Prep Baseball Report

Bay Area World Series (CA): Uncmtd 2021 OF's

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Scouting Director

Lathrop, CA - Bay Area World Series (est. 2004) has seen its fair share of outstanding players over the years (38 MLB players and over 800 D1 players, including OFs like Stephen Piscotty, Mitch Haniger, Joc Pederson, & Braden Bishop). Some/many of the most impactful players in the big leagues roam the OF and there are a handful of these available players with MULTIPLE impact tools who could join that list of former BAWS OFs who reach MLB.

As is the case all over, kids are always getting better, some later bloomers, some are a bit underexposed, even in California. Sometimes it just takes the right eyes on a player to give them that nudge toward colleges looking for one more potentially impact-type talent for their next incoming class. Maybe not necessarily even an impact talent, rather, adding quality depth to an incoming class, which ultimately, can be more important as injuries and attrition take place over a college career.

These uncommitted players participated in the games portion of BAWS 2020 (September 5-7). Videos from the games are in the editing process, though some of them have video from the BAWS workouts or from a previous PBR event. Stats are in their PBR profiles. The reports are a brief look at the standout qualities for these players.

Listed alphabetically - click on player profile for bio information and stats, video, etc:

Joshua Algarin OF / LHP / The King's Academy PSP, CA / 2021

Comp that keeps coming up for him is MLB OF Jon Jay and at his best, he sure looks the part. Runs well, throws well, plenty of bat speed, abv avg defense, has XBH pop, best when slashing to all fields & putting pressure on the D. Also quite competent on the mound. Make-up is outstanding. When in control of his swing and executes a plan at the plate, the full package of offensive talent shows up.

Logan Drummond OF / LHP / Tokay , CA / 2021

Multi-tooled position player (plus run, plus arm, abv avg bat speed) showed flashes of middle of line-up CF/RF. On mound gets up to 86 w/attacking FB. Gut says take him as a hitter (LHH) & if hit tool doesn't pan out, he's got a shot on the mound. The athleticism simply needs a chance to blossom. One thing that will boost his profile is consistency of his at-bats, finding a way to get to his various tools, like speed, in two-strike counts.

Jake Hamman OF / RHP / Chico, CA / 2021

Powerfully athletic actions, the throw & run tools are plus, the bat speed (RHH) is there and the power potential is projectable. Could fill any of the three OF spots and play plus defense, outstanding range. Can get on mound and flash nasty stuff w/a high spin slider. Plays with an aggressive style and confident in who and what he is. Former football player has given that up to focus on baseball, like many of those players, he's not yet trained his baseball talents with sole focus on the game.

Hayden Jung-Goldberg OF / Palo Alto, CA / 2021

Showed plenty of LHH talent that when added to knowledge that his older brother is a D1 player (at USD), makes him quite intriguing. The swing is fluid, stays gap-to-gap, and he's got plenty of positive physical development ahead, XBH potential is present. Finding consistency of contact will be a significant development for him.

PJ Kissee OF / 1B / Live Oak, CA / 2021

Though not presently ranked he IS a rankable talent; Physical specimen w/tools and talents to match the physicality. Taken into full context, the run tool, the arm, the power & bat speed (RHH) are all plus tools and put him into some pretty exclusive company. Usability of the abilities is the key and he's getting closer to putting it all together. His overall talent (check the stats) is eye-catching. It seems like only a matter of time before he takes his game to the next level.

Nathan Morris OF / Bellarmine College Prep, CA / 2021

Plus speed from the left side of the plate, taking that plus speed up another notch. He makes a lot of left side contact, routinely putting pressure on the defense. His arm plays best in LF though the range/speed fit in CF. There is a question regarding how physical he will be, but there is a plus for him on a college roster, as LHH speed is obviously desired by all of baseball.

JC Ng OF / 1B / Menlo School, CA / 2021

Has gotten noticeably stronger over the last year, the ability to hit (LHH) and to throw have been consistent tools to show up. The run tool is above average and the added physicality looks to be pushing the hit tool grade higher. Grinder type player with tools, his continual development has been on display for years, with another layer showing up each time we see him and the whole package is close to showing up on a consistent basis. Plays with enthusiasm and has 'teammateness.'

Michael Nutter OF / 1B / Lincoln, CA / 2021

Routinely barrels up quality pitching (LHH), uses middle of field, down the road the power will show up. Has ample bat speed and feel for hitting, impact offensive projection in middle of a line-up. Run/throw tools project no less than avg for LF/RF. There is a chance that 3-4 years down the road, among his 2021 peers, that he has one of the most impactful offensive talents in the class.

Eli Rainey RHP / OF / Chico , CA / 2021

Long and lean, highly athletic/projectable talent, ceiling looks a bit higher on mound where he's up to 87 (max 2404 spin), can rip the slider (76-79, max 2350 spin) as a K pitch, easy arm too. Does have range in OF (6.97) & there is power in the bat (RHH) that plays to the big parts of the field. Has a competitive streak in him and shows an aggressive approach to the game. The ceiling he has is about as high as any talent in the region, committed or otherwise. 

Timothy Reeve OF / RHP / Truckee, CA / 2021

Ultra athletic, plus run, plus arm, plus range, XBH power, athleticism shows up as position player & pitcher. FB up to 88 w/spin that projects more velo, can snap off a big CB. Take him as OF/ignitor (RHH) & if he doesn't hit, pitching is an option. There just aren't a lot of uncommitted players in the 2021 class in California who can match his full set of talents. For that matter, there aren't a lot of committed players who can match his talents.

Kobe Rolling 2B / OF / Will C. Wood, CA / 2021

One of top remaining players in 2021 class in Northern California; Outstanding performance both offensively and defensively. Have consistently seen his high level pitch recognition skills, now some power is showing up (LHH), ignitor type offensive talent. Defensively showed plus range in CF and has outstanding tools for 2nd base, including light and athletic feet, good angles and first step. Plays with a quiet confidence and understands who he is in the game.

Colton Smithhart OF / 3B / Lodi, CA / 2021

Athlete who flashes tools that all have a chance to develop into usable at the collegiate level, given some continued years of development and consistency. He's strong, has bat speed (LHH), runs well enough (have seen as low as 7.19) & shows arm strength. Finding the consistency to get to his tools, like with so many talented players, is the key for his future. Each time we've seen him, there is intrigue.

Joey Van Dusen OF / RHP / Chico, CA / 2021

Competed as 2-way player w/pitching ceiling/present ability showing stronger. Quick arm, good athlete, spins the FB (max 2253) well which allows for higher projection than the 84 mph he touched. Flashed offensive talent (RHH) that can blossom in the coming years. The exit speed numbers (97) he puts up are an intriguing glimpse of what is inside him and fair indication of his future projectability as an offensive player, as is the 7.03 60 he ran.

Ryan Vance OF / RHP / Clovis North, CA / 2021

Talented athlete, flashes glimpses of tools that should blossom as he gets stronger in the coming years. Multiple tools close to getting to the eye-catching level. Took the ball & tossed a quality inning, getting up to 84 & more is in there. Ran a 7.01 60, has shown EV over 90 and the OF arm strength up to 88 mph shows that there is quite a bit of raw talent bubbling below the surface and physical maturity will be very kind to him and his overall game.

PK Walsh OF / 1B / Serra, CA / 2021

Presently unranked but he's 100% a rankable talent and frankly, in the top 100 (we saw so much more of him in the fall); About as toolsy as any uncommitted 2021 OF in Northern CA. Plus speed, arm, bat speed, handsy stroke, has present raw power, athleticism galore and usable baseball skill/talent. Just a bit more contact consistency is needed before he moves up a level in regard to prospect status... and that showed up in the N CA Uncommitted Senior Games, two barreled balls in two ABs (double off wall and LD 1B through middle).

Noah Young OF / 2B / Justin-Siena, CA / 2021

Raw physical talent, particularly at the plate, yet the comment 'raw' pertains more to his strength and hitter-ish presence. Has barrel feel, ball screams off his bat, mistake pitches may not come back. Defensively profiles best in LF. Developing a bit more footspeed and arm strength, while just a bit more consistency in that impactful barrel contact ability he has, will put this LHH thumper more squarely on the map.


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