PBA Scout Day Player Analysis IV

Anthony Antollin & Joey Cohen


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LOS ANGELES, CA. - Forty-eight players divided into groups of 4-6 came through the baseball diamond over a three day period to be worked out by PBA coaches while PBR provided coverage and data capture through Trackman and Blast Motion. 

Players were put through their workouts designed by coaches and PBR took measurements and analyzed/evaluated players. We recently featured some players in both the Quick Hits, the Stats Leaders, and Player Analysis Part I, Part II, and Part III stories.

Today we wrap up the player analysis pieces with a strong group of uncommitted players in the next several class. 

Jackson Frankovich C / 1B / Notre Dame , CA / 2022

Body: 6-foot, 180-pounds. 

Hit: LHH with a slightly open stance. Small leg kick and hand hitch helps him create bat speed. Clean lower half movements that put him in a position to keep a quiet head and stay through the baseball. Showed feel for the barrel during his BP rounds. 

Power: 96 MPH Exit Velocity via Trackman in BP. More pop to come with added strength/mass. 

Arm: 71 MPH Catcher Velocity with accurate throws to the bag. 

Defense: Narrow stance with athletic actions behind the plate. Showed solid hip mobility and the ability to move laterally to both sides. Clean footwork fielding bunts. Will have to improve arm strength / catch and throw to stick at the next level. 

Run: 7.87 laser-timed 60.

Ian Schenk LHP / OF / Burbank , CA / 2021

Body: 5-foot-8 160-pounds 

Hit: Quiet load/head with toe tap trigger. Down to it, up through it, barrel path that can get pushy at times due to a passive lower half. Present upper body strength still allows him to hit the ball hard when he finds the barrel. 

Power: 86 MPH Exit Velocity via Trackman in BP with signs of line drive power in the future. 

Arm: 78 MPH Outfield Velocity. Accurate throwing arm that projects to stay in RF. 

Defense: Showed clean footwork in the outfield that allowed him to receive the ball and throw in sync. 

Run: 7.53 laser-timed 60. 


Delivery: Coordinated and under control. Solid strength base allows him to maintain stability at peak leg lift and move down the mound in sequence. Eyes wander to 1B side that pulls back heel out of the ground early causing energy loss and push in AA. 

Arm Action: High ¾ slot. Slightly late getting up at front foot strike and can get pushy at times due to lower half. 

FB – 74-76 MPH ; 11:00 Spin Direction creates above average ride up in the zone. 

CH – 66-69 MPH ; Movement profile creates more horizontal movement than fastball. 

CB/SL – 63-65 MPH ; Breaking balls profile similarly movement wise. Both have slider shape.

Tyler Biggs RHP / OF / Valencia , CA / 2022

Body: 6-foot-2 160-pounds

Delivery: Gets into back hip well which helps him move down the mound and transfer energy into front foot strike. Gathers momentum in windup through drop step. Lead leg needs to do a better job blocking energy, so it is able to transfer to the arm. Adding strength/mass will help with overall stability.

Arm Action: Clean arm action that gets up and on time at front foot strike. Hand stays behind the ball for a long time as the arm unwinds.

FB - 74-77 MPH with ride that can play up in the zone. 

CH – 67-69 MPH with same movement profile as fastball. 

SL – 63-65 MPH and direction plays well off of FB.

Ethan Sokol RHP / RHP / Harvard-Westlake, CA / 2023

Body: 5’11 152lbs

Delivery:  Up tempo move down the slope that allows him to create momentum. Maintains stability at peak leg lift that sets him up moving forward. Can get jumpy at times where front hip pulls back hip out of ground connection during the stride phase possibly leaving velo on the table. 

Arm Action: Maintains neutral hand out of the glove that allows for the arm to be quick and short. Arm is up around 90 Degrees at front foot strike and unwinds nicely.  Arm speed will increase with maturity and increased efficiency of lower half. 

FB- 72-75 ; 12:45 Spin Direction creates above average ride on the fastball up in the zone. 

CH – 65-66 ; More horizontal movement than FB creating good separation between pitches. 

SL & CB – 61-66 ; Pitches profile almost identical both in movement and velocity. 

Harrison Altschul OF / Harvard Westlake, CA / 2022

Body: 5’11 160lbs

Hit: RHH with athleticism in the box. Hands work in sync with a small leg kick allowing him to get on plane early. Head stays quiet throughout the swing putting him in a good position to launch. Found the barrel consistently during his two rounds of batting practice. 

Power: 83 MPH Exit Velocity via Trackman in BP

Arm: 77 MPH Outfield Velocity

Defense: Showed coordinated, under control movements in the outfield. Moved with a sense of urgency and had clean transfers/throws. Throwing arm was accurate during defensive workout. Probably suited better as a corner OF but still displays plenty of athleticism. 

Run: 7.59 60-Yard

Zachary Romero RHP / 1B / Notre Dame, CA / 2022

Body: 6-4 210lbs

Hit: Big body with wide base and hands held tight to body. Neutral stance with a simple, quiet launch. Can get handsy at times where the barrel casts away. Has some present body awareness and showed well during batting practice. Will be exciting to follow as he fills out. 

Power: 92 MPH Exit Velocity via Trackman in BP

Arm: 82 MPH Outfield Velocity 

Defense: Moved well for size in the outfield fielding balls laterally to both sides. Coordinated footwork allowed for clean transfer and throws. Throwing arm was very accurate during the workout. 

Run: 7.50 60-Yard


Delivery: Works exclusively out of the stretch, high leg lift with a fast hand break. Preset glute load allows him to ride the back hip down the mound. Rotates around front hip well. 

Arm Action: Short and fast arm out of the glove. Gets up on time but comes out of scap load quite a bit by foot plant. Arm works and will continue to improve with mobility and added range of motion. 

FB: 77-79 T81; High Slot allows for significant ride 

CH: 76-77 ; Limited movement and velocity separation between FB

SL: 65-68 : Ideal speed difference, cutter like movement profile

Daniel Neria RHP / OF / Burbank , CA / 2022

Body: 5’11 165lbs

Hit: Preloaded back hip with a small, controlled leg kick. Gains ground with weight shift as he moves into foot plant. Hands held slightly above back shoulder and work in sync with lower half 

Power: 83 MPH Exit Velocity via Trackman in BP

Arm: 74 MPH Outfield Velocity

Defense: Clean transfer and throw skills during workout. Moved with caution and can work on developing a sense of urgency. Accurate throwing arm and clean actions. 

Run: 7.77 60-Yard


Delivery: Slow build up, controlled leg lift and a low ¾ arm slot from the windup. Maintains good direction moving down the mound and keeps same release points for all pitches. 

Arm Action: Long and whippy arm that slings it from a low slot. Gets up on time and gets into and out of scap retraction extremely well.

FB: 75-78 ; lower tilt leads  to above average  arm side run

CH: 71-73 ; Very good movement separation from FB with avg speed differential

SL: 66-68 ; Ideal movement for breaking ball to play off of fastball

Jacob Mallut C / OF / Notre Dame, CA / 2023

Body: 5’11 140lbs

Hit: Neutral stance with a small leg kick trigger. Gains ground on weight shift as the barrel slots into launch position. Head stays quiet and he is able to track the ball for a long time. Moves well, biggest asset moving forward will be added mass. 

Power: 79 MPH Exit Velocity via Trackman in BP

Arm: 66 MPH Catcher Velocity

Defense: Wide stance behind the plate. Gains ground during transfer and moved around well during his workout. Had quick, under control movements while fielding bunts and blocking balls. Catch/throw quickness is one area that can be improved upon.

Run: 8.34 60-Yard 

Tyler Utz 3B / 2B / Valencia , CA / 2022

Body: 5-10 165lbs

Hit: Preloads into back hip extremely well. Quiet movements with barrel resting upon his shoulder until launch. Hands get on plane early and move through the ball. Sturdy  base and uses the ground very well. 

Power: 81 MPH Exit Velocity via Trackman in BP

Arm: 70 MPH Infield Velocity

Defense:  Primary 3B, athletic preset which helps transitions into footwork mid play. Funnel + throw is efficient, accurate and in rhythm. Looked comfortable handling double play feeds from 3B as well. 

Run: 8.33 60-Yard

Cooper Hansen OF / 1B / Notre Dame , CA / 2023

Body: 6’2 175lbs

Hit: LHH with pop + feel for the barrel. Leg kick timing mechanism with a small hand hitch that helps generates bat speed. Showed power and the ability to lift to the pull side. Uses his lower half to gain momentum and ground on weight shift. 

Power: 85 MPH Exit Velocity via Trackman in BP

Arm: 80 MPH Outfield Velocity

Defense: Clean footwork in the outfield allowed for efficient transfer/throws. Moved well laterally to both sides showing no sign of breaking rhythm. Fielded all balls cleanly and showcased an accurate throwing arm during the defensive portion of the workout. 

Run: 7.92 60-Yard

Mark Baca RHP / 1B / Bullard , CA / 2022

Body: 6’2 190lbs

Hit: LHH with a presence in the box. Starts narrow and gains significant ground during forward move. Gets on plane early and is able to get the barrel to the ball consistently. Showed some lift in the swing and will continue to develop power. 

Power: 87 MPH Exit Velocity via Trackman in BP

Defense: Showed some athleticism at 1B fielding balls to both sides and turning DP’s. Was comfortable on quick transfer/throws to second. Glove and footwork will have to take a step forward to stick at 1B in the future. 


Delivery: Worked primarily out of the stretch with a simple, under control delivery. High leg lift with stability at peak that allows him to drive down the mound efficiently. Back foot stays plugged into the ground and rotates around nicely. Showed some feel for off speed pitches as well. 

Arm Action: Short, efficient arm path. Arm flips up with ease and on time. Strong deceleration pattern using full range of motion to slow the arm down after the throw. 

FB: 81-83 ; Higher tilt allows for some above average ride up in the zone. 

CB: 67-69 ; Mirroring spin direction of FB, pairs nicely.

Jack Kelman C / OF / Harvard-Westlake, CA / 2023

Body: 5-9, 155 pounds, lean and average athletic body that is well distributed but with the potential to fill the frame out. 

Hit: Relaxed hands and utilizes a small leg lift which gets him engaged with the backside. Kelman is a pull side hitter and actively tries to get out in front of baseballs. It is a short, quick, stroke that was steep-flat shown with mostly hard LD’s and GB’s in his BP rounds. 

Power: Is a line drive hitter with potential for gap to gap power with strength gains and better utilization of hips in his sequencing. 

Field: Showed good athleticism and quick feet behind the dish. Anticipatory skills and instincts for BIDs are areas to sharpen his game. Above-average glove to release exchanges and clean repeatable coordination and timing with his hands/feet.

Arm: Catcher Velo- 65 mph: Ball came out fine out of the hand but lacked life and carry. Glove to hand transitions along with footwork were good so I believe he has time to increase the arm strength. Decent accuracy as most throws were on-line. Popped 2.18-2.32.

Run: 8.1laser timed 60.

Victor Pico SS / OF / Hart , CA / 2021

Body: 5-9, 155 pounds: Compact athletic build with room for weight and strength gains. 

Hit: Upright with low relaxed hands at stance. Utilizes a leg kick trigger that starts his move forward. The hands stay low while moving back and get into his swing working up towards the ball. Pull side hitter with BP consisting of line drives and fly balls to left field. 

Power: Pull side power is present with some long fly balls to the wall during bp. It is his intent to get out in front of balls with high attack angles. 

Field: Smooth athletic movements at SS. Efficient with his angles and first steps. Works under the ball well and gets his feet under him quickly to get in position to make good throws. Glove skills were there showing soft hands and quick exchanges, particularly on backhands.

Arm: SS Velo 76mph: It's a short quick arm action that tracked well across the diamond. Didn’t lose any velo when moving to his backhand. Showed ability to still be quick with throws when on the move. 

Run: 7.51 laser timed 60.

Tyler Vannix 3B / 2B / William S. Hart, CA / 2021

Body: Long and lanky body with much more room for strength and weight gains. 

Hit: Is upright with relaxed low hands at stance. Utilizes a rather large leg kick trigger and as it’s up his upper body starts tilting as his core internally rotates and coils. Head height changes as the front leg starts to come down. Slight barrel tip towards the pitcher but the bat works well in the zone. Bat path is more upward but barrel control was good resulting in many hard-hit fly balls. Showed a middle approach. 

Power: Pounded baseballs deep into both gaps. The hand speed is there and it seems he understands his approach and can recognize pitch locations.

Field: Showed fair range with good body control. Feet were choppy at times but overall average moving laterally, particularly to the backhand. 

Arm: SS 76 mph. Arm was loose and long at times with some accuracy across the diamond. Got rid of the ball quickly once he had secured it. 

Run: 7.71 laser timed 60.

Delivery: Fairly simple mechanics as he controls his body well and isn’t forcing anything. Uses a belt-high leg lift and has a very controlled modest stride. The lower body isn’t doing anything special as he seems more focused on just trying to get on-line with the plate. Finishes with a soft front side and good fielding position. 

Arm Action: Long loose arm action out of the high ¾ slot. Keeps the ball hidden well behind him. The ball comes out on time and out in front. Arm speed is inconsistent among different pitch types. 

Pitches: FB 70-72, CB 52-54, CH 58-60