SoCal Uncommitted Senior Games: Player Analysis

PBR California Staff



FULLERTON, CA. - The 2019 SoCal Uncommitted Senior Games took place at Fullerton College home of the Hornets baseball program. The invitation only event drew over 60 players looking to show their wares in front of several Division I, Division II, and Junior College coaches in attendance. 

Players were put through a pro-style workout that included running the 60-yard dash, on-field batting practice, and a defensive workout prior to a 10 inning game. PBR California scouts were on hand to take measurements and evaluate players on all facets of their games. 

Today we will breakdown the players we didn't highlight in our Quick Hits piece.

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Uncommitted Senior Games: Player Analysis

Isaiah Halton 2B / 3B / Garces Memorial , CA / 2020

8.00 60yd, 82 EV, 77 MPH

Small, young, lean frame (8.00 60yd). High hands, balanced stance using simple toe-tap working with loose hands on upward path (82 EV); compact swing working short line drives. Chops step working laterally with glove out in front of him; arm is loose and full working accurately to the bases (77 MPH).

Riley Mitchell 2B / OF / Costa Mesa, CA / 2020

6.98 60yd, 73 EV, 81 OF/74 INF MPH

Long torso on medium frame having quick feet (6.98 60yd). Tall, high hands stance working with front knee lift early; balances in the back hip as hands work back. Upward through the zone hand path having barrel follow hands flashing lift as he worked the barrel around the field (73 EV). Quick feet and agility in OF playing with high hops as long arm gets to high release (81 OF); Showed timing and quick feet playing with fair range and moving well on the run. Arm plays similar to OF with length and good accuracy.

Scott Detweiler LHP / Newbury Park, CA / 2020

FB 72-73 T74, CB 68-69, CHG 69-70

Tall on the mound in stretch during outing; hands lift with high front knee showing control of the front leg and extension down the hill. Full arm swing with high front elbow working through 3/4 slot; loose, limited effort arm. FB 72-73 T74 sinking actions arm side. CB 68-69 short 1/7 bender through the zone. CHG 69-70 armside run.

Michael Mira 2B / 3B / Santa Margarita Catholic , CA / 2020

7.20 60yd, 87 EV, 77 INF

Full, high waist medium frame with current strength (7.20 60yd). Squatted, high hands stance with flared elbows; quick foot lift before tilting body over plate showing swing that creates upward barrel path. Barrel whips balls to the pullside getting backside through contact creating hard contact and flashing carry (87 EV). Footwork was clean and under control moving with a strong stride laterally; quick to ear with hand showing ability to keep firm throws on the bag. Flashed tools to stick at 2B with ability to spell at SS.

Cruz Mujica 2B / SS / Sweetwater, CA / 2020

7.38 60yd, 74 EV, 70 INF

Very long and very lean frame with space to add weight (7.38 60yd). Hands at the back shoulder with high back elbow; toe tap as hands have slight load back. Direct hands showing loose finish lining balls through the middle of the field (74 EV). Easy footwork with high hips as he works through the baseball; soft glove and compact arm from high release by ear (70 INF).

Parker Cadacio LHP / OF / Tustin, CA / 2020

FB 78-80 T81, CB 68-70

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Commit. Long projectable build with high waist and proportional strength. Side step to slight coil with front knee keeping hands at waist; rides the hip well controlling the front leg. Long arm down and out with glove side getting high adding deception; clean H-3/4 release with fluid arm action. FB 78-80 T81 firm in the zone with run arm side; keeps it off barrels. CB 68-70 short overhand with tight spin; able to bury for swing and miss.

Aurelius Cummings RHP / 1B / Long Beach Poly, CA / 2020

FB 76-78 T79, CB 61-64, CHG 68-69

Stocky high waisted full build on medium frame. Hands stay at waist with average front knee showing some balance in the back leg; breaks hands early gaining some ground with the front leg. Long arm turn in back getting to 3/4 release; slight recoil on landing. FB 76-78 T79 pitching through the upper half of the zone. CB 61-64 long 12/6 through the zone actions. CHG 68-69 bottom with tumble.

Brandon Heidal C / Orange Lutheran, CA / 2020

7.40 60yd, 83 EV, 78 C, 1.92-1.98 Pop

Medium full frame still young and able to be tightened as he matures (7.40 60yd). Tall, relaxed stance with hands resting bat on back shoulder; controlled easy foot lift allowing to maintain posture showing compact and direct hands. Barrel works upward with loose easy hands showing full finish able to line balls around the middle of the field (83 EV). Consistent footwork on throws to 2nd base showing agile actions and matching it up with a strong arm (78 C, 1.92-1.98 Pop); throws consistently on the bag with life on throws. Catch and throw skills translate to the next level with high level receiving as well.

Aaron Hernandez OF / RHP / Mary Star of the Sea, CA / 2020

7.47 60yd, 78 EV, 74 OF, FB 71-73 T74, CB 60-61

Medium full frame with thick lower half (7.47 60yd). Opened, slight bend of the knees with relaxed hands away from the body keeping elbows flared; body lifts with high front knee lift showing hands work back slightly. Flat barrel with direct hands; short to the ball lining balls to the middle of the field (78 EV). Lateral agility with very high crow hop as the arm gets out long to 3/4 release; tracks the ball well (74 OF). Hands work down to the waist before lifting high with high front leg; drop and drive styled delivery gaining some ground down the hill. Full arm swing to H-3/4 release point. FB 71-73 T74 using to both sides of the plate. CB 60-61 with late 12/6 depth occuring at the plate.

Cole Quillin OF / LHP / San Juan Hills, CA / 2020

8.09 60yd, 72 EV, 76 OF

Medium full build with length in the torso (8.09 60yd). Balanced, slightly bent knees keeping the high hands in the middle of the body; hands pull down and back with easy front foot stride. Direct hands matching with body turns to catch contact out front of the plate (72 EV); flashes some lift to both sides of the field. Easy athletic movements in OF with long full arm swing staying in time with lower half (76 OF).

Matt Souza C / RHP / Christian, CA / 2020

7.86 60yd, 75 EV, 78 C, 2.10-2.16 Pop

Very long legs in medium frame with full build (7.86 60yd). Open, squatting stance with high hands and high elbows; hands pull back deep in load with shallow stride. When his hips open the barrel has more depth and able to work through the baseball with flashes of strength to the gaps (75 EV). Easy, strong arm able to transfer from glove quickly and keeping throws accurate; footwork can keep working more quickly to lower pop time (78 C, 2.10-2.16 Pop).

Diego Gonzales C / 1B / South Hills, CA / 2020

8.15 60yd, 84 EV, 70 C, 2.15-2.28 Pop

High waist, long frame with present strength (8.15 60yd). Balanced, high hands stance controlling the front leg lifting on stride; hands show quick load getting momentum. Quick hands with ability to lift balls to the gaps; barrel has upward path finishing high with two-hand finish flashing some pop pullside (84 EV). Quick footwork being able to keep them under him with smooth transition; arm strength can continue to improve allowing for current accuracy to play up even more (70 C, 2.15-2.28 Pop).

Andrew Kotin RHP / OF / Northwood, CA / 2020

FB 84-85 T86, CB 78-79, CHG 73-77

HIgh waisted, long, lanky frame with space to keep adding strength. High full over the head delivery starts momentum down the hill with swinging leg medium leg kick; lower half absorbs momentum well allowing for arm speed to play up. Arm has length out of the glove towards 2nd getting to 3/4 release and flashing arm speed. FB 84-85 T86 firm through the zone life. CB 78-79 showing tight 11/5 break; hard and able to miss barrels. CHG 73-77 with late arm-side bottom; very strong pitch.

Jonathan Shupe OF / OF / La Mirada, CA / 2020

7.61 60yd, 83 EV, 72 OF

High waist, medium build with a strong lower half (7.61 60yd). Tall, high hands stance with high back elbow; loads hands back quickly with quiet lower half. Loose easy swing able to match barrel plane with pitches and showing ability to get his hands through the zone (83 EV). Some athleticism in the OF using good footwork to keep himself in line towards bases; compact, high release arm (72 OF).

Aidan Booth C / 1B / Laguna Beach, CA / 2020

7.13 60yd, 90 EV, 75 C, 1.89-2.01 Pop

Physical and athletic, squared up frame with length and strength; could still add some more once full maturity (7.13 60yd). Slight crouch keeping hands tight and very high back elbow; high front knee keeping weight in the back hip showing ability to snap barrel through the zone. Compact, upward barrel showing lag through the zone and the ability to have balls jump to the gaps; lower half helps drive through contact (90 EV). Quick feet and transfer getting ball to ear easily; arm has quick release and ability to keep it on the bag (75 C, 1.89-2.01 Pop).

Marco Ibarra RHP / C / Mary Star, CA / 2020

FB 81-83 T84, CB 66-67, CHG 73-74

High waist, square frame with length in legs. Hands stay at chest through simple delivery; average knee showing slight coil around tall back leg. Sits into his lower half well, bracing on front leg and allowing compact arm to work cleanly; 3/4 release with quick hand speed out front. FB 81-83 T84 angled on both sides of the plate. CHG 73-74 with arm-side sink and run. CB 66-67 11/5 shape showing early lift before late slurving depth through the zone.

Nolan Nauta OF / RHP / Lakewood, CA / 2020

7.87 60yd, 84 EV, 78 OF 

Very long large frame with strength in it (7.87 60yd). High hands, crouched stance keeping barrel vertical in middle of body; easy foot lift getting hands to rotate barrel deep. Direct hands work to pull side flashing ability to get leverage and lift with long barrel (84 EV). Lateral agility with glove working by front foot; compact arm from high release showing firm strength (78 OF).

Nathan Petrutis 1B / OF / Pacifica, CA / 2020

7.49 60yd, 78 EV, 71 INF

Long, strong frame still able to tighten the frame (7.49 60yd). Even hands on back shoulder in balanced stance; quiet swing having hands stay at back shoulder. Barrel is compact finishing high able to spray the ball to both sides of the field (78 EV). Some agility in the hips working with glove low and using frame well at the bag; easy loose arm able to keep balls on the bag (71 1B).

Brett Pierson RHP / Orange Lutheran, CA / 2020

FB 82-84 T85, CB 71-72, CHG 76-77

High waisted, long legs with soft build still showing space to tighten and strengthen. Hands stay at waist lifting with high front leg tilting shoulders to get high glove side; arm is long out of the glove to H-3/4 release unspiraling with ease. Drives off the mound getting down the hill with momentum and effort. FB 82-84 T85 life showing ability to dart all parts of the zone. CB 71-72 small overhand breaking at the plate through the zone. CHG 76-77 arm side tumble.

Matthew Sagmit RHP / Pacifica , CA / 2020

FB 78-79 T80, CB 63-65

Full large build with the strength in the lower half. Hands down to waist on side-step, lifting to chin with high front leg; having some momentum going down the hill with back leg drive. Elbow lifts during full arm swing with H-3/4 release point. FB 78-78 T80 running back armside on both sides of the plate. CB 63-65 slurvy 11/4 break with sweeping finish.

Caden Szuba OF / RHP / Temescal Canyon, CA / 2020

7.04 60yd, 87 EV, 84 OF, FB 81-83 T84, CB 65-67

Athletically built, long frame with space for more strength as he continues to mature (7.04 60yd). Very tall with high hands and high back elbow; slight foot lift with hands working back. Hands get on plane deep and work a quick barrel turn upwards through the zone; showed the ability to create leverage and lift balls with easy to the pullside of the field (87 EV). Moves well in OF with quick feet; uses a long arm and quick release (84 OF). Very high front foot swing with hands staying at the waist in stretch; finishes over the firm high front leg showing momentum down the hill. Compact full swing arm working cleanly through the 3/4 slot. FB 81-83 T84 showing life in the zone using on the armside. CB 65-67 11/6 short with tight spin; small break able to throw for strikes.

Billy Bzura RHP / RHP / Mira Costa, CA / 2020

FB 78-81 T82, CB 68-69, CHG 69-72

Very projectable large frame with high waist, length in the legs and squared frame. Hands set mid-chest with quick high front knee having it gain ground after athletic actions; mid-slot almost sidearm showing the ability to tilt the body for pitches. Arm is loose with compact elbow swing. FB 78-81 T82 showing run armside with small actions. CB 68-69 short slider-type breaker with sweeping actions. CHG 69-72 with late bottom diving out of the hand.

Adam Santana RHP / 3B / Century, CA / 2020

7.38 60yd, 85 EV, 78 INF, FB 79-80 T81, CB 70-72

Long and wiry build showing space to add to frame (7.38 60yd). Opened, narrow stance with high hands and flared elbows; hands get deep on load with lift and shorter stride length. Hands are direct and able to backspin balls out in front of plate (85 EV). Lateral agility with quick feet able to open hips and grab ground; glove is out front allowing him to make plays while staying low and having arm work from all sorts of angles (78 INF). Hands stay low with side step pause, before lifting to chin keeping weight over back hip; high and straight front leg lift allowing him to ride his back hip down the slope. Arm is compact having some length out of the glove before getting to M-3/4 slot; loose arm. FB 79-80 T81 running arm side from slot. CB 70-72 tight and biting lateral actions.

Troy Smith C / 1B / Mater Dei, CA / 2020

7.77 60yd, 81 EV, 75 C, 1.99-2.13

Large full build with length in the limbs (7.77 60yd). High hands, flared elbows with balanced stance; simple foot lift putting weight into back hip. Hands pull knob down towards catcher transferring weight through contact as he drives the back knee into the baseball; hands work upwards showing loose actions and flashing barrel speed. Worked both sides of the field (81 EV). Footwork works behind him with smooth transfer; longer arm actions showing some run on throws (75 C, 1.99-2.13 Pop).

Bradley Ezell 3B / 1B / Redlands, CA / 2020

8.42 60yd, 85 EV, 67 INF

XL full and wide frame (8.42 60yd). Balanced, high hands set up sitting into lower half with hands lifting a bit; really gets into lower half allowing for hips to get through the ball with momentum. Compact barrel turn keeping the barrel working upwards through the zone on contact with strength in frame coming out (85 EV). Active feet showing some lateral bounce and able to move through the baseball; low slot with scap load to make throws (67 INF).

Pierce Kingston RHP / Mira Costa, CA / 2020

FB 81-83 T84, CB 67-69, CHG 71-74

Very long and lanky build with length in limbs and lots of space for more strength. Simple delivery with hand swing down and up showing rhythm with high front leg as he creates momentum down the hill; flashes control of his lower half and stays inline down the hill. Compact swing with H-3/4 release keeping hand behind the ball. FB 81-83 T84 with run on both sides of the plate. CB 67-69 loose bend with overhand depth; flashes snap. CHG 71-74 having run to the armside off the FB look.

Dane Treur LHP / 1B / San Luis Obispo, CA / 2020

7.46 60yd, 82 EV, 69 INF, FB 80-81 T82, CB 69-73, CHG 70-72

Very long XL frame with strong lower half. Loose hands showing bounce from even stance set up; gets into lower half with hands working deep on load. Barrel is compact working upwards through the zone with body lifting on contact as well; worked the pullside with consistent contact (82 EV). Agile feet showing the loose hips able to get low and work through the baseball; compact high release arm (69 1B). Hands down/up on hill with lift on high front knee getting into backside and riding it down the hill. Arm is compact and quick staying hidden behind his body through the delivery and getting to H-3/4 release. FB 80-81 T82 with angle glove-side CHG 70-72 with small arm side sink. CB 69-73 short loose 1/7 shape breaking into the zone.

Noah Karliner 3B / 1B / Fountain Valley, CA / 2020

7.71 60yd, 89 EV, 81 INF

XL frame with current strength in upper half and full squared build (7.71 60yd). High hands stance with balance and bend in the knees; pushes weight into the back hip as hands work back. Barrel has some length on the turn allowing for tilt in the body and hitting over a firm front side lifting on contact; stuck to the pullside (89 EV). Lateral agility with ability to move his hips and get to balls at 3rd; arm is loose and able to make throws from multiple angles including staying on top for firm long throws (81 INF).

Cooper Munro 1B / C / Beckman, CA / 2020

7.71 60yd, 91 EV, 70 INF

XL Lanky frame having space to add weight (7.71 60yd). Very tall, high hands set up at the plate; simple toe tap with hands working back. Barrel shows upwards path with head staying behind the barrel; able to adjust barrel to work both sides of the field (91 EV). More power in the swing when he gets into the lower half more consistently; shot linedrive into both gaps. Very compact high release throws showing accuracy; big frame moves well and able to get low with his glove (70 INF).