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CORONA, CA. - Players in the 2020-2023 classes descended on Santiago High School for the Top Prospect ID showcase all vying for an invitation to the SoCal Top Prospects Games in September. Players were put through a pro-style workout that began with the sixty-yard dash before going into the hitting wheel concluding with a defensive workout. Two-way players joined the pitchers-only in throwing bullpens to conclude the event.

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Today we focus on the Pitcher group. Be sure to click red names to see Video from the event.


+ 2022 RHP Ryan Seymour (Woodcrest Christian)
Showed compact and repeatable mechanics in a 5-foot-8 170 pound frame. Consistently stayed on top of the ball and landed inline with his target. Located his fastball to both sides of the plate at 70-72 mph. Secondary pitches consisted of a conventional curveball at 63-67 mph with 12/6 break and a 66-69 mph change-up with some sink. Stayed closed and consistent throughout his bullpen showing potential starter ability down the line. 

+ 2021 RHP Jhayden Raineri (Murrieta Mesa)
Consistent right-handed cutting action away throughout his bullpen in a 6-foot 140 pound frame. Located exclusively away to right-handed hitters due to his consistent front side pulling action. Fastball showed cut at 79-81 mph. Breaking ball arsenal consisted of a 12/6 curveball at 65-66 mph with deliberate action and a slider with some tilt at 69 mph. Added strength and balance training will boost his overall game. 

+ 2022 RHP Zaren Nila (Etiwanda)
Hides the ball well enabling him to play up his fastball and breaking ball. Showed a tight upper half which lead to some inconsistent command and arm speed. Featured a slow big breaking breaking ball at 53-54 mph that would surely offset timing and be difficult to hit at times. Fastball had some arm side run at 69-71 mph. Growth and development will be key for his future success. 

+ 2020 RHP Lou Lucci (Beckman)
Consistent mechanics with good balance and a still head. Showed a three-pitch “Johnny High-School” pitch arsenal with a fastball with downward plane at 82-85 mph, conventional right-handed curveball at 71-73 mph and a change-up at 71-73 mph with arm-side run. Undersized pitcher with starter potential that has value on any high school pitching staff. 

+ 2023 RHP Kamdyn Perry (Bishop Gorman [NV])
Long and lanky projectable 6-foot 140 pound frame with room for growth. Showed feel for pitching for someone who has yet to set foot on a high school campus. Fastball topped at 82 mph and sat at 79-81 mph. Curveball was inconsistent at 64-65 mph on a 11/5 breaking plane while the change-up showed downward fade at an ideal speed differential from his fastball at 68-70 mph. Name to watch down the line. 

+ 2020 LHP Andrew Sutherland (Grace Brethren)
Solid two-way player that showed good baseball movements throughout the showcase. Worked quickly and filled up the zone with a three-pitch arsenal. Repeatable mechanics that allow for consistent command and control but also keep him in the zone almost too much as he showed a tendency to miss up in the zone when he missed his desired location. Fastball showed arm-side run at 78-79 mph, curveball broke on a 1/6 plane with command and the change-up showed sink at 70-71 mph. Innings eater that shows desired roster versititly. 

+ 2021 RHP Nick Sanchez (Rancho Cucamonga)
Low arm angle with pitching actions more relatable to a side-arm pitcher. Slinging funky arm action from the right-side creating matchup problems for right-handed hitters. Fastball at 76-79 mph from the low across body arm angle plays up against right-handed hitters. Breaking ball at 67-71 mph with side to side action. Matchup relief pitcher that can be put in difficult situations to get right-handed hitters out in a matchup driven era of baseball. 

+ 2021 RHP Justin Cedillo (ML King HS)
Showed well offensively at a consistent pace with the consistency transferring over on the mound as well. Arm speed stayed consistent and flashed nice speed differentials in his three-pitch arsenal. Fastball with arm-side run at 75-76 mph, curveball with some shape and spin at 63-66 mph and a change-up that played well off the fastball at 65-67 mph. Balance showed ability to eat innings and carve out a role. 

+ 2021 RHP Isaias Espiritu (Summit)
Whippy arm action and mechanics created some deceiving action on his three-pitch repertoire. Fastball at 77-78 mph with consistent command, curveball at 64-66 mph and a deceiving swing and miss potential slider at 68-70 mph. Relief pitcher movements that could greatly benefit from mastery of the slider. 

+ 2021 RHP Kody Davis (Jurupa Hills)
Two-way player that showed infielder actions on the mound. Missed arm-side on a consistent basis. Fastball at 73-75 mph curveball with gradual break at 65-66 mph and a show me change-up at 64-67 mph. Pitching development and increased usage of the lower half should further develop overall game. 

+ 2021 RHP Troy Sandoval (ML King)
Deliberate mechanics enabling him to have balance and landing consistency. Short arm swing leading to deceiving ability of all three-pitches. Fastball worked at 77-78 mph curveball at 63-64 mph and a change-up with sink and fade at 67-68 mph. Increase in body movement and athleticism will surely lead to velocity development and an increase in spin rate. 

+ 2023 RHP Benjamin Kim (La Mirada)
Point and shoot style mechanics with an overall feel for pitching. Tunnelled his pitches from the same slot and shows projection down the line. Fastball with some life for a 2023 at 76-79 mph, curveball at 67-68 mph with some feel and a change-up at 70-72 mph with some fade. Pitches flattened out up in the zone. Name to watch. 

+ 2023 RHP Adrian Robles (La Mirada)
Very deliberate, under control and slow to the plate. Early stages of getting a feel for pitching but moving in the right direction. Commanded the zone well with a fastball at 66-71 mph, curveball with some drop at 56-59 mph and a fading change-up at 66 mph. 

+ 2020 RHP Bradley Heacock (Yucaipa)
Projectable build in a 6-foot-1 180 pound frame with room for growth. Repeatable and balanced mechanics with an overall “Johnny High School” look and feel on the mound. Fastball at 80-82 mph, curveball with tight break at 69-71 mph and a change-up at 73-75 mph. Chance to pitch some big innings his senior year and jump on the radar. 

+ 2020 RHP Reed Coffin (Rancho Buena Vista) - Cal State Northridge Commit
Look and feel of a division 1 pitcher. Long and lanky build at 6-foot 160 pound with plenty of room for growth. Live arm with a fastball with some life at 84-86 mph and featured two sharp breaking pitches with a curveball at 75-76 mph and a slider at 78-79 mph. Projectable strikeout pitcher and a name to watch with future development down the line. 

+ 2020 RHP Brendan Watts (Centennial)
Big bodied pitcher at 6-foot 210 pounds who filled up the zone with a three-pitch repertoire. Threw the last bullpen of the day in 105 heat. Fastball showed some tailing action at 79-81 mph a curveball at 62-66 mph and a change-up at 77 mph. Strike-thrower that could prove valuable when called upon. 

+ 2020 RHP Matthew Rodriguez (St. Monica Catholic)
Long and lanky build at 6-foot-2 180 pounds with room for growth and development. Keeps his body and mechanics tight which helps his command but hurts his velocity. Fastball showed some arm-side run at 75-78 mph curveball some tilt and break at 68-71 mph and a change-up at 67-69 mph with parachute fade. 

+ 2021 RHP Zabian Nila (Etiwanda)
Raw mechanically overall but showed ability with a slurve breaking ball at 64 mph and running fastball 72-74 mph. Good overall deception helped play up his pitches. Growth and development will greatly enhance his chances of making the next step.


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