Team CA West Coast Games: Day 2 Recap

Jack Shannon and Joey Cohen

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Day 1 of the West Coast Games showcased team California's talent and provided an opening night victory. Saturday provided a full slate of games for all teams involved with games at UNLV and College of Southern Nevada. California Red opened with a 6-4 loss versus the Pacific-Northwest and turned around and tied Colorado 4-4. California Gold lost 7-6 to Utah despite battling back and fighting till the end. California Red will complete their three game slate tomorrow against Nevada and California Gold against Arizona. 





California Red and Gold players battled throughout the day on the mound, at the plate and defensively. Each game providing a different story line but the main theme being always in the game and a hit away from taking control. Baseball always provides highlights and scouting notes, Day 2 being no different. We take a look at a few players that made an impact on Day 2. 

California Gold Scouting Notes

+ Logan Gibson crushed a triple off the UNLV left-field wall for a 2 RBI triple. The speedy outfielder continues to show his toolsy skillset, with the power tool showing more upside than ever seen before. We've seen the 90+ outfield throwing velocity and tomorrow we will see him off the mound, as he is scheduled to take the mound. 
+ Peter Jensen showed upside on the mound with a mid-80's fastball with a spin rate consistently above 2400 RPM. Erratic control plagued his outing but at times was able to command his pitches in the zone and show his potential. Arm strength, size and potential make it easy to see a low 90s fastball that plays up thanks to his high spin down the line. 

+ Nate Norman continues to hit, doubling to right-centerfield and singling to left. The uncommitted catcher shows next level ability behind the plate but if he continues to hit like he has his defense won't matter much. In two games what has stood out the most about his hitting ability is the consistency; high velo or low velo, breaking balls or changeups, in/out or up/down the swing has been the same. 
+ Tyson Smith has been the most patient hitter at the plate. Showing a keen eye for the strikezone helping him consistently work the count and make the opposing pitcher work. The left-handed hitting catcher has some athleticism and has received well through two games. 
+ Cooper Lanz singled twice the day after closing out team California Gold's opening night victory. Lanz did not look like a pitcher hitting and instead looked like a hitter hitting. Going with the pitches and letting the location of the pitch dictate the swing result. 

California red scouting notes

Owen Dueck went three innings today giving up one earned run and striking out three. Showed clean and repeatable mechanics. Ball comes out of the hand easy. Showed aptitude for spin with consistent spin rates for the FB in the 2400+ territory (max 2533). CH is a developed secondary that showed nice armside fade and the ability to get whiffs and weak contact. Further development of a CB will add a lot to his game. 


Mason Schultz went four innings giving up zero earned runs. CB stood out throughout the outing as he was able to land it at any time and it got him some Ks. FB showed good late life in the zone and proved hard to square up. Smooth delivery that works in good direction towards home. Clean loose arm action that has some deception when it’s hidden in the back. 

Kyle Sugimoto had a good overall day for Team Red. Sugimoto squared up three balls across the two games. Has a slow and unique load but consistently on time, finding the barrel more often than not. Also showed well defensively, specifically with receiving and pitch framing. Is real quiet with the glove. Starts with a low glove and gets his thumb under as he works up which allows him to steal low strikes. 



Frank Zapata was one of a few team California players with two hits. Both were line drives to the pull side. Has a simple swing as he minimizes body movement and allows his hands to play. Showed a consistent line drive approach as well during his workout BP on Friday with hand speed and bat speed that are above average for his level.