, ON / 2024

Dale, a 6’0, 185lbs uncommitted C/3B for the Ontario Blue Jays was a major standout at the New Year Open event in Ontario. The bat stood out big time with loud barrels all throughout the day. Dale's top exit velo got up to 101mph with the ability to have power potential. The swing is aggressive and loaded with good extension, looks to punish balls on the inside part of the plate. Can also sit back and take the ball to the opposite field. Behind the plate the arm was quick and firm with a fast transfer out of his glove. Definitely a name to watch out for as Dale continues to make major strides in his game. 

Michael Yusypchuk RHP / SS / S Bruce Smith Junior High School, AB / 2024

Yusypchuk, a 6’1 155lbs uncommitted RHP/SS for the St. Albert Cardinals has lots of upside to his game with a good showing at the Junior Future Games. On the mound the arm is clean and long with an easy delivery out of the hand, has solid drive off of the back leg with a long stride. In the infield Yusypchuk stays in his legs with quality footwork and carry behind his throws. In the box the swing is short and compact with a line drive approach. Stays inside the ball well, lots of time to fill out, and with his long athletic frame Yusypchuk will be a must get for college programs.

Dario Romeo SS / 2B / TNXL ACADEMY, QC / 2024

Romeo, a 5’9, 160lbs uncommitted middle infielder for Canes Florida has a lot of stuff to like about his game. In the infield Romeo has good hands and a quick short arm action, quiet footwork towards the baseball and can cover some ground to his right and left. At the plate the approach is simple, geared towards solid contact, and doesn’t have too many moving parts in the swing. The hands are quick and twitchy with a consistent path. A native of Quebec, he had a good showing at the Future Games.

Jack Laws RHP / 3B / Parkview , NS / 2022

Laws, a big 6’4, 200lbs Miles CC commit out of Nova Scotia brings a projectable frame that will translate well at the college level. The velo isn’t all there right now, but with a long lean body he has a chance to throw the ball hard with added size and maturity. Laws is all over the zone, and spins a tight slider that drops off. One of the more projectable arms out of the Atlantic, Laws has a chance to work himself into the rotation at the college level.