Prep Baseball Report

NorCal Uncommitted Games: Quick Hits (Position Players)

Blaine Clemmens
Northern California Director

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LINCOLN, CALIF. - The Northern California Uncommitted Games event was held on 10/9/22 at McBean Stadium, just north or Sacramento. Nearly 60 players participated and we saw a lot of players who are presently characterized as 'uncommitted' and we are confident will be commits in the future, sooner or later.

Go to each players' individual profile to dive into their stats, including TrackMan and Blast Motion. Today we highlight some position player standouts (based on the workout and game play performance) and tomorrow will be the pitching standouts.

Listed Alphabetically

Brayden Colletto 1B / 3B / Windsor, CA / 2023

BP round highlighted his bat speed (70.6 avg mph) with a 73% on-plane efficiency number was then followed up by in-game performance with a pair of hard hit doubles, both to LF. Defensive profile is something that is to be determined in the future, with any INF spot (save for SS) being in the mix. The bat certainly looks capable of being a plus at any position. 79 mph INF arm w/a below average run tool that is offset with the hit-ability. NOTE: Committed to Sonoma State 11/11/22



John Handy C / 3B / Woodcreek, CA / 2024

One of top 2024 catchers in Northern California, each time we see him the tools and performance show up. Catch/throw skills are solid (76 mph, 2.01-2.08), excellent receiver, communicates well w/pitchers, blocks very well. BP highlighted 74.9 mph avg bat speed (94.9 max EV), ran 7.04. Couple of knocks in game play, punching a couple of singles through the infield. Confident in his abilities and comfortable in the game. 



Dylan Hillman SS / 2B / Monte Vista, CA / 2024

Among the top defensive shortstops in Northern California, he's steady and smooth with a release and feet to allow the 83 mph arm to play up. Having seen him many times, when a ball is hit near him the automatic feeling is that the batter is going to be out. 76% on-plane efficiency in BP and that shows up in game action where his hits, as he did in this game, are routinely hit through the middle of the field. Ran 7.01 with a 27" vertical jump.



Jayden Lee OF / Marin Catholic , CA / 2024

One of the fastest players in Northern California (I've not yet come across a faster 2024), he posted a 6.62 60 and 26.4" vertical jump. The arm is good and fits at any of the OF spots (86 mph) with not just assumed range given his speed, but shows in games that he also has the skill of jumps, angles and ability to easily close on the ball. 91.5 max EV with 70.8 mph avg bat speed. Stays through the middle, singled once in three trips and each AB put pressure on the defense.



Ryan McCabe C / 3B / Folsom, CA / 2023

Had an impressive showing that should have him on the radar for programs still on the hunt for a defensive catcher. Showed off a quick and strong arm (77 mph, low pop of 2.05) with accuracy. As he gets stronger the offensive talent has a chance to blossom (89.7 max EV, 70% on-plane efficiency) while showing in game play that he has a good middle of the field approach. Didn't get rewarded with a hit but two quality ABs including a hard hit L6.



Tate Medicoff OF/1B / RHP / Sacred Heart Cathedral, CA / 2024

Big, physical, and fast, he's one of the more impressive combinations of tools and body and ability to perform in his class, especially among uncommitted juniors. Ran a 7.07 with the second fasted 10-yard split at event (26.2" vertical jump), posted 102 max EV, 73.4 mph avg bat speed, 25.4 max hand speed, 76% on-plane efficiency, so the tools are there. Game play showed his ability to get to the hitting tools, with a hard hit L4 and LOUD double to deep LCF.



Jake Redding C / 3B / Lincoln, CA / 2024

Long and strong, still with some lankiness on frame, showed intriguing all-around tools and put each to use in the game. Arm is solid (75 mph, pops 2.11-2.16) and he's accurate, w/catch-throw mechanics that are still developing. Showed accuracy in workout and in game w/ability to get off good throws on difficult pitches to throw. Offensively there is real power in his future, in the middle of the field. Had two hard hit deep F8s in game play, 93.1 max EV, 67.6 mph avg bat speed.



Max Stallings OF / Sequoia, CA / 2024

Offensive talents first showed up in BP round with a 98.1 max EV, 67.8 mph avg bat speed and furthest max estimated distance of 380 ft. Aside from the numbers, the eyes also liked the aggressive stroke and intent to punish the baseball. Not a big body but has strength, clearly. Showed he's got usability of his ability as he went 2-for-2 w/a hard hit single to LF and a triple that cleared the CF just toward right-centerfield. 76 mph OF arm, 7.35 60, event high 27.4" vertical.



JT Summers C / 1B / Casa Grande, CA / 2024

Long body, still w/the look that he's got a lot of strength gains ahead. On taller side for catchers, he did show flexibilty in the crouch, ability to get low in multiple set-ups. Solid arm flashed up to 76 mph, pops 2.07-2.13 w/accuracy. Communicated w/pitchers well. That's all made better because he's a talented hitter w/tools and an uncomplicated approach. 97.3 max EV, consistent timing and barrel feel. Went 2-for-3 with a couple hard hit singles and a deep F8 in his final AB.



Brent Valentine 3B / OF / St. Francis , CA / 2024

Strong day with the bat for the stout and strong corner INF/OF. Not eye-popping hitting metrics in this showing but a solid 91.5 max EV, flashed bat speed up to 67.1 mph, and the 75% sweet spot % showed itself in game play. Went 2-for-2 w/a walk, a solidly struck line drive single to LF and then in 3rd at-bat pounded another line drive to RCF. The barrel feel sure looks to be real. Defensively profiles as a corner position player, arm was 81-82 as both 3B and OF, ran 7.40.