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N. CA Underclass ID: Pitchers Analysis

Ryan Ozella
N. California Area Scout

Islanders Field, Lathrop, CA - 40+ players from the 2021-2023 classes took part in the open pro-style workout with PBR scouts on hand to evaluate players and record their stats while going through the workout. Today we break down the Corner Infielders at the event including The Five players who really stood out. Be sure to click players names to see full stats, videos and previous notes. Previous coverage from the event below as well.

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2022 LHP Ruben Rivera - San Ramon Valley, 5-11, 142, R/L

Long, medium frame, athletic build and lean with length in arms. Simple side step with toe tap as he gets front leg high keeping hands at chest. Athletic lower half with inline actions including landing with foot pointing to Catcher; big lift over straight front leg from backside. Arm is compact with pronounced wrist wrap and high front glove adding some deception. Intent in the arm action getting some extension down the mound before 3/4 release; athletic and repeats his delivery fairly well. FB 76-78 showing arm side run and being used well to both sides of the plate. CB 65-68 from short overhand break with light depth; projectable pitch. SLD 68-70 with cut at the plate; flashes of tilt. CUT 69-70 having similar cut to SLD; blends with the other pitches. Athletic frame with chance for more velocity as he adds weight and maturity.

2022 C/RHP Jackson Hollinghaus - Washington, 6-0, 195, R/R

Medium, long frame that is compact and lean strong; chance for frame to continue to grow with space for added strength and projection. Simple step turn delivery keeping hands away from body mid chest as very high front knee moves athletically. Back leg drives body down hill having early bend with fair hinge in back hip; controls front side well landing inline before twisting foot after arm finish. Has slight cross-fire but works with it due to athletic hips. Strong, compact arm from 3/4 release; limited usage of legs jumping off rubber so could be more in velocity. FB 77-79 T82 showing arm side run, SLD 67-69 with tight cutter shape, CB 63-65 short tight 12/6 shape, CHG 71-73 hard with some arm side tail. Attacked zone with four pitches and shows projection in the frame with more velo as he adds strength.

2021 RHP Nicholas Ramirez-Pagan - St. Mary’s, 6-0, 155, R/R

Long large frame with high waist showing length in legs; very lean frame with square shoulders that projects well. Side step as hands work down/up to mid chest continuing momentum into pronounced hand break; front side coils around back hip with slight back turn at leg lift. Front leg is quick and controlled with stiff shin as he rides down the hill; lower half works well in delivery and allows the arm to be smooth through the delivery. Very compact arm with pronounced wrist wrap getting to H-3/4 release with hand speed out front. FB 78-80 angled down into zone. CB 64-65 with 11/5 shape having late bite through the zone; projectable actions when allowing hand to work through the baseball. CHG 70-71 showing arm side bottom off FB look; another projectable pitch that had better feel. Projectable frame that will need to strengthen to make jumps.

2021 RHP Shayan Kothari - Serra, 5-11, 155, R/R

Medium frame with high waist and long legs; square shoulders project some more strength. Slight turned on mound with glove leg forward before simple step turn delivery; hands start high chest with pronounced downward movement and lift during high front leg. Bends back leg early on hand break as he gains some ground down the hill. Longer swing with some outward actions to it; quick speed through 3/4 release. FB 77-80 with bits of arm side run and life at the plate. CB 59-64 showing slurvy break with loose spin; will break through the zone on occasion. CHG 69-72 with arm side sink off FB look. Quick down the hill with timing and tempo.

2023 SS/RHP Bryce Cruz - Jesuit, 5-10, 145, R/R

Medium frame with high waist and long legs. Hands stay tight to waist with simple side step before very high front knee; slight back turn with good posture and strength in tall back leg. Controls the front side with some drive off back leg with bit of crossfire in landing; chance for more drive as he grows and matures. Spins off the mound and body gets over front leg early; can continue to improve brace leg to improve consistency and repeatability. Arm is 3/4 release, compact, quick and online working best when he controls the arm swing with average circle; times where he stabs out of the glove to 2nd and makes arm late for body. FB 74-75 T76 with bouts of cut; comes out more cleanly when in control of swing. CB 65-66 slurvy shape with late break; works out front with control of the baseball. CHG 66-68 showing some bottom; projectable pitch with chance for jump. Lots to like for player who was the youngest one out there.

2022 RHP Joshua Nicholson - Washington, 6-0, 190, R/R

Long, medium frame with some strength showing and length in lower half. Simple delivery with side step keeping hands at chest; slight lift in hands with high front leg. Hands break allowing length in arm and back leg to sink into lower half usage; back leg loses connection with rubber early gaining ground with the front side. Long out of glove with some backwards stab before H-3/4 release; tendency to lead with elbow having hand get around baseball. FB 72-75 with glove side angle, CB 65-66 showing shallow 3/4 blend with loose depth.

2021 RHP Benjamin Pernetti - Pleasant Grove, 6-1, 200, L/R

Large frame with high tight waist and full build. Tall stance, simple side-step delivery with eyes down as hands lift on quick front knee; shows bits of control of lower half with online front foot. Limited usage of the lower half losing connection to the rubber; chance for more velocity and control with some work. H-3/4 release with compact arm swing; able to repeat the motion and release. FB 78-80 used to both sides of the plate with bits of angle. CB 68-69 casts early with short depth through the zone. CHG 71-72 arm side tail.

2021 OF/LHP Jack Harris - Las Lomas, 5-7, 145, L/L

Medium frame with width in chest and squared shoulders; length in legs with room to shape and add strength upon maturity. Wide stance with simple side step keeping hands away from the body at head; leg swings up and out on lift as body is already started down the hill. Wide 3/4 release with average arm swing using a high front side to add deception; limited usage from lower half with movement down the hill. FB 72-74 MPH through the top half of the zone on both sides of the plate flashing cut to the glove side. CB 63-64 MPH with short cut having small depth in 1/6 shape. CHG 67-68 MPH showing sink to the arm side and flashes of run that way.

The Five Standouts:

Five more players (2021-2022 classes) below with notes and video on the Players for Members.

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