Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospects: Outfielder Analysis

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director

The inaugural Top Prospects Showcase took place on Wednesday, August 1st at O'Malley Field, home of the Harvard Westlake Wolverines. The event attracted over 100 players in the 2019 class many of whom are in our Class of 2019 Top 100 rankings. With over 20 colleges and seven (7) MLB clubs in attendance, the participants were put through a pro-style workout to showcase their abilities.

As part of our continuing coverage of the event we will continue to break down all the data, roll out stats, content, and videos from the event. In this edition we present the outfielder analysis from the Top Prospects Showcase.

Players are listed in no particular order. Be sure to click on player profiles for full individual statistical performances.


Tai Walton, La Canada HS, 2019: At 5-foot-11, 175-pounds, Walton has a strong, muscular build with broad shoulders and long arms that plays the outfield with excellent body control while taking good routes to the ball. His outfield velocity of 89 mph was tops at the event while his 6.75 60 yard dash time was tied for third best. Walton produced one of the loudest rounds of batting practice that included a bomb to left-center-field while peppering the wall with a few more swings. Using a very wide stance, Walton is able to get to-and-through balls with fast hands while getting excellent extension through the ball from a slightly uphill barrel path. Shows strength at the point of contact. In the outfield he aggressively closed ground to balls, before showing off a quick release delivering accurate throws to the third base and home plate. Walton's combination of power, speed, and arm strength are an intriguing mix of tools that should continue to improve as he continues to physically mature.

Brian West, Martin Luther King HS, 2019: West is a 6-foot-2, 170-pound long limbed, lean, wiry strong, athletic outfielder that opened many eyes at the event. After running a 7.15 60 yard dash, West took full advantage of the rest of the day beginning in the hitting wheel where he registered an 85 mph exit velocity off a tee. Starting from an upright, neutral stance, West is short to the ball and long through generating sneaky power with excellent use of his lower half and fast hands. Shows a middle-middle approach and feel for the barrel. In the outfield West really project with his footwork, body control, and strong, accurate arm. His athleticism is on full display as he attacks balls and flashes clean, quick exchanges while working through the ball with fluid actions and clean transfers.

Oliver Gatica, Crespi HS, 2019: Gatica is a 6-foot-2, 195-pound, strong, athletic, loose, long-limbed outfield who continues to impress with both his bat and arm. After seeing him earlier in the summer we felt the bat plays and he confirmed that feeling at the Top Prospects Showcase. From a slightly open stance, he uses a toe-tap trigger to get going before whipping the barrel through on a consistent path with his fast hands. Power really projects - hit one out beyond the trees in left-center-field. Shows a middle-left approach with the ability to hit line drives the other way. In the outfield his footwork is above average while attacking balls and gathering out front. Shows clean exchanges and real arm speed/strength with accurate throws. Works through the ball well with clean footwork and body control.

Austin Hallman, Marina HS, 2019: After posting an 83 mph exit velo in during the hitting wheel, Hallman really stood out during the defensive portion of the showcase. He sees the ball off the bat early and gets to the point with quick feet while in control of his body. His body is inline with the target when he throws resulting in excellent accuracy. Sets through the ball well continuing his momentum towards the target after gathering. At the plate Hallman starts with an upright, slightly closed stance before a high left leg triggers the swing. His hands are fast and shows feel for the barrel. Flashes current pull-side power and has strength throughout the forearms/wrists.

Terrill Steen, North Torrance HS, 2019: Steen is a hyper-athletic, twitchy strong, lean outfielder with squared shoulders who is just beginning to scrape the surface on his talents. Raw with a high ceiling projection. Steen shows a very accurate arm with throws that occasionally flashed some carry from the outfield at 82 mph. The arm will only get strong as he fills out his 6-foot-3, 185-pound frame. His footwork is excellent as he circles balls before gathering. Shows clean exchanges and a quick release from a low arm slot. At the plate is where Steen really projects. The ball jumps of his bat when his timing is right giving glimpses of what will be with continued development. Starts from a slightly open stance and shows a bit of a coil before driving into the ball with hips and minimal use of his lower half. Easy power from his strong frame.

Caden Connor, Orange Lutheran HS, 2019: Connor showed he belongs on the list of college-bound outfielders with his performance at the Top Prospects Showcase. Connor shows the ability to stay behind the ball and uses his quick hands to drive the ball the other way. Gets good extension when timing is right. Hands are very fast allowing him to whip the barrel through the zone on an even and consistent plane. Opposite field approach from the left side that shows some pull side power. In the outfield Connor's athleticism and tool are on full display. Keeps his head still through approach to the ball and arrives under control before exploding through the ball and unleashing a strong, accurate arm. Plays with good rhythm in the outfield and takes good routes to the ball.

Nolan Kutcher, Saugus HS, 2019: Kutcher is a strong, muscular, 5-foot-11, 170-pound outfielder that projects a high ceiling due in large part to his athleticism, instincts, and speed. After running a 6.94 60 yard dash, Kutcher showed off his hitting ability where his fast hands and rhythmic swing resulted in loud contact to all fields. His load gets him into the baseball easily while his strength and fast hands do the rest. Shows a middle approach with projectable power. In the outfield he approaches ball well and plays through them with excellent body control. His footwork and understanding of angles allows him to take good routes to the ball. Shows clean exchanges and has a fast release resulting in accurate throws with carry.

Robbie Hamchuk, Leigh HS, 2019: Hamchuk immediately caught our attention after posting a 6.92 time in the 60 yard dash and backed that up with a 94 exit velocity off the tee. At a listed 6-foot, 175-pounds, Hamchuk plays a lot bigger than that with a big, strong body that has muscle throughout and squared shoulders. He is a hyper-athletic player with a high ceiling. At the plate his hands are fast and the ball jumps off the barrel thanks in part to very fast hands and feel for the barrel. Power is easy and projectable from a balanced and rhythmic swing. Shows a middle-right approach with over-the-fence power presently. In the outfield Hamchuk plays through balls and shows explosive throws that he keeps down after gathering. Arm is accurate and clean and he shows excellent body control.

Antonino Vultaggio, JSerra HS, 2019: At 6-foot-2, 195-pounds, Vultaggio is a muscular, well-defined, physical athlete with a very high ceiling at the plate where he shows easy present and projectable power, especially to the pull side. With a present gap-to-gap approach, Vultaggio shows bat speed and barrel control that allows him to stay through the hitting zone on plane while getting extended. His strength carries over to his defense where his arm is strong and accurate and generate good backspin. Plays through the ball while taking good routes to the ball with excellent footwork and body control. Vultaggio posted a 6.81 in the 60 yard dash while registering an 85 mph exit velocity off the tee.

Brant Voth, Murrieta Mesa HS, 2019: Voth made out list of top catchers (click the link for a full breakdown on Voth) and also showed very well in the outfield where his 88 mph position velocity was second only to Walton's. Voth has big projection thanks in part to his present strength and position versatility.


Dylan O'Leary, San Dimas HS, 2019: In the outfield O'Leary shows a good arm from a high slot making it easy to see his release. Throws showed some accuracy to both third base and home plate with average strength. At the plate O'Leary stays inside the ball well with active hands and good rhythm. Sprays balls to all fields and shows the ability to pull as well. O'Leary is also a pitcher but did not pitch as he had to leave for football practice.

Blake Archuleta, Bishop Amat HS, 2019: Archuleta is a projectable, athletic two-sport athlete (starts at QB for Bishop Amat) that shows traits of a quality outfielder with accurate throws and excellent footwork when attacking balls. At the plate the hands are fast and he keeps them close to his body allowing the barrel to cover the entire plate. Shows a pull-side approach with minimal use of the lower half.

Christian Lara, Walnut HS, 2019: Lara flashes athleticism in the outfield where he gets to and plays through the ball very well. Arm is not huge but he keeps the ball down and is accurate. Plays with excellent body control and fast feet. At the plate he shows the ability to hit to all fields with a quiet approach. Is short to the ball and long through it allowing him to pepper the gaps with line drives.

Cade Kritsch, Westlake HS, 2019: Physically projectable at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds, Kritsch shows some tools both at the plate and in the field that are intriguing. In the outfield he the target well while playing through the ball with clean transfers and accurate throws keeping the ball down. At the plate he shows some present pull side power while staying through the ball from a tall, relaxed setup.

Carson Perez, Mission Viejo HS, 2019: Perez has some physicality to his game in the outfield where he shows good footwork and routes to the ball and seeing the ball into the glove. His exchanges are clean and throws are accurate with some carry. At the plate he stays middle with a short load and consistent approach resulting in line drive up the box.

Mirel Collazo, Riverside Polytechnic HS, 2019: Collazo flashes some projection on the defensive side of the ball where he aggressively attacks ball and gets his throws online with accuracy. Takes good routes to the ball and is under control when he arrives and shows clean exchanges and a quick arm at release. At the plate his hands are fast but his swing can get long at times. When on time there's power in the bat to the pull side.

Anthony Chiaramonte, Mater Dei HS, 2019: Chiaramonte showed well all day and is an athletic, quick outfield that goes and gets the ball with good lines and fast feet. Shows clean transfers and quick, loose arm that flashes some carry and is accurate. At the plate he goes the other way very well with quick hands. Looks to be an ideal skills guy at the plate.

Seth Sundeen, Corona Centennial HS, 2019: Sundeen uses a wide base and short stride to generate pull side line drives while also showing the ability to go the other way. Tends to throw hands at the ball but uses his lower half very well. In the outfield his arm action is clean with throws that are online. Feet can get choppy but makes up for it with good routes to the ball.

Cameron Waechtler, Rocklin HS, 2019: Waechtler shows an accurate arm from the outfield where he is instinctual and takes good routes to the ball. Throws have backspin and are easy to see out of his hand. At the plate he shows a middle-oppo approach with feel for the barrel. Seemingly squared everything up the other way.

Troy Spencer, Serra HS, 2019: In the outfield he attacks the ball with intent and shows clean exchanges before release. Arm is strong with some accuracy. Tends to stop feet at ball. At the plate he shows strong hands and excellent use of his lower half. Hands are fast and swing shows easy power to the gaps. Approach is gap-to-gap with present pull side power.

Gilbert Houghton, Shadow Hill HS, 2019: Showed excellent body control and footwork in the outfield allowing him to attacks balls and create good lines to the target. Uses a big crow hop after a clean exchange prior to releasing accurate throws. At the plate his swing is a bit handsy from a neutral setup. Keeps hands close to the chest before extending through the ball.