Prep Baseball Report

THE FIVE: Norcal 'Gut Feel' Uncommitteds

Blaine Clemmens
Northern California Director of Scouting


NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - Every scout knows the feeling of having certain players that just stick in their mind. When I was scouting for the Braves our scouting director would frequently check in with the area scouts, asking about our 'gut feel' players. He thought it was important for the area scouts to get talk about players we had an instinct for, as he was once an area scout and knew the feeling.

Sometimes those players were the best prospects, but often they were players lacking a tool or missing something compared to other prospects, but something about the way they played, something about their make-up, stood out. These are players a scout sees play frequently and they routinely show up as one of the better players, if not the BEST player that given day.

The mini-reports for each player reflect where the 'gut feel' comes from.

Click on the player's name for their full profile and access to videos we have gathered of each. There are PLENTY of longer videos for each of these players within their profiles. All you need is a subscription. Most of you college coaches reading this now also have my contact information.

Drew Lombardi OF / 3B / Cardinal Newman (CA) / 2020

Easy to like because of the raw tools and physicality, but it's simply the consistent offensive approach he displays every single time I see him. In MULTIPLE games, seemingly every one I see, he triples/doubles to the right-center gap and has disciplined at-bats. The swing and the approach play not and will hold up vs good college pitching. He's a near-plus runner with arm strength and extra base power. 

Logan Azem OF / Serra (CA) / 2020

He won't wow anyone with the stature or for possessing big plus tools, but he is one of the most consistent performing left-handed hitters I've seen in the 2020 class. He's somewhat of a Brett Gardner type for me, with sneaky pop and is absolutely dangerous in his nitro-zone. He's also got a compact swing and makes consistent hard contact, with a useful run tool and above average defensive ability.

David Rodriguez RHP / Vacaville (CA) / 2020

Among 2020 pitchers who haven't QUITE YET made the velocity jump that will push colleges over the edge, he's the one I think will emerge in the spring and state his case loud and clear. Classic delivery, arm action that is hard to nit-pick, and a frame that can hold future strength/size that will happen in college. You can then add competitive make-up to the tangible assets (mid-80s, good hook).

Cristian Machado LHP / Heritage (CA) / 2021

When Heritage went on a run to the NCS-D1 finals last season (falling to De La Salle), it was Machado who got the ball in the 1st round game and the semi-final. Those are signs of massive trust from a head coach. You don't advance without winning the opener and you don't get to the final without winning the semi. Simply put, when I see him he brings to mind former White Sox pitcher Wilson Alvarez.

Carson Ramocinski SS / Windsor (CA) / 2021

There was a time I didn't pay enough attention to a player who displays many of the traits that stand out to me. He makes frequent HARD contact, he has a barrel that is heavy and can punish the ball. He hits where he is pitched, he hits quality pitching, and defensively he's got a strong arm. In the MOST positive sense, he's somewhat of a Pence-ish type player and maybe that's why he's been overlooked.

Carson Seeman 3B / C / Placer (CA) / 2021

When it comes to consistency of approach at the plate and ability to successfully perform within his approach, Seeman is one of the more polished 2021 hitters. What he might lack in raw offensive tools (and that's nit-picking), he more than makes up for in approach, swing path, and timing. He's got strong hands and trusts what he's doing. A versatile defender, he's very capable at both 3B & C.