Prep Baseball Report

2018 Florida All-State Games Top Performers

Mike Maerz
Director of Florida Operations/Area Scout

On Saturday, July 28th at Alex Rodriguez Park at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL, the top high school prospects ranging from the 2019-2022 classes participated in the 2018 Florida All-State Games. The 2018 Florida All-State Games featured draft talent, numerous Division 1 recruits, and some of the top uncommitted underclassman in the state.

Today, we take a look at 35 prospects highlighted through report and video who stood out throughout the event. We will also be releasing the 1st and 2nd All-State teams later this week:

Jordan Carrion SS / RHP / American Heritage, FL / 2020

Florida recruit. Currently ranked No. 5 in the Florida 2020 Class. Currently stands at 6-foot, 155 pounds on a projectable, athletic frame. Looks to have grown a couple inches. Really stands out at short where he shows advanced defensive actions, above average range by moving freely to his left and right, confident hands with a quick release, and an above average arm across the diamond. He is a true plus defender that will stick at short. Offensively, the swing works. It is compact, level and has present barrel awareness. He has present gap power that will continue to improve as he matures and add strength. Overall, he has multiple above average to near plus tools that make him one of the top players in the 2020 class in the country. 

Sammy Infante SS / 3B / Pace, FL / 2020

Miami recruit. Currently ranked No. 6 in the Florida 2020 Class. Currently stands at 6-foot-1, 175 pounds on a projectable, athletic frame. Really stood out all over the field where he showed above average actions and defense along with high offensive potential. Offensively, there is easy bat speed and present power with a lot more to come. Showed an above average arm from short, topping out at 86 mph across the diamond which was the top infield velocity of the event. The bat is his calling card though. He has above average bat speed and feel to hit with power potential. The offensive ceiling is extremely high and will be a high follow for the 2020 class. 

Irving Carter RHP / 1B / Calvary Christian Academy, FL / 2021

Miami recruit. Physical, athletic, durable frame standing at 6-foot-3, 205 pounds. Overpowered the three hitters he faced in his inning of work where he struck out two. Fastball sat 88-90 mph, touching 91 while mixing in an 85-86 mph cutter, 71 -72 mph curveball, and a 74-75 mph changeup. He has a powerful presence on the mound and overall a very advanced feel for pitching for his class. He repeats with present athleticism and real arm talent. High ceiling and one of the top pitchers in his class nationally.

Dorian Gonzalez Jr SS / 2B / Belen Jesuit, FL / 2021

Committed to the University of Miami shortly after the event. Currently stands at 5-foot-9, 175 pounds on a compact, athletic frame. Offensively, he continues to show an advanced, plus hit tool for his age. He has barrel awareness and an advanced approach from the left side. Consistently squared the ball up during batting practice, producing multiple line drives into the gaps. He has solid defensive actions and projects as an extremely offensive second baseman. The bat is a plus tool and will carry him going forward. 

Ryan Bruno LHP / OF / American Heritage, FL / 2020

Stanford recruit. Currently ranked No. 15 in the Florida 2020 Class. Currently stands at 6-foot-2, 175 pounds with a very projectable, athletic frame. Continues to make strides in repeating his delivery and trending upwards. The arm is electric and was up to 89 mph, striking out two during the game. Everything has a lot of potential, but his best offspeed pitch was the changeup, which he showed a feel for at 75-76 mph. The curveball worked 73-74 mph. Also, had a hard hit line drive to center. Overall, he has high level arm talent and athleticism and continued strength to go with innings pitch should see continued jumps in both command and velocity. Overall, very high ceiling and potential 2020 draft follow. 

Christian Pregent C / 1B / Father Lopez, FL / 2019

Stetson recruit, the 6-foot-2, 200 pound catcher has continued to fill out and add strength. The defensive skillset continues to show above average to plus. He has a strong and accurate arm, with pop times in the 1.85-1.95 range, they were consistently on the bag. He is flexible with strong wrists and shoulders that make him an above average receiver. Overall, he has the toolset to be an above average to plus defensive catcher. Offensively, he uses the strong lower half well to stay balanced throughout the swing. There is present bat speed and pull side power. Overall, was one of the top players on the day.

Hunter Fitz-Gerald 3B / 1B / Stoneman Douglas, FL / 2019

Florida Southern recruit. The 6-foot-3, 208 pound 3B/1B has continued to fill out and has been on the upward trend throughout the summer. Defensively, the hands and feet work in sync and move well, especially for his size. The bat has made some huge strides and the added strength in the frame has translated to present power. Standing tall and confident in the th box. He works with a big leg kick, loose hands and works out over the front foot. He can get steep at times, but as he continues to learn to use his long levers, balanced and compact through extension, there is big power potential as the exit velocity was 97 mph. There is present offensively ability and on a current upward trend, there is high offensive upside.

Jorel Ortega SS / 3B / Spanish River Community, FL / 2019

Tennessee recruit. Currently stands at 6-foot-1, 190 pounds on an athletic frame. Shows an above average feel for the position. He isn’t the most twitchy middle infielder, but he always is in the right position and makes both routine and above average plays. Offensively, he has a simple swing with present bat speed and feel for the barrel. Drove a ball back up the middle during gameplay, took second on the throw in. Overall, he is a gamer. The tools play up in game both offensively and defensively. Overall, he continues to make an impact and stand out and will be a potential draft follow for 2019. 

Keanu Jacobs-Guishard SS / 3B / St. Thomas Aquinas, FL / 2020

Uncommitted. Currently stands at 6-foot, 165 pounds on a projectable, athletic frame. Overall, may have had the most impactful day. Had easy, athletic actions that played up in the game and really stood out. He is light on his feet with function athleticism, lateral agility and feel to stick at short. Offensively, he is compact with bat speed and power potential. As he continues to strengthen and fill out his frame, expect to see a jump in gap-to-gap power. There is above average present bat speed, leverage and feel to hit. Overall, he has an extremely high ceiling and wouldn’t expect to see him uncommitted for much longer.  

Sebastian (Bazz) Jimenez C / Coral Reef, FL / 2020

Florida International recruit, stands at 6-foot-3,182 pounds, has continued to fill out a long, lean and projectable frame. Defensively, the big frame has some stiffness, but overall presents a quality target, is a good receiver and has pop times that range in 2.07-2.1 range. As he continues to fill out and become more flexible, he has the actions to be an above average defender. Offensively, he has long levers, but stays compact through the zone. More power continues to come and will continue to improve with added strength. Has feel to hit and translated to a single in the game and a 90 mph exit velocity. Present tools and frame give him a high ceiling in the future. 

Roberto Moya C / 1B / Monsignor Pace, FL / 2020

Uncommitted, the 6-foot, 200 pound C/OF has a extremely physical frame with strength throughout. Defensively, behind the plate he has some stiffness, but has strength in the wrists and shoulders. To stick behind the plate he will need to add some flexibility, but the hands work and has actions that can play behind the plate at the next level  Pop times ranged form 2.07-2.2. Offensively, he has some of the most pure raw power in the class. He uses the present strength extremely efficiently, firing the backside and clearing it well, he has extremely quick hands and all while staying compact through the zone. This culminated in the days best, 102 mph exit velocity. Overall, the bat plays. He has a chance to be an above average hitter with plus power. He shows enough athleticism in the outfield and the power plays well enough to play a corner outfield position if he does not stay behind the plate. The hit and power combo will make him a high follow and one of the top available bats in the 2020 class. 

Carmine Lane 3B / RHP / American Heritage Delray, FL / 2019

South Florida recruit continues to fill out and add strength to a strong, 6-foot-1, 185 pounds. He has above average defensive actions at third, with natural instincts and a strong arm, topping out 83 mph with carry. Offensively, he is aggressive through the zone to extension. He can have some length at times, but has strength and present bat speed with an exit velocity of 92 mph. Overall, there is a lot of present athleticism and strength. He can stick at the corner and has the potential to have above average power.

Jorge Corona C / OF / Miami Killian Senior, FL / 2019

Polk State College recruit, standing at 6-foot-2, 195 pounds he has a broad shouldered, strength throughout his frame. Showed plus defensive actions with a plus arm, pop times ranging from 1.85-1.95 and topping out at 82 mph. Has flexibility, feel to receive and block and overall above average defensive actions. Offensively, he uses the strong lower alf well, clearing the back side and stays simple and compact through the zone. Generated an exit velocity of 93 mph and has present hit and power potential. Corona will be a draft follow going to Polk State JC.

Cal Gilliam 1B / RHP / Columbia, FL / 2019

St Johns River State College recruit, the 6-foot-3, 225 pound left handed hitting first baseman has a big, strong frame. Defensively, the footwork is solid around the bag, the hands work well and had accurate throws topping out at 78 mph. The bat is his best tool. There is present strength throughout the frame, especially the upper half. Really trusts his hands and uses upper half leverage. Could clear the backside and access event more power. He presently generates an exit velocity of 92 mph. There is above average power potential and the power tool will carry him going forward.

Alexander Aguila SS / 2B / Mater Academy, FL / 2019

Committed to VCU shortly after the event, showed well above average to plus defensive actions. He showed quick hands offensively and upside from both sides of the plate. His throws topped out at 85 mph across the diamond, which was one of the top infield velocities at the event. Showed above average speed on the base paths, registered one of the top three home to first times at 4.31 seconds. Overall, he projects as a plus defender and has offensive upside. 

Cesar Franco OF / OF / Cypress Bay, FL / 2020

Uncommitted, 6-foot-1, 175 pound outfielder has a long, lean and very projectable frame. In the outfield, he shows above average actions, coming through the ball well and topped out at 91 mph Offensively, the left handed hitter shows a lot of upside. He has a leg kick trigger and works in rhythm. There can be some length, but the long levers can work together and create present power with more to come. There is a lot of athleticism, ran a 4.48 home to first and overall has a very high ceiling. 

Elian Roman SS / RHP / Cypress Creek, FL / 2019

Committing to Bethune-Cookman shortly after the event. Currently stands at 5-foot-9, 175 pounds with a strong lower half. Defensively, he shows sound actions and sure hands. He has a good first step and natural instinct for the position. The switch hitter has potential from both sides. Left handed, he is balanced and simple with present hit ability. Right handed, he is balanced as well, with more loft and power potential. Overall, a very solid all around player that will make an impact at Bethune-Cookman.

Casey Daiss RHP / 1B / TNXL Academy, FL / 2019

Uncommitted. Big, strong frame standing at 6-foot-4, 225 pounds. Defensively, he has solid all around actions at first. Offensively, there is some length, but shows pull side power. He has the most potential on the mound. The fastball didn’t have the same velocity, but overall has a better tempo and the arm work clean, free and easy,creating a natural downhill plane at 84-86 mph. Could benefit from a somewhat longer stride, but the feel for a curveball with depth at 75-79 mph. Overall, the arm works and has present feel with ability to have more velocity which makes him one of the top uncommitted 2019 arms in the state.  

Jesus Pacheco SS / 2B / Cypress Bay, FL / 2020

Uncommitted. Currently stands at 5-foot-8, 165 pounds on a compact, athletic frame. In the field he shows advanced defensive actions and bounce in his step. He has a lot of lateral agility, a quick transfer and throws have carry. He did not catch at this event, but has shown ability to be an above average catcher as well. Offensively, he stands upright and is compact through the zone. There is present bat speed and offensive potential. Overall, there are multiple tools to follow going forward. 

Jaden Bruno RHP / OF / American Heritage, FL / 2020

Stanford recruit. Currently stands at 6-foot-3, 175 pounds with a tall, projectable frame. Fastball was mostly 85-88 mph with a live arm. While he tends to still land somewhat online, he shown better overall direction down the mound. The feel to pitch has continued to improve and overall, the present tools and frame give him a projectable and high ceiling. Offensively, there is potential as well. He has a compact, repeatable and level path through the zone.  Had a hard hit single in the game. High ceiling athlete with overall projection. 

John Urena OF / LHP / Barbara Goleman, FL / 2019

Uncommitted, 5-foot-8, 170 pound outfielder has a stocky frame with strength in the lower half. Extremely twitchy athlete who is a plus runner with a home to first of 4.3 from the right side. From the outfield, he a shows a quick, strong arm, topping out at 87 mph. The right handed hitter stands tall and is very simple, The stride can be a bit short, but really works with and trusts his hands. The hands are quick and create above average bat speed and is compact through the zone. Translated to a lineout during the game and overall is athletic with hit tool. 

Matthew Krtausch 1B / LHP / Miami Killian, FL / 2019

Hillsborough recruit, the big, strong 6-foot-4, 220 pound first baseman stood out offensively. The big left handed hitter stands tall and confidently in the box. He has a strong lower half and strong wrists, with present strength and power, with an exit velocity of 90 mph. The swing stays compact in game and drove a hard single pull side and a double to the backside. Defensively, he is sound at first base, but the bat is what will carry him at the next level.

Brice Montiel OF / 2B / Cardinal Gibbons, FL / 2022

Uncommitted, one of the younger participants, stands at 5-foot-9, 145 pounds. From the outfield he showed low, accurate throws topping out at 72 mph. He really stands out with his offensive potential. He stands tall and has a very simple swing while still generating plus bat speed for his class with an exit velocity of 86 mph. He does a very good job firing the back hip through and generating bat speed. Ran a 4.6 home to first time and the bat has a chance to be a plus tool as he matures. 

Ernesto Medina OF / Miami Killian, FL / 2019

Uncommitted, stocky, 6-foot, 195 pounds. From the outfield, he had accurate throws that topped out at 80 mph. Ran a 4.51 home to first time. Offensively, he works slightly open to closed, with rhythm. The hands work well, he trusts them and uses them well to extension. Could benefit from activating lower half and clearing the backside. Still generates bat speed and a present exit velocity of 83 mph. 

Brandon Ortiz 2B / OF / Cypress Bay, FL / 2020

Uncommitted, 5-foot-8, 160 pound SS/OF has present quick twitch athleticism. From the outfield, he shows the twitchy athleticism and is athletic to and through the ball, topping out at 82 mph. From short, he has a quick first step, quality range and above average hands. Offensively, he has a simple and compact swing. The path is short and level through the zone. He stayed consistently on the barrell during BP, with line drives from gap to gap. Ran a 4.42 home to first time from the right side and overall has present bat speed and overall a twitchy athlete. 

Alexander Sousa OF / RHP / Cypress Bay, FL / 2020

Uncommitted. Currently stands at 6-foot, 175 pounds with a lean, athletic frame. Defensively, he has athletic range in the outfield. Has a high crow hop on his throws which he could cut down some to have a quicker release, but overall accurate and topping out at 78 mph. Offensively, he has a toe tap trigger and does not load the hands. He has a strong, wide and balanced base. The hands can get roational at times, but when he works through the ball to extension he shows a level path through the zone which also translated to a hard hit double in the game, with some present feel for the barrel. On the mound, he featured a fastball ranging from 76-77 mph and a curveball a 71-72 mph. 

Juan Marulanda RHP / Keys Gate Charter, FL / 2018

ASA Miami recruit, the stocky right-hander stands at 5-foot-10, 177 pounds. Simple wind up with a higher leg kick before his delivery. Shows some extension out in front and works downhill. Fastball mostly worked at 84-85 mph down in the zone along with a 66-67 mph curveball, throwing it for strikes while mixing in a 78-79 mph slider that showed depth. Showed a feel for his three pitches and mixed it up well. Struck out four in his two innings of work. 

Sebastian Bentz LHP / 1B / Elite Squad Baseball Academy, FL / 2020

Uncommitted. Tall, projectable frame standing at 6-foot-3, 196 pounds. Offensively, he showed some natural loft and power potential from the left side, there is some length, but also natural strength. Also had a balanced and strong lower half.  On the mound, he works from an offset stretch. He has a high leg kick and high front side which create some deception. The arm works fairly clean and gets to extension, working downhill. The fastball worked 77-78 mph, while the changeup was his best offspeed pitch showing feel at 73-74 mph. He tended to get around the curveball and will improve as he gets to extension and begins to throw the pitch somewhat harder than the 61-62 mph. Overall, there is upside and struck out one in his inning of work. 


David Ramos C / 1B / Cypress Bay High School, FL / 2021

Uncommitted, 6-foot-2, 205 pound catcher, he has a physical frame that will have strength throughout as he continues to mature. Defensively, he had pop times that ranged from 2.26-2.3 that will continue to improve as the arm gains strength and he becomes a little cleaner and more consistent with the catch and transfer. In the game, he shows advanced feel for his age, he is vocal and active behind the plate Offensively, he has a big leg kick and use his present strength well. He will continue to see more power as he matures and becomes more consistently compact through the zone. He generated an exit velocity of 92 mph and has real power potential. Overall, there are a lot of tools to follow and has a lot of potential.

Christian Adams 3B / OF / Royal Palm Beach, FL / 2020

Uncommitted, 6-foot-1, 165 pound third baseman has a wirey, projectable frame. Defensively, he shows sound defensive actions, short arm action and topped at 81 mph. Offensively, the left handed hitter has present offensive ability and upside. He works with a big leg kick and has a compact swing with quick hands. Stands tall, trusts his hands and looks to pull. Stayed on the barrel in BP and translated to game with a hard hit double. Has present athleticism, running a 4.3 home to first from the left side and overall has a high ceiling.

Christian Soto 3B / 1B / CPCA, FL / 2022

A stocky, 5-foot-11, 180 pounds, Soto was one of the younger players in attendance. The third baseman continues to show advanced feel for the position with above average footwork and hands. Offensively, he has a strong lower half that keeps him balanced throughout the swing. There can be some length at times, but has barrel awareness and a simple swing that will continue to become more compact and add power as he matures. 

Tyler Kreissler 1B / 3B / Lemon Bay, FL / 2019

Uncommitted, the 6-foot-2, 190 pound 1B/3B has a lean frame with strength. Defensively, the hands work well and he topped out at 76 mph. Offensively, there can be a lot of moving parts at times, which leads to some length and not clearing the back side. He tends to work over his front foot, but when he is on time, gets to extension, he uses the strong lower half well to generate present power. Had an exit velocity of 91 mph and has gap to gap power potential. 

Kyle Abbott SS / 2B / Jensen Beach, FL / 2019

Uncommitted. Currently stands at 5-foot-11, 170 pounds with a lean, athletic frame. Son of former major leaguer Kurt Abbott. Shows the ability to range backhand and forehand while fielding the ball under control. He has a strong lower half with a good first step, natural instinct and baseball IQ and hands work well. Offensively, he stands tall and confident. He has a simple, level swing that produced consistent line drive in BP. Overall, he has present athleticism and instincts and is one of the top uncommitted 2019 middle infielders that remain uncommitted. 

Eddie Sierra SS / 2B / Southwest Miami, FL / 2020

Uncommitted. Currently stands at 5-foot-10, 165 pounds with an athletic frame. Showed a live arm with athletic actions defensively. Has present athleticism and hands work well. Offensively, he has  quick hands and a quality lower half. Could benefit from added separation, but the swing is level through the zone and showed a feel for the barrel. The swing translated to a single during gameplay.

Andrew Bergeron 3B / SS / IMG Academy, FL / 2019

Uncommitted, the projectable 6-foot-2, 185 pound infielder continues to show athletic, loose and easy actions, that has him a solid defender in the middle and an above average defender at third. Offensively, the right handed hitter has a simple and repeatable swing. There is leverage in the path and as he levels it out it shows power with power potential. The exit velocity was 86 mph and has been 94 mph in the past. Had a home to first time of 4.54. Overall, he is one of the top remaining infielders that are available in the 2019 class.