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Reno Preseason ID: Quick Hits

Dan Cox
West Coast Crosschecker


On Saturday, February 10th, the Prep Baseball Nevada staff hosted the year with the Reno Preseason ID. This event featured a ton of uncommitted talent among the 56 players in attendance, including several unsigned seniors who should be on the radar of college coaches as the 2024 class continues roll off the board.

Like all of our events, players participated in a pro-style workout in front of our staff and collected unrivaled data in the process through our top-of-the-line tech partners. These events also serve as identifiers for future invite-only events, like the Nevada State Games, Future Games, Jr. Future Games, West Coast Games, West Coast Pro Case and more.

For all of the statistics from this event, click HERE.

Now, at the event’s conclusion, our staff has combed through our notes from the day and put together these ‘Quick Hits’. Below you will learn more about the prospects that stood out from the Reno Preseason ID.


Reno Preseason ID: Quick Hits

Keenan Dolan OF / RHP / Bishop Manogue, NV / 2026

6-03/195. Best body of event. Pro body now at 16 yrs old. Future Big League body. Top player of the event. Up to 90.2 as RHP, quality mix with feel for CHG. Almost as impressive as position player swinging it well in BP with 8th best Trackman Exit Velo (95.2), 4th best Distance (349 ft), 6th best Blast Hand Speed (23.7) and Bat Speed (75.6). Also, turned in 8th fastest 60 (7.18). Premium combination of physicality, athleticism and tools for age. 4.0 GPA. Premium DI recruit as RHP and potential two-way, strong MLB scout follow as RHP.

Logan Green OF / RHP / Galena, NV / 2026

6-00/165. May have been the biggest winner of the day. Loud BP where he was amongst the leaders in: Blast Bat Speed (#4: 77.5), Blast Hand Speed (#8, 23.4), Trackman Exit Velo (#7: 96.8), Trackman Distance (#2: 386 ft). Green also turned in the fastest Swift 10 yd (1.68), 30 yd (3.84) and second fastest Swift 60 yd (6.97). Lastly, Green logged the second best OF velo (85), showing he can do it all. 5-tool multi-sport (football) who’s primed for a huge 2024. Strong DI recruit and MLB scout follow.

Landon Pahang SS / RHP / Spanish Springs , NV / 2026

5-10/150. Started off the day as one of the fastest players as he posted the 9th fastest Swift 60 (7.18) and better bats with his loose swing and more Trackan Exit Velo (91.7) and Distance (355 ft) than you would guess out of a 150 lb frame player. Was just as impressive at SS with arguably best actions in the event, showed a loose arm with good arm action and threw easy, defensive traits to give him every shot to stay at SS. Lean, loose, athletic look with tons of upside. Loved his makeup. Strong DI recruit.

Brooks Porter OF / RHP / Robert McQueen, NV / 2026

6-00/185. Arguably the best body of all 2026’s with excellent overall strength for 15 yr old. Obvious LH power value as he put on a show in BP driving balls deep to pull, Trackman 5th best Exit Velo (98.6), top 10 in event in Blast Bat Speed (72.0) = both very advanced for 15 yr old. 3rd fastest Swift 60 (6.98) and strongest arm from OF (85 MPH) of event. 5-tool player. Profiles as power hitting RF with shot to stay in CF. Strong DI recruit and MLB follow.

Braden Jones SS / RHP / Reno, NV / 2027

5-11/170. Great frame for a 2027. One of the youngest participants who had one of the best swings, nice oppo stroke and pretty finish. 77 INF velo with good actions at SS. Up to 82.7 as RHP quality secondary, advanced feel for SL for age and Trackman 2464 SL spin, showed his pitchability with quality CHG with plus fading action. Jury out which way ends up better. On track to develop into a strong 2027 two-way DI recruit.

Jackson Trueblood RHP / 3B / Spanish Springs, NV / 2026

6-00/165. Impressed on both sides starting with his best tool which is his arm as he led all participants in INF velo (87 MPH) then posted second highest velo of the event on the mound at 87.2 with 2300+ spin and solid three-pitch mix. Put together a quality BP barreling balls to all fields and #1 in Blast Hand Speed (25.1). Lean, athletic body with plenty of room for added strength makes Trueblood one of the more interesting players of the event, both ways. Quality DI recruit.



Conall Chick C / OF / Reno, NV / 2025

5-09/185. One of the better feel-for-hitting guys of event. Confident/upright setup, simple swing with bat speed and zero effort, easy barrels driving balls to all fields with #7 best Blast Hand Speed (22.7) and Bat Speed (73.2) along with an impressive #3 best Trackman Exit Velo (99.6). Posted second best pop-time (2.04) with 71 MPH catcher velo, also 77 MPH INF velo with solid actions in field, ran well, could end up C/2B with UTL value. Another quality 2025 who DI’s need to circle back on.

Troy Riley RHP / OF / Reno, NV / 2027

6-01/165. Good frame with plenty of projection. 2027 with arm as best tool: 85.4 was 4th best FB of event and chance to throw really hard one day, solid secondary in CB & CHG, big upside as RHP. Swung it well with 87.7 Trackman Exit Velo. 82 OF velo and moves well. Lots to like from this 15 yr old. Strong 2027 DI recruit as RHP and possible two-way recruit.



Nate Lemieux 1B / 3B / Bishop Manogue Catholic, NV / 2026

6-01/190. One of the better body 2026’s of event, gonna end up physical. Really stayed inside well living middle-away and driving balls into RC gap, showed advanced Trackman Exit Velo for age at 92.7. Ran well for size. Made the plays in field with decent arm. Could end up a offensive RHH 1B. 4.0 GPA. 2026 who DI’s likely will be targeting this summer and fall.

Jackson Berg OF / OF / Reno, NV / 2025

5-09/156. Showed he can do a little bit of everything as a well-rounded athlete. Posted second best Blast Hand Speed (24.9) with his quick/compact swing working the entire field with line-drives. Ran and threw well. Plenty of body projection left and room for added strength for a 2025. One DI’s should keep tabs on.


Addisson Guber C / OF / Robert McQueen, NV / 2024

5-10/166. Put up impressive scores on both sides of the ball. Arm may be his best tool: 84 MPH from OF was second best amongst all participants, 76 MPH catcher velo was the strongest arm of all catchers with a 2.11 pop-time. Loved his middle-away approach staying inside the ball and driving to RC, 90.1 Trackman Exit Velo and 5th best Blast Hand Speed (23.8). Very interesting uncommitted 2024 UTL guy.


Caden Birch SS / 3B / North Valleys, NV / 2025

5-11/180. Looked the part, athletic build with good overall strength. Started off the day well posting the #1 time in Swift 60 (6.91), strong runner with a good stride. Showed some of the better Blast Hand Speed and Trackman Exit Velo combos. One of the stronger INF arms with #4 overall at 84 MPH paired with solid actions in field equates to UTL value to likely be a value at SS/3B/2B. Ranked #4 in visual skills posting a 79.44 on Vizual Edge. 4.0 GPA and quality all-around 2025 who DI’s may need to circle back on.

Hunter Garrett C / 1B / Reno, NV / 2024

6-01/205. Pro body, excellent overall strength with powerful lower half. Posted the #1 Trackman Exit Velo (101.3) driving balls into both gaps. Best pop-time of event (2.03) with second best catcher velo (74 MPH). May have been the toughest and best makeup kid of event, worked his butt off catching pens till the very end taking shots off arms/legs in freezing cold temps and not once showing any pain. 3.95 GPA. Quality high-academic late-in-game get for DI.


Landon Garrido LHP / OF / Spanish Springs, NV / 2026

5-09/150. Had one of the better swings of the day, loose and easy from left side, quiet/confident setup, lots of upside with bat. Showed a strong arm for age posted 4th best OF velo (80 MPH). Finally, worked out as LHP where he showed advanced pitchability and feel for pitching with his solid 3-pitch mix. All the makings of a DI recruit.


Drew Perry 1B / RHP / Leroy Greene Academy, CA / 2024

6-05/225. Big-bodied RHH/RHP 2024 with raw power and arm strength value as he posted second highest Trackman Exit Velo (100.5) and 4th best Blast Bat Speed (73.6).Posted 3rd best FB of event at 85.9 mph with SL spin at via Trackman and showed some feel for CHG. Very young 2024 who could easily be a 2025 as turns 18 in Nov.




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