Prep Baseball Report

N. CA Underclass ID - Quick Hits

Ryan Ozella
N. California Area Scout

Islanders Field, Lathrop, CA - With the spring season finishing and players preparing for the Summer, we got a chance to get a good look at a group of impressive 2021-2023 players. We saw some of these players during our coverage in the season or from previous events, but there was a large group of players giving us very good first looks. Needless to say, the future talent in Northern California is deep and it’s not slowing down. Here’s a quick hit on a group of players who caught our eye during the event.

PBR First Look:

This group of players were at their first PBR California Event and impressed with their tools jumping onto our radars.

2021 3B/RHP Tucker Bougie (Tamalpais) - A player we saw during the season, Bougie impressed showing off his all around tools on the day. Long, strong, physical left-handed hitter starting by running an athletic 7.51-60 yd dash. Showed off his power in batting practice driving the backside through with authority putting balls deep into the gap to the pullside after showing a quick bat registering a 92 MPH exit velocity. At SS, he showed the skills of a third baseman playing with high hips and good lateral agility. Showed off a strong arm from a high release regularly having carry across the infield (85 MPH). On the mound showed a 4-pitch mix from a compact 3/4 release. FB 83-84 MPH angled and life at the plate, CHG 75-77 MPH hard with arm-side dive, CB 67-69 MPH from tight spin showing 11/5 bite and a SLD at 71-72 MPH with late cut at the plate.

2022 OF Lou Martineau (Burlingame) - At 5-9, 145, Martineau showed off his quick feet and athletic ability running one of the fastest 60’s at 7.19 before transferring that athleticism to the OF and showing off a compact and quick arm that has strength putting balls online to bases with life (84 MPH). At the plate showed a quick and whippy compact bat using his lower half well to drive liners to the middle of the field after a strong round of exit velocity off the tee (78 MPH). Frame projects more growth with tools that can continue to jump.

2021 RHP Hunter Timothy (Pioneer) - Came in as pitcher and impressed on the mound with a compact 3/4 release as he showed a strong ability to ride the backside and let his quick arm work cleanly. FB 83-84 T86 MPH with life through the zone, CHG 77-78 MPH showed hard sink off 2-seam look, CB 72-76 MPH was tight with 3/4 shape and late action at the plate. At 5-9, 170 the frame is wide and strong with efficient mechanics and a projectable assortment of pitches.

2022 OF Logan Gibson (Enochs) - Projectable frame at 5-10, 140 with space to make physical jumps as he matures. Strong stride running one of the top 5 60-yd (7.21) with athleticism that translates to the field. In OF showed off understanding of the position with good fundamentals and a quick arm having balls carry with life to the glove side of both bags (83 MPH). At the plate he showed some late bat speed with the ability to lift the ball to the pull side getting the ball into the gap.

2022 C/P Jackson Hollingshaus (Washington) - Long, medium frame that is slender with some lean muscles projects well as he continues to mature and age. Two-way player who showed the athleticism to translate. Ran a strong 7.27 60-yd dash before putting together an exit velocity round where he drove the gaps with carry (83 MPH). In BP, he showed tight turns keeping the hands tight with a late barrel that showed growing strength to the pullside of the field. His catching skills were solid having good transfer and a strong arm (2.18-2.26 Pop, 76 MPH). On the hill he used a wide 3/4 release from a cross-fire stride showing a strong arm. FB 77-79 T82 MPH with heavy arm-side run, CHG 71-72 MPH showing some arm-side bottom, CB 61-65 MPH with tight and short break in 12/6 shape, SLD 67-69 MPH with short cut to the glove-side.

2021 OF/RHP Bryan Garrett (Christian Brothers) - Another two-way player who showed the athleticism and strength needed to continue doing both as he matures. At 5-8, 145 shows lean wiry strength with good body control and athleticism running a decent 60-yd at 7.45. At the plate showed his body control with knee tuck and quick hands driving balls into both gaps after very strong round on exit velocity (90 MPH). Future above-average arm keeping balls online with carry and attacking the baseball from RF (86 MPH). Arm strength and speed translated to the mound where he worked with length out of the glove to a 3/4 release pounding the zone with 4 distinct pitches. FB 81-84 T85 MPH to both sides of the plate, CHG 76-79 MPH hard with short actions, CB 70-71 MPH with tight 12/6 action occurring late at the plate, SLD 71-74 MPH having off-the-plate cut.

2023 SS/RHP Bryce Cruz (Jesuit) - Just graduating 8th grade, Cruz showed he’s got a bright future holding his own with players up to two full years older than him. Projectable at 5-10, 145, Cruz ran a good 7.60 60-yd showing strong stride length. At the plate showed quick hand speed peppering the oppo gap regularly from a simple and balanced setup after posting a 78 MPH exit velo. In the infield he’s got good fundamentals including good angles through the baseball moving in unison with an arm that will make some jumps (73 MPH). On the mound he worked with length over a cross-fire delivery showing rhythm in the delivery. FB 74-76 MPH having the ball cut through the zone, CHG 66-68 MPH with some bottom, CB 65-66 showing slurvy, cross-plate actions.

2021 SS/2B Aidan Lombardi (Cardinal Newman) - Impressed us during the season and did again at the event. Athleticism present with 7.50 60-yd. Put together a very strong round of BP and with exit velocity (87 MPH) showing a quiet controlled swing that allows him to get the most out of it as he drives through contact to the middle of the field and pullside. Defensively showed twitchy first step actions with range and quick feet allowing his compact and quick arm to make every throw (77 MPH).

2022 INF Lucas Kelly (Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep) - Another player who came onto our radar during the season and showed his tools at the event. Long frame with projection for more muscle as he matures, Kelly ran a decent 7.78 60-yd dash using his length while moving well. Showed off his pullside power from a quick bat working upwards through contact driving a few balls deep over the fence (83 MPH). Showed high hips and the ability to drop step with some lateral range at SS and plenty of arm to stick on the left side of the diamond (81 MPH).

PBR Returners:

A group of players who have been to previous PBR California Events and continued to show off tools at the Underclass ID. 

2021 OF/C Anthony Aleman (J Serra) - Has been a standout at some of the Southern California Events and impressed in Northern California as well. Physical build with current strength at 5-9, 180 showed off his athletic ability running a strong 7.28 60-yd. Athleticism translated to OF and behind the plate where he showed off a strong arm and quick lateral action (85 MPH OF, 77 MPH C). Catching skills were on display with bullpens showing pitchers where he wanted the ball and then on throws with strong pop from quick transfer (2.01-2.08). Showed off the power during BP and exit testing driving balls to off of and over the wall on the pullside (88 mph).

2021 MIF Diego Alvarado (Redwood) - Impressed at N. CA Underclass Games last year and then again in S. CA Preseason All-State doing the same at Underclass ID. Very strong swing from the left-side with quick compact bat keeping hands tight to the body showing growing strength and some lift (83 Exit Velo). Defensively showed good first step with the ability to keep rhythm in fielding and a compact arm putting the ball online across the diamond (76 MPH).

2021 3B/SS Patrick Keighran (Serra) - Showed well during N. CA Preseason All-State and repeated that during the N. CA Underclass ID. Very strong frame at 6-1, 190 matching strength with twitchy athleticism (7.16 60-yd). Athleticism plays well on the left side of the diamond where he showed strong body control and works behind the baseball. Arm showed good actions with ability to keep throws on the bag (77 MPH). At the plate he showed off his bat speed driving balls through the middle of the field and deep into both gaps with very strong exit velocity (93 MPH).

2021 C John Sheehan (Cosumnes Oaks) - Continues to impress after being at multiple events previously. Long strong frame at 6-2, 190 with quick twitchy actions that carry around the field. Behind the plate put on a show with top pop times (1.87-2.01) and the strongest arm (81 MPH) while also having very good fundamentals including footwork, blocking and transfer. The bat showed it’s strength working gap-to-gap with quickness and extension through contact (85 Exit velo).

2022 RHP/C Ryan Edwards (Chico) - Impressed at Preseason All-State and showed off his two-way abilities again at Underclass ID. At 5-11, 180 Edwards has a strong projectable build that will fit on mound or behind the plate. Showed some bat speed in BP with ability to backspin line drives into the OF and solid exit velo (80 MPH). Behind the plate he had quick transfer to a strong arm with balls on the arm side of the bag (73 MPH). On the mound showed a compact quick arm from a stretch-only delivery with strong three pitch mix. FB 79-81 MPH with run to the arm-side, CHG 70-73 MPH was very good with late bottom off the FB, CB 71-72 was tight with developable action.

2021 SS Elvin Delic (Cosumnes Oaks) - Has impressed at multiple PBR Events and during the season being one of the top performers at Underclass ID. Ran an event best 6.90 60-yd with very quick legs and feet. Athleticism translated to INF where he showed strong lateral range with angles and good glove work. Arm is very strong (86 MPH) able to make throws from the hole or on the move. Bat showed speed into the zone with lift through contact driving balls into the middle of the field and pullside gap after strong round of Exit Velocity (89 MPH).

2022 LHP Owen Dueck (Aptos) - Dueck came onto our radar during the Preseason All-State in Spring and again during the season before coming out and performing well on the mound again. The long and lean lefty projects three strong pitches all being able to be controlled around the plate from a compact arm with good hand speed out front. FB 78-79 T82 MPH attacked the angle to the glove side, CHG 70-73 MPH with late dive at the plate, CB 68-71 MPH was tight showing short action at the plate. FB velo continued to increase and his clean arm actions project more soon.

2021 INF Carson Seeman (Placer) - Seeman has shown well during the season and at preseason events following both those up with another strong outing at the Underclass ID. At 6-1, 170 Seeman showed his athleticism and good footwork in the middle of the field before a strong round of BP. At the plate had a strong exit velo round (82 MPH) before BP showed off his quick barrel with tight turns and the ability to carry the gap to the pullside. At SS showed athletic actions and quick feet with a strong transfer from glove to hand. Ball was regularly online from a compat arm (80 MPH). Strong baseball knowledge and instincts.


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