Prep Baseball Report

NorCal Upperclass ID: Quick Hits

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Scouting Director

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LATHROP, CALIF. - The Northern California Underclass & Upperclass ID events took place at Islanders Field at River Islands on 10/10/20. Over 80 players attended during the day, 35 of them in the 2021/2022 classes, all but one uncommitted.

Players were put through a traditional pro-style workout utilizing TrackMan in the live BP session for exit velocity metrics, as well as estimated distance and launch angle. Blast Motion was also used during BP, measuring bat speed, rotational acceleration, attack angle, and on-plane efficiency. TrackMan was also used for pitchers during their main mound 'pen session, tracking velocity, spin rate, as well as all the other more advanced data points.

We will roll out position breakdowns in the coming weeks along with various leaderboards from data provided by our data partners. Until then we’ll take at some early standouts among upperclassmen in this edition of Quick Hits, strictly looking at some data points.

(Click through to individual players profiles for full stats and video when available)

Listed alphabetically (side note... seems like Redwood HS in Larkspur is a team to watch in 2021!)

Tyler Blair RHP / Redwood, CA / 2022

Looked the part with the naked eye and then looking at the TrackMan data, the naked eye was deemed accurate. Traditional numbers hold up, 84-86 FB, 71 mph CB though more smooth than sharp (avg spin 2106), strong feel of the CHG (75-77) w/fading action. FB max spin of 2287, AVG IVB 15.6, AVG HM 12.2

Luca Bove OF / RHP / Redwood, CA / 2022

Strong build, physical presence w/tools that show up strongly via TM and Blast data. The raw data sets alone will catch the eyes of discerning college coaches; 95 EV, 7.13 60, 78.60 max bat speed, 22.50 max hand speed, 82 mph OF, 13.6 avg rotational acc., & 71% on-plane efficiency. FB T84 (max 2226 spin), 5.95 xtnsn

Jack Brooks SS / 2B / Vanden, CA / 2022

The tools jumped off the page, the LHH profile matters, the look in the eye and professional approach, combined with clear joy of simply playing baseball. All great stuff, as is this info; 7.01 60, 94 EV, 88 INF mph, 24.3 peak hand speed, 74.3 max bat speed, 14.72 avg rotational acceleration (max 20.2) w/64% on-plane efficiency

Collin DeBorde RHP / Clovis North, CA / 2022

Scouted him like a LHP, meaning, put down the gun and see the delivery, action on the pitches and feel of the zone. FB avg HM 17.4, avg IVB 13.2, 70% zone (T82 mph); the CB/SL can help FB play up, CB 2651 avg spin, SL 2694 avg spin, 50% zone w/the CHG. SL/CB similar but he does shorten up shape of the SL vs the CB

Christian Galvez SS / OF / St. Francis, CA / 2022

Have seen this physical player quite a bit, each time showing that he's continually putting in work. This viewing had him working in the OF (86 mph)as well as INF (82 mph), broadening his profile. The bat flashes impact potential, max EV 94, 54% hard hit, 45.5% line drive, 72.4 max bat speed, 75% on-plane efficiency

Cole McGowan OF / SS / Redwood, CA / 2022

Hadn't seen since frosh year (noticeable tools then) and the tools are now significant. LHH w/multi-position talent, plus plus run tool (6.59 60), 95 mph EV, OF arm 84 mph. BP showed visible bat speed then Blast confirms w/75.7 max bat speed w/23.40 max hand speed. 20.66 avg rotational acceleration is very torquey

Jimmy Moore RHP / Los Gatos, CA / 2021

Fourth view of the sturdy RHP this summer/fall, each time as impressive as the last. Sat 87-88 in this look from overhand slot, avg 2249 FB spin w/5.33 release height, has feel of BIG 12/6 hammer despite the spin registering max of 2156 and strong feel of 80-82 mph CHG w/downer fade. Stuff has been consistent each look

Kyle Olimpia SS / 2B / California, CA / 2021

Uncommitted INF showed plenty of raw talent to make schools take notice. Run tool is fair (7.44 60) but the other tools far out-pace his footspeed. The 86 mph arm across diamond definitely stood out, projecting that 3B could be in play. 91 mph EV can go up based on his 68.8 max bat speed. 74.4% on-plane efficiency

Austin Parlog OF / Liberty, CA / 2021

Seems to have quite a high ceiling in terms of his offensive talents displayed in this look. At first glance the 87 mph EV max isn't fantastic, but a deeper dive shows underlying talents that matter, particularly the 22.6 max hand speed, 68.8 max bat speed, 18.62 avg rotational acceleration, and 78% on-plane efficiency. 7.26 60 yd

Frank Zapata C / 2B / Archbishop Riordan, CA / 2022

Energetic, athletic (7.11 60), confident player. Bat talent stood out brightest though there were glimpses of defense ability (73 mph, low pop 2.12) that projects to improve in the coming years. A bit heavy fly ball % but has tools to hit, max 70.19 avg bat speed, max 16.6 rotational acceleration w/76% on-plane efficiency