Prep Baseball Report

SoCal Underclass Trials: Top Outfielders

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director

The inaugural SoCal Underclass Trials went down at Hart Park in Orange, CA on June 12th. There were over 90 players in attendance. As part of our coverage we will be rolling out top position players before releasing our Top Overall Prospects from event.

In this edition we'll look at the top outfielders from the showcase. 

*Click on player profile for complete individual stats at the event. 


Timothy Davidson OF / 2B / Servite , CA / 2021

Davidson, a twitchy, wiry strong, outfielder who also can play infield, was one of the eye openers at the Underclass Trials after opening up with a 7.03 60. The first thing you notice in Davidson is his strength. He has a muscular, solid, powerful and projectable frame. Davidson showed off a big arm in the outfield portion of the workout with throws that were accurate and showed some carry. The arm has plus potential. He attacked balls with good body control, smooth footwork, athleticism - he played with confidence. A present line drive, gap-to-gap hitter, Davidson is a silent-to-violent type with a balanced approach and some bat speed. A short stride from an upright stance, Davidson should see his power improve when he incorporates his lower half into the swing more.

Logan Fusco OF / Orange Lutheran , CA / 2021

Fusco is a lean framed outfielder with squared shoulders and some muscle definition in the lower half and a strong upper half. Fusco showed well during the outfield workout portion where he shows a consistently accurate, and loose arm that produces throws with some carry. His footwork is fluid, his hands soft, and his exchanges clean. Fusco shows a balanced stance/approach with good plane on his barrel that he keeps in the hitting zone showing good control. Swing can get long at times, but Fusco does a very good job of self correction. Fusco looks the part of a hitter who likes to take what the pitcher gives him and doesn't try and do too much.

Skye Selinsky OF / RHP / Mater Dei , CA / 2021

A long, strong, physical standout at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds, Selinsky was a guy whose name continued to come up in our scout discussions because he projects position flexibility with a strong bat that produces gap-to-gap line drives. Selinsky showed his athleticism in both the outfield where he flashes a big, accurate arm and at the plate where he has a hitters presence about him. Selinsky clocked an 80 outfield velocity which is adequate, but coupled with carry and accuracy it plays up. A 79 exit velocity off the tee belies the power in Selinsky's swing. Consistently squared balls up into the gaps with extension using a high/long leg lift trigger and driving the knob through the ball. Power really projects for Selinsky.

Braeden Ross OF / RHP / Christian, CA / 2021

A lot like Selinsky, Ross was a guy that just kept coming up in our scouts discussion about players. Sets himself up to attack the ball with quick, fluid footwork before releasing his big, accurate arm. At the plate he shows a potentially powerful left-handed swing that could be his calling card. From an athletic and balanced setup, Ross shows fast bat speed with hands that stay inside the barrel and result in present mid-to-opposite field line drives. Power really projects. Super athletic player that also pitched at the Underclass Trials. Carries himself as if he has something to prove but was very engaging throughout the day.

David Shackelford OF / 2B / La Habra, CA / 2021

Shackelford is a powerful, athletic, toolbox in a 5-foot-8 frame. Started his day with an attention catching 60 at 7.03 which was good for 10th best among event participants. The rising sophomore then was arguably one of, if not thee best outfielders. Showing great feet and control, Shackelford attacked balls before unleashing a cannon that clocked an 85 mph OF velocity, good for second best in the event. The arm is loose, accurate and has life. Would like to see Shackelford get on the mound. Shackelford shows a stacked stance that he maintains throughout his swing. Very good feel for the barrel resulting in line drives to all fields. Fast hands. Easy swing with sneaky power.

Troy McCain OF / 3B / Ayala, CA / 2022

McCain is an intriguing prospect with some physical development left despite his solid-to-muscular frame. After an early miscue, McCain shows an aggressive approach to playing outfield where he has clean footwork and drive through the ball and throw showing a strong, accurate arm that was clock at 81 mph. McCain shows a ton of bat speed from a balanced and athletic stance which his legs serve as anchors. When the timing is right the ball is squared up for line drives into the gaps. Has some elements of the swing that scream power projection.

Johnathan Romo OF / 3B / Santiago , CA / 2020

A long, lanky, wiry strong outfielder, Romo popped up after running a 6.99 60 which was fourth best at the event. Romo carried that momentum into the defensive portion of the workout where his throws were accurate and showed carry as Romo worked through the ball and release well. At the plate Romo shows a raw but potentially powerful swing. There's some bat speed there which when combined with his strength result in hard hit balls on a line. Shows some pull side power as well.

Isaiah Marquez OF / RHP / San Dimas , CA / 2020

A physical, muscular athlete, Marquez brings above average tools across the board to the outfield position. He shows smooth footwork, soft hands, and clean exchanges to go with a slightly above average arm. One scout described him as a physical freak. At the plate the bat is raw but has big time power projection based on a few balls Marquez crushed. When he’s on time and on plane, Marquez has present power to all fields as well as over-the-fence power. The ball jumps off his bat, albeit inconsistently. Again, Marquez is a raw tool hit guy, but the tools project very nicely with some work.