ProCase 2019 - A Look Back at LHP Rio Britton

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting


PODCAST: Northern CA ProCase

The 2019 Northern CA ProCase was held last June 9th at Delta College in Stockton and it featured all but one of the local talents who are in the mix for the upper rounds of the 2020 draft. Of course MLB hasn't announced a draft date yet and we don't know the number of rounds, which could be five at a minimum.

We've begun to build the roster for the 2020 ProCase, where the players will again be put through a pro-style workout with various stats/data recorded during the workouts which can be found HERE from 2019, as well as competitive at-bats/game-type action. 

If the event cannot be held at Folsom Lake College due to Covid-19 precautions we have a contingency plan to hold it at Islanders Field in Lathrop. We have NOT adjusted the date at this time and are constantly surveying potential necessary changes. We do have alternative future dates/location set.

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LHP Rio Britton (Capital Christian) - report from 6/9/19

A VERY talented and projectable rising senior LHP still uncommitted (he eventually committed to Oregon)? Yes, in California that can and does happen. Rio Britton is one such pitcher. The long (6-foot-2, 180-pounds then, now listed at 6-foot-200-pounds) lanky Britton is still coming into his own, both physically and in regard to his highly projectable talents. His arms are long, his legs are long, he has a frame that will handle strength and size and also the loose, fluid body type/actions that should continue to allow him to work free and easy.

We'd seen Britton on a number of occasions and have consistently been drawn to what he is and more so, what he MIGHT be someday. What was perhaps most fun was seeing the MLB scouts get their introduction to him. Most of them had not seen him or been aware of him, but when Britton walked to the mound and started warming up, they migrated from the 1st base dugout to behind the plate, video cameras in hand. He's got that type of body and arm action that simply said... is what IT looks like.

With a deep but controlled backside arm action and high-3/4 slot, Britton's arm works very easily. The ball comes out of his hand with ease. Part of that is due to his lower half, with strong legs and a good foundation for stability. His listed weight of 180-pounds might be lower than what he's developed into, as he appears much more strong and developed than I saw him late March and in the fall of 2018. There is some slight head pulling action that at times causes his hat to fall off during the delivery and he can work better in line to the plate vs some rotational upper body movement. There are of course some mechanical adjustments in his future with a collegiate or professional pitching coach/program and it's exciting to consider him with that caliber of training.

Regarding the present day Rio Britton, that version is also quite good. The fastball has late life, riding late through the zone and it's the type of fastball that hitters just don't seem to be able to consistently lay off, even when he's out of the zone. It's the high fastball I have seen him have tremendous success with. Britton isn't an out of control thrower who gets swings and misses, he's got a controlled method about him and just has that rare ability to get swings and misses out of the zone. Mark Langston was that way, Blake Snell is that way, as is Robbie Ray, which in terms of stuff and how it plays, would be an apt comp.

Britton has a slider that at times flashes as a future plus offering, with late bite and shape that powers under bats. That pitch can be utilized as a swing and miss out-pitch or can catch hitters looking, given the late action. He also has a change-up and slower curveball, but it's the fastball/slider combo that can be lethal. If in the future he can pitch with an above average/plus fastball to go with a plus slider, obviously we are talking about a left-hander with a significant ceiling.


Of course given the Covid-19 pandemic, future event dates/locations could change. If they do, we will alert all registered players and make adjustments to our calendar.
Norcal Underclass Games (INVITE-ONLY) CA 06/06 Islanders Field - Lathrop
Northern California ProCase (INVITE ONLY) CA 06/13 Folsom Lake College or Islanders Field
SoCal Underclass Games (INVITE ONLY) CA 06/13 Hart Park
SoCal ProCase (INVITE ONLY) CA 06/14 Hart Park
California State Games CA 07/25 Southern California