Owen Dueck
Owen Dueck
Owen Dueck
Owen Dueck
Owen Dueck
Owen Dueck
Owen Dueck
Owen Dueck
Owen Dueck




Aptos (HS) • CA
6-0 • 165LBS • L/L
Travel Team: Alpha Prime 2022


2022 National

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Positional Profile: LHP

Body: 6-0, 165 lbs. Medium athletic body that is maturing. Some lean strength is present. Projectabiltiy is there especially in terms of increased physicality. 

Delivery: Simple delivery. Medium knee lift. Controlled and inline. Decent hip shoulder separation at landing. Slight arm stab in the back but loose to release out of a ¾ release. Consistent release and arm speeds. Easy velo out the hand. 3Ks in two innings.

FB: Great spin for velo. 2425 average spin. 31 Bauer units. Above-average movement characteristics. Late arm side run. 

CH: Only secondary thrown. Showed real nice arm side downward fade. 50% strike rate. Was real effective low in the zone and thrown off the FB.


Positional Profile: LHP
Body: 6-0, 165-pounds. Average body type, lean with strength, still room for future physical maturity and strength post-high school.
Delivery: Smooth actions, in-line stride after waist-high knee lift, clean break/separation on way to slight stab with depth on backside, lands with balance.
Arm Action: LH. Clean, loose arm, comes out of deep backside to high-3/4 slot, has ability to feel three pitches and get to consistent release point/slot between the three pitches. Easy arm.
FB: T86, 83-85 mph. Runs hard and late to arm side, can dart in vs LHH and slide away to RHH, higher spin rates present the FB as projectable into upper-80s with above average movement patterns and feel for the zone.
CB: 63-68 mph. Smaller CB with smooth breaking action, more of a complement to the FB than an out-type pitch, does have similar release off the FB look, can shape down into the bottom of zone, more vertical than lateral.
CH: 72-74 mph. Bigger run off FB look, has feel for the pitch and the zone, similar release height off FB and CB, bigger reduction of spin off the FB will get depth in zone and swing-overs and topping of ball-type contact.


Body: 6-0, 165-pounds. Proportional build, good arm length for a pitcher, plenty of room for strength gains.
Delivery: Consistent mechanically, repeatable and comfortable, reaching 90 degree balance point is key, let it fly.
Arm Action: LH. Arm works cleanly, room for more arm speed, same release point on off-speed, staying on top of pitches is key, follow through with conviction every pitch.
FB: T85, 83-85 mph. Quality fastball spin for velocity and class at 2288 average and 2487 max. Works best on the corners and seems to feel the most comfortable arm side. Switching to the first base side of the rubber could make it harder to pick up.
CB: 67-70 mph. Developing pitch, good speed differential, ability to locate back foot and for a strike key to swing and miss success.
CH: 74-76 mph. Best secondary option, swing and miss pitch, works off the same trajectory as fastball but with significant speed differential and decreased spin.


Bay Area World Series 2020 (BAWS) - Uncommitted; Lean, arm works cleanly, can finish better, all in all the delivery/arm action are assets. Velo has jumped during summer/fall, peaking at 84 w/2400+ max spin giving glimpse of future. CHG best secondary pitch, CB development is coming along.


Positional Profile: LHP
Body: 6-0, 155-pounds. Medium sized, lean, wiry frame with ample room for added strength.
Defense: Falls off to 3rd base side leaving him in a vulnerable fielding position.
Arm: LH. Average arm. Proper mechanics. Will develop more arm strength as he matures and gets stronger.

Delivery: Works from 3B side of rubber. Traditional windup with good tempo.
Arm Action: LH. Clean from 3/4 slot
FB: T84, 81-83 mph. In game command. Threw for strikes consistently. Excellent max spin rate 2420 RPM suggesting there is more in the tank
SL: 70-71 mph. Had trouble locating and finding the correct spin. Acted like a CB at times
CH: 72-73 mph. Out pitch, Had a maximum induced vertical break of 15.1°. Flashed a couple really good ones with arm side fade.


At Monterey: I’ve mainly seen Dueck on the hill, but in this viewing got a true two-way look and liked his improvements in the OF and at the plate. The long, lanky frame has added strength and weight to it, but there’s still plenty of space to keep adding over the next three years. In CF he showed the athleticism and arm strength to make necessary play showing he could track to his glove-side well in the game. At the dish the hands stay back with relaxed elbows and tall posture having the hand pull down with the scap loading and controlling his forward stride; hits over a firm front side and showed some barrel speed during his ABs. Squared up a 3-1 FB into deep CF during his 1st AB and liked the patient approach he had all day. On the hill his aggressive attitude during the inning of work showed as he pounded down on the arm side of the zone; the zone seemed to shrink a bit that inning leading to a walk that shouldn’t have been. The loose arm with full swing to ¾ release is clean and easy and should add more velocity as strength continues to increase. FB 78-81 T82 sticking mainly armside but having flashes of life up. CHG 72-73 with late arm side run; very good pitch that he maintains arm speed on.


PBR N CA Top Prospect Game - Max FB 79, FB 77-79, CB 65-69, CHG 69-72
Lean and somewhat thin 6-foot-0, 148-pound body, we continue to have a favorable projection of Dueck, much of which will take place as he more physically develops. Given that this event was mid-October, it's understandable that his velocity was a bit down from what we've seen (up to 82 previously), but that doesn't take away from the easy clean arm action, simple repeatable mechanics and feel for the change-up. His strength, as he evolves, will be the FB/CHG combo. The CB does need to tighten up and he can work to get more of out his lower half in the delivery. He very clearly fits the positive connotation of projectable lefty.


PBR CA STATE GAMES - Lean and lanky large frame with wide, squared shoulders and high waist; projects for the next level. Shows ability to pitch with current pitchability and pitches projecting more growth while also flashing athletic ability in the OF and at the plate. On the mound works tall over the rubber having hand turn with athletic front knee lift; controls the body well for his age and can keep improving as he continues to strengthen lower half. Arm is loose with length out of the glove showing quick actions to H-3/4 release point. Over two innings, 1 BB, 1K and 3 Hits. FB 76-78 attacking the arm side with angle and run getting swings and miss up through the zone. CB 66-70 1/7-to-1/8 shape having gradual bend flashing snap; best ones have some sweep at the end of it’s break. CHG 66-69 using late bottom and fade with the feel to throw multiple times and early. At the plate stays tall with tight hands up by back shoulder; swing has upward path.


NCA Underclass ID - Long, medium frame with length throughout the frame. Athletic delivery showing control of body with smooth front side keeping hands midchest. Rhythm and timing in delivery as he shows a clean break allowing controlled swing with longer action out of the glove before H-3/4 release point. Starts momentum in the delivery from inside back leg finishing on solid front leg; will land on heel occasionally and create some spin to 3rd base, but regularly online to the plate. Kept similar momentum and timing from stretch as in windup showing ability to repeat delivery and stuff. FB 78-80 T82 maintaining angle down in the zone to both sides of the plate; last one let arm loose touching his highest velocity and looks like he will throw hard in the near future. CHG 70-73 showing late dive arm-side off the FB look; future plus pitch. CB 68-71 short, tight 1/7 break with flashes of feel; at least average possibly more in future. Very impressive 2022 that shows pitchability and idea of how his stuff works.


vs Monterey - The body is long and lean with length in his arm that he projects to grow into. He came in for the 5th inning and faced the toughest part of Monterey’s lineup getting tested early in his young high school career. Freshman jitters were definitely apparent as he was all over the place to start. But he did a great job of competing, finding his composure, and surrendering only one run in his inning of work. The fastball was 74-76 mph showing life in the zone and being able to move the pitch around the zone once he found the plate. His curveball is a developable weapon for him having late depth from 1-to-6 break working 67-68 mph. Dueck’s change can be a future third option for him having some run at 70-71 mph. The stuff is going to improve and seeing him compete while on the big stage is what really stuck out to me.  


PBR N CA Preseason All-State - Lean/lithe bodied freshman pitcher with athletic proportions and a projectable 5-foot-11 135-pound frame. One of the more talented 2022s we've seen, athlete on the mound with good body control throughout a clean delivery, easy fluid knee lift with good timing of separation, deeper backside arm action, controls arm swing well, stays on-line to the plate while getting to overhand slot, plants firmly and though has some occasional slight momentum to 3rd base side he does get to good extension more often than not, fastball (T80) was located well and looks capable of throwing hard someday, best fastball was on his last one, maintained his stuff in stretch/slide-step, curveball (66-68 mph) is slider-like and thrown with feel, lets hand travel and can manipulate the ball out front, change-up (69-72 mph) was thrown with feel and flashed as a potential plus pitch. Feel of all three pitches, confident demeanor, clean athletic delivery and arm action, he's a name to know.

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