Prep Baseball Report

California State Games: Blue Team Analysis Part 2

Steve Doherty
Area Scout



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Lathrop, CA - On the banks of the San Joaquin river under the hot summer sun the annual Prep Baseball Report - California State Games took place at beautiful Islanders Field. Players from across the Golden State made the journey to showcase their skills and chase their dreams. Uncommits became commits and unknowns became known. 

Nationwide restrictions altered the State Games from allowing college coaches to attend but thanks to modern technology the Prep Baseball Report - California staff was able to stream nationwide. TrackMan and Blast Motion technology provided exceptional data to be collected and distributed. The scouting staff crushed the twitter game and provided ample highlights on day oneday two and day three.

With an abundance of talent on hand, the players were broken up into three groups, today we take a look at Part 2 of the Blue Team 4 Analysis

2022 OF/RHP Tristan Kim - St. Francis was pounding balls all over the field in his BP round. He was lights out on the mound as well

Dylan Alanis, Damien (CA), 2021
Positional Profile: RHP
Body: 6-0, 165-pounds. Small, wiry strong frame with room for physical growth

Delivery: Works fast, multiple deliveries and cadences out of 3/4 slot
Arm Action: RH. Clean, quick arm action
FB: T87, 84-86 mph. Has consistent life and ride through the zone
CB: 69-70 mph. Shows command with a good late break.
SL:  Shows good tilt, however it backs up on him at times.
CH: 75-77 mph. Same arm action as FB. Dives and fades to arm side.

Derek Bartram, Novato (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: OF If you were to build an outfielder from dust, this is what the frame is supposed to look like
Body: 6-2, 205-pounds. Large, athletic, pro frame
Defense:  Proper footwork technique with approach to ball. Shows good range with long stride
Arm: RH. OF - 83 mph. Average. Accurate at times. Long, over the top slot
Hit: RHH. Loud contact consistently. Over the fence power potential
Power: 95 mph exit velocity. Gap-to-gap currently. Over the fence power potential.
Run: 7.43 runner in the 60. 

Will Bowen, Serra  (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: OF All-in-all a solid, athletic LHH outfielder you can insert in the middle of a lineup
Body: 5-11, 165-pounds. Medium sized, athletic, lean frame with high waist
Defense: Demonstrates proper technique and footwork. Glove to hand exchanges are fluid. Able to cover a lot of ground
Arm: LH. OF - 85 mph. Quick, short arm swing, online and gets good carry. One-hops the bag consistently
Hit: LHH. Balanced, tall, narrow, simple set up with high hands Short path to ball, with long, high finish. Consistently squares the ball up
Power: 91 mph exit velocity from the tee. Current gap-to-gap. Recorded 94 MPH exit velocity via Trackman
Run: 7.28 runner in the 60. 

Kolby Calia, Deer Valley (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: RHP. Quality pitcher that will add depth to any rotation
Body: 6-2, 195-pounds. Proto-type pitchers frame, athletic, high waist, long arms and legs
Defense:  Falls to 1B side and ends up in a vulnerable fielding position
Arm: RH. Loose, low 3/4 slot

Delivery: Stays tall through windup with finish to 1B side. low 3/4 slot.
Arm Action: RH. Clean, loose, retracts arm path after release at times
FB: T83, 81-83 mph. Good command , has some ride and average induced vertical break
SL: 71-72 mph. In the zone 25% of the time in this outing. Excellent max spin rate of 2631 RPM's, swing and miss pitch
CH: Throws it for strikes with some arm side fading action.

Owen Dueck, Aptos (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: LHP
Body: 6-0, 155-pounds. Medium sized, lean, wiry frame with ample room for added strength.
Defense: Falls off to 3rd base side leaving him in a vulnerable fielding position.
Arm: LH. Average arm. Proper mechanics. Will develop more arm strength as he matures and gets stronger.

Delivery: Works from 3B side of rubber. Traditional windup with good tempo.
Arm Action: LH. Clean from 3/4 slot
FB: T84, 81-83 mph. In game command. Threw for strikes consistently. Excellent max spin rate 2420 RPM suggesting there is more in the tank
SL: 70-71 mph. Had trouble locating and finding the correct spin. Acted like a CB at times
CH: 72-73 mph. Out pitch, Had a maximum induced vertical break of 15.1°. Flashed a couple really good ones with arm side fade.

Christian Galvez, St. Francis (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: SS/3B Future college corner infielder or outfielder.
Body: 6-2, 200-pounds. Large, durable, athletic frame with long arms and legs.
Defense: Proper footwork and mechanics. Moves well laterally for a big guy.
Arm: RH. INF - 80 mph. Average. Short arm path. Ball fades at times
Hit: RHH. Neutral hand position, slightly open, toe-tap trigger before firing. Good bat speed, loud, consistent contact
Power: 92 mph exit velocity from the tee. Frame suggests big time power in the future. Trackman confirms with exit velocities in the mid 90's range.
Run: 7.13 runner in the 60. 

Steve Doherty - SoCal Area Scout, Blaine Clemmens - NorCal State Director & Jack Shannon - San Diego Area Scout

Jaxson German, Capital Christian (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: 1B/RHP
Body: 6-2, 200-pounds. Large, durable frame with strength in lower half
Defense: Proper fielding mechanics, and possesses clean footwork around the bag
Arm: RH. INF - 78 mph. OF -  mph.
Hit: RHH. Quiet, tall, narrow stance with hands in neutral position with flat bat on shoulder. Aggressive approach to the ball with good bat speed. Impacts the baseball at a high rate.
Power: 87 mph exit velocity. Raw currently. Frame and exit velocities combined suggest there is power down the line
Run: 7.70 runner in the 60. 

Jordan Jaffe, Calabasas (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: 3B
Body: 6-3, 188-pounds. Lean, wiry frame with long arms and legs.
Defense: Moves well laterally, proper approach to ball. Has bounce in step
Arm: RH. INF - 83 mph.  Average arm. Accurate and can make all throws from all the angles and on the run
Hit: RHH. Crouched, slightly open stance with toe-tap trigger Aggressive approach with average bat speed
Power: 91 mph exit velocity. Line drive hitter that can use the whole field.
Run: 7.34 runner in the 60. 

Chase Jasso, Redwood (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: SS/2B
Body: 5-10, 160-pounds. Medium, lean build
Defense:  Proper fielding mechanics and approach . Work through the ball and can turn a smooth double play
Arm: RH. INF - 77 mph. Average
Hit: RHH. Crouched, wide, slightly open with hand position starting in middle of his body Swing geared for singles approach
Power: 80 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.20 runner in the 60. 

Arjan Johal, Jesuit  (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: SS/OF
Body: 5-9, 165-pounds. Small/Medium stout frame
Defense:  Confident and plays through the ball well and  can move laterally
Arm: RH. INF - 79 mph. Average, accurate arm with quick release in the infield and outfield
Hit: RHH. Crouched, wide and slightly open. Aggressive and direct to the ball. Will have high doubles totals
Power: 93 mph exit velocity. Swing is geared for a gap-to-gap approach
Run: 7.14 runner in the 60. 

Tristan Kim, St. Francis (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: OF/RHP With ability on the mound as well, Kim is an intriguing prospect.
Body: 6-2, 195-pounds. Large, filled in, athletic frame.
Defense:  pop times. Has proper footwork and technique on approach to the ball. Has clean transfers and gets rid of the ball quickly
Arm: RH. OF - 88 mph. Tic above average coming out of an over the top slot. 86 on the mound.
Hit: RHH. Neutral, athletic stance with heavy back leg load before firing Typical launch angle swing path with good bat speed. Contact is loud
Power: 96 mph exit velocity. Gap-to-gap power with the occasional HR.
Run:  runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Drop and drive delivery out of an over the top slot
Arm Action: RH. Arm works. Clean repeatable mechanics
FB: T86, 83-85 mph. Max spin rate of 2037 RPM's
SL: 69-70 mph. Max spin rate of 2137 RPM's. Maximum induced vertical break of -4.5°. Threw it for consistent strikes at a 67% rate

Jack Maes, La Costa Canyon (CA), 2021
Positional Profile: RHP
Body: 6-1, 165-pounds. Medium, lean frame with ample room to add weight and muscle 

Delivery: Abbreviated, quick delivery with slight fall to 1B side upon release
Arm Action: RH. Clean, repeatable arm action out of traditional 3/4 slot
FB: T87, 85-86 mph. Shows some life through the zone
CB: 72-74 mph. Had late, sharp break at times
CH: 78-80 mph. Shows good arm side fade with 8-9 MPH separation from fastball

Damian Martinez, Antelope (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: C/3B
Body: 5-11, 185-pounds. Medium ,stout frame with power in the legs
Defense:  Positions himself low with a good target. Moves well laterally at 3rd as well.
Arm: RH. INF - 81. Short arm path. Throws to 2nd tailed and faded at times.
Hit: RHH. Crouched, wide, slightly open stance with neutral hand position Direct to ball with in game all fields approach
Power: 88 mph exit velocity. Doubles hitter
Run: 7.32 runner in the 60. 

Jack Metcho, Rodriguez (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: SS/2B
Body: 5-11, 155-pounds. Athletic, lean frame that projects to add good weight and muscle
Defense:  Will be his carry tool. Smooth footwork with proper mechanics and can make all the throws from all the angles
Arm: RH. INF - 88 mph. Above average with good zip and carry on throws to 1B
Hit: RHH. Traditional, neutral, athletic stance with minimal foot stride and hand load before firing.  Short to contact with longer, higher finish. Shows good bat speed and loud contact
Power: 90 mph exit velocity. Gap-to-gap power currently. Will see higher doubles totals til he packs on the muscle.
Run: 7.14 runner in the 60. 

Joseph Roman, Heritage  (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: C/SS
Body: 5-11, 140-pounds. Small, lean frame with ample room to add weight and muscle
Defense: 2.08-2.11 pop times. Proper mechanics at both catching and infield positions. Shows good instincts and moves well laterally at both. Has a desire to block balls
Arm: RH. C - 74 mph. Average. Loose and clean with some carry. Ball tailed and faded at times
Hit: SH. Narrow and slightly open from both left and right sides Flat bat path with an all fields approach.
Power: 80 mph exit velocity
Run: 7.66 runner in the 60. 

Max Ross, St. Francis  (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: OF
Body: 6-1, 175-pounds. Athletic, projectable, strong frame
Defense:  Shows athleticism and ability at both the catching position and outfield position which will serve him well going forward
Arm: RH. OF -  83 mph. Average. Short and quick from both positions.
Hit: LHH. Balanced, wide, slightly open stance with high hands and mild leg kick trigger Controlled, violent LH swing with excellent bat speed that has loud contact consistently
Power: 94 mph exit velocity. Gap-to-gap currently and will have high doubles totals. Blast and Trackman indicate there is more in the tank.
Run: 7.02 runner in the 60. 

Luke Rossi, Palma (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: SS/3B
Body: 6-2, 190-pounds. Large, athletic, projectable high waisted frame you can dream on
Defense:  Shows athleticism and ability. Can move well laterally for size and has soft hands. Likely will be a corner infielder
Arm: RH. INF - 78 mph. Average. Short take back. Proper mechanics.
Hit: RHH. Balanced, slightly open stance with high hands and pick-up-put-down foot strike Aggressive and direct to ball with some violence. Contact is loud
Power: Will be a carry tool. Over the fence power potential. Trackman exit velocity topped at 98 MPH
Run: 7.15 runner in the 60. 

Ethan Swidler, Canyon Crest Academy (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: C/1B
Body: 6-1, 180-pounds. Large, Durable catchers frame
Defense: 2.00-2.05 pop times. Solid catch and throw catcher that has flexibility and can get low. Excellent receiver
Arm: RH. C - 76 mph. Average. Short arm path.
Hit: RHH. Crouched, wide, open stance with high hands and simple no stride, heal-up trigger Aggressive, all fields approach
Power: 91 mph exit velocity.
Run: 7.75 runner in the 60. 

Ryan Watkins, Oak Hills  (CA), 2021
Positional Profile: 3B/SS
Body: 5-11, 185-pounds. Medium, sturdy, durable frame with strength in lower half.
Defense:  Proper footwork technique and shows feel for the 3B position
Arm: RH. INF - 81 mph. Average, online throws to 1B. Has some zip with an arm side tail.
Hit: RHH. Traditional, open stance with hands close to back shoulder and minimal stride trigger Direct to ball with good bat speed. Good feel for the barrel.  Contact is loud
Power: 92 mph exit velocity. Will have high doubles totals
Run: 7.60 runner in the 60. 

Kyle White, Acalanes  (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: 2B/OF
Body: 5-10, 165-pounds.
Defense:  pop times. Proper footwork and technique on approach to the ball.  Good first step
Arm: RH. INF - 74 mph. Fringy arm strength
Hit: LHH. Balanced, slightly open with high leg kick trigger Flat bat path. Swing is geared for an all fields approach
Power: 87 mph exit velocity
Run: 7.15 runner in the 60.



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