Prep Baseball Report

Rising Stars Showcase: Player Analysis

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director



CORONA, CA. - The Rising Stars showcase took place at Santiago HS and drew over 40 players in the 2023 and 2024 classes. Players were put through a pro-style showcase workout that included running the 60 yard dash, on-field batting practice, a defensive workout, bullpens and other statistically measurable stations. 

Select players from this event will be chosen to participate in the Preseason All-State Showcase Games and the 2020 Underclass Games that will kick off the summer. 

As we continue to break down notes/videos we will roll out more content. We recently rolled out our Quick Hits along with a first batch of player analysis. Today we'll conclude our coverage with more player analysis. 


Seth Rajacich OF / RHP / Oak Hills , CA / 2023

Uncommitted - Five-foot-10, 130-pounds. Long, lean, wiry strong frame with plenty of room for physical development. Athletic player who really stood out at the plate where he showed the ability to drive balls with excellent barrel control/feel. Sprayed balls to all fields on a line while working from a wide-based upright stance with high hands. Slight weight shift to back leg before driving through the ball. In the outfield he showed good reads off the bat and proper footwork when charging balls before funneling out front and through to release. Arm strength was fair with accuracy. On the mound he showed feel for a three-pitch mix from a drop-and-drive delivery through to a 3/4 release point. Worked down with all pitches showing fair command of the fastball and curveball that shows good depth. Showed feel for the changeup that flashes late fading action.

Casey Borba 3B / 1B / Orange Lutheran, CA / 2023

Uncommitted - Six-foot, 200-pounds. Large, sturdy, strong frame. Significant strength in the lower half. Projectable body that should get stronger with continued physical development. Defensively Borba showed very good footwork and body control to go with soft hands and quick/clean transfers. Present arm strength allowed him to make throws from all angles while handling the backhand and double play turns with ease. At the plate Borba really projects with his present power and bat speed that allowed him to get the barrel in the zone and keep it there throughout the swing from a slightly open, high hands stance. Incorporates the lower half very well using it to generate power. Sprayed balls to all fields on a line. On the mound he stays tall on the backside before driving down the mound with his strong lower half through to a 3/4 slot and out front release point. Shows feel for three-pitches with his curveball flashing massive potential with its tight spinning depth and 11/5 shape. Worked fastball black-to-black while staying down in the zone. Changeup is developing still, but works it down in the zone. 

Adrian Diaz 3B / 2B / Martin Luther King , CA / 2023

Uncommitted - Five-foot-11, 150-pounds. Strong, athletic frame with noticeable strength throughout particularly in the forearms into the wrists. Sets up with a neutral stance using a high leg kick to initiate swing. Whips barrel through the zone showing the ability to manipulate its plane. Line drive hitter with a middle-middle approach. Defensively he showed athletic actions on the dirt with range to both sides and ample arm strength to make throws from multiple angles. Handled the double play turn and backhand with ease showing soft hands with clean exchanges. Gets rid of the ball quickly with accuracy across the diamond.

Jake Lemoine 1B / LHP / Norco , CA / 2023

Uncommitted - Five-foot-11, 165-pounds. Large frame with long limbs and a high waist. Wiry strength throughout. Very projectable body/frame that will continue to fill out. Starts with an upright setup with hands at his shoulder using a longer stride to drive into the ball. Showed very good control of the barrel getting it in-and-out of the zone in a hurry. Spray hitter with line drive ability, Lemoine showed a middle-middle approach that was consistent and true. Defensively he showed adequate footwork around the bag at first with the ability to turn the double play ball with ease and enough arm strength to make strong/accurate throws. On the mound he stays tall on the backside before whipping his arm through a 3/4 slot. Seems to cut off his delivery upon landing. Showed feel for a three-pitch mix with his present command of the fastball being the best. Curveball showed some depth when thrown with conviction with its 1/5 shape. Changeup was fair with slight movement. 

Isaac Quintanilla SS / 3B / Orange Lutheran , CA / 2023

Uncommitted - Five-foot-11, 170-pounds. Large frame with thickness/strength in the lower half and some strength from the shoulders down through the chest. Strength really shows at the plate where he starts with a neutral setup using a leg kick trigger to initiate swing. Drove balls to all fields on a line showing a preference for the pull side. Defensively he showed competent footwork with fair range to both sides. Soft hands with quick/clean transitions and a strong, accurate arm across the diamond. Handled the double play ball with ease while the backhand was true and natural. Athletic actions on the dirt with a very good understanding of how to use his body. 

Cameron Teper LHP / 1B / Santiago, CA / 2023

Uncommitted - Five-foot-11, 140-pounds. Long, lean, wiry strong frame with length in the limbs and a high waist with large feet. Teper showed a very strong repertoire that he flashed plus command of. Starts tall before dipping-and-driving down the mound to gain ground using the backside for push through to a high 3/4 arm slot. Fastball shows cut action as it enters the hitting zone. Keeps the pitch down at/below the knees. Changeup showed late fading action after starting in the middle of the plate from the same tunnel as the fastball. Curveball has improved considerably since our last viewing. It’s now sharper with more depth late with some spike action down in the zone. Potential plus pitch. Arm speed is fast with clean, repeatable mechanics.

William Van Dyke 3B / RHP / Citrus Valley, CA / 2023

Uncommitted - Five-foot-11, 150-pounds. Large, lean, frame with large feet and long limbs. Starts slightly open with knees bent and hands high using a leg kick trigger to initiate swing before dropping hands into launch position. Does a fair job of manipulating barrel path through the zone where he keeps the barrel a long time. Squared balls up consistently favoring the pull side. Defensively he showed fair footwork with range to both sides. Easily handled the double play turn while his backhand was true. Exchanges were clean with accurate throws to the bag. Throw on slow roller got away from him a tick. On the mound he stays tall on the backside with a deliberate and repeatable delivery. Whips arm through a 3/4 slot. Worked fastball black-to-black while keeping it down. Pitch shows hints of run to the arm side. Curveball was snappy showing early break with 11/5 shape with fair command. When thrown with conviction the pitch showed tight spin with sharp break.

Trevor Wilson OF / 2B / Edison, CA / 2023

Uncommitted - Five-foot-11, 155-pounds. Large frame with proportional strength distributed throughout. Starts slightly open using a leg kick trigger and backside drive to shoot into the ball. Showed very good control of the barrel getting in on plane and keeping in the zone a long time. Showed a middle-right approach where he peppered the gaps with line drives. Power should continue to develop with added physical maturity. Remains balanced through extension where he ends with his weight back. Defensively he showed plus footwork in attacking balls and playing through them. Funnelled balls out front and came up firing without stopping his feet. Throws showed some carry from the outfield and were accurate to all bags. Arm really plays in the outfield with clean/quick exchanges. Very projectable athlete.

Jake Fuentes 3B / SS / Orange Lutheran, CA / 2023

Uncommitted - Six-foot-2, 165-pounds. Large frame with a high waist, long limbs, large feet and projectable build. Showed good footwork on the dirt where his range is fair to both sides while under control of his body. Hands were soft while funnelling out front with enough arm strength to make throws from multiple angles. Starts tall at plate before shifting back then through the swing plane. Maintains barrel on plane and uses his fast hands/present bat speed to drive balls into the gaps. Has some lift to his swing creating backspin on the ball. Showed an uncanny knack for getting the barrel on everything throughout the day. On the mound he showed a drop-and-drive delivery with a high leg kick and compact arm path in the back through to a high 3/4 arm slot. The leg kick and compact arm hides the ball from hitters very well. Fastball shows some arm side run that he generates excellent downhill plane with. Showed very good command of the pitch by painting the black on both sides of the plate. Threw a knuckle-curve that flashes plus potential with its sharp break and depth. Changeup showed well with its late fading action to the back foot of righties. Pitch shows signs of being a future out pitch as it was never above the knees.


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