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Florida Draft Recap Day 3

By Matt Huck
Area Scout

 Here is a rundown of the Florida High School players drafted on day three of the 2015 MLB Draft with detailed scouting reports.

Michael Zimmerman, LHP, Gulf Coast
Rd. 11, No. 317, Colorado Rockies

Zimmerman had an amazing year with three no-hitters and a perfect game. He normally sits in the 86-88 range with good pitchability. He has been up to 91 in the past and as his body physically matures, we will see more of that, but that’s a little down the road and he’ll benefit from going to Florida.

Ryan McKay, RHP, Satellite
Rd. 11, No. 326, Miami Marlins

McKay, another physical power arm at 6-foot-4, 190 pounds, has been up to 93 fairly consistently. His breaking ball is a tight, 3/4 breaker with depth. It’s a solid-average pitch. He has a drop-and-drive delivery with a loose, quick arm. He made a jump in velocity this spring and has put himself in position to be drafted in the top 10 rounds if he’s willing to forgo his commitment to High Point.

Tyrone Perry, 1B, Lakeland
Rd. 14, No. 421, Milwaukee Brewers

Perry has a huge frame, checking in at 6-foot-1, 220 pounds. His best tool is his left-handed power as he can hit the ball out of sight. He gets in trouble when he tries to be too aggressive and yank the ball to his pull side. When that happens, his bat is in and out of the zone too quickly. When he uses the whole field, he’s able to get to his power. Defensively, he is below-average at first base and will need to improve in that area. He is committed to Florida State.

Mack Lemieux, LHP, Jupiter
Rd. 14, No. 434, Washington Nationals

Tall lean athletic projectable body with a loose easy working arm and a good delivery from a high ¾ slot. FB was 86-88 with tail and some tilt. SL was a short tight downer at 79-81 and flashed an avg ML pitch. Good feel for the CHG at 76-80. Has a lot of upside. Stuff will improve with physical maturity. Could be a draft.

Cody Brickhouse, C, Sarasota
Rd. 15, No. 456, San Francisco Giants

Senior, 6-foot-2 210 pound Chipola College commit.  Big, strong, athletic 3B who has a short, quick swing, is very fast to the ball, and gets good extension.  Had a great at bat against Kragel in the first, with two strikes fouled off fringe pitches until he got a pitch he could handle and drove it into RF, it was a flyout but ball was hit well and showed that he has a good approach at the plate.  In the field showed the ability and arm to play 3B.  Made a real nice play on a bunt he had to charge, bare hand, and throw on the run to get the runner.

Garrett Zech, CF, Naples
Rd. 15, No. 462, Los Angeles Dodgers

Lean live very athletic body. Ran a 6.4 60. Good actions in OF with plus range and an above avg arm. Takes good routes with good reads. A legitimate ML CF. Unorthodox at the plate but made solid contact all weekend. Also took some swings from the left side in BP. Will need to revamp approach. Could be a good draft.

Sixto Torres, LHP, Faith Baptist Christian
Rd. 17, No. 509, New York Mets

Big-bodied southpaw and has been up to 93 this spring with a power breaking ball that is plus at times. He has his share of command issues, but shows a good arsenal.

Jordan Humphreys, RHP, Crystal River
Rd. 18, No. 539, New York Mets

Gentry Fortuno, RHP, Flanagan
Rd. 18, No. 541, Milwaukee Brewers

A big thick body with strength in his lower half. As mentioned before, he doesn�t light up the gun but he has a clean arm and a good delivery with very good pitchability. His FB at 86-89 mph will continue to get better with age. He repeats his delivery and has very good feel for pitching. His CV is a bit soft at 68-69 and his CHG is 80-81. He commands the FB and throws secondary stuff for strikes. He has had a great High School career. A winner. Somebody may give him a chance.

Joe Genord, C, Park Vista
Rd. 19, No. 582, Los Angeles Dodgers

South Florida commit. 6-foot-2, 200 pound physical, tough hitter with anger in the bat.  Looks to hurt the ball, but hitting mechanics are pretty sound.  I think there’s power in there that will play down the road.  Also a quality glove at first base with avg hands and a plus arm.  Took a very hard-hit ground ball off the shoulder last night with a great response, but he wouldn’t rub it.

Juan Echevarria, RHP, Osceola
Rd. 21, No. 643, Baltimore Orioles

Tall strong loose athletic body. Loose easy working arm with a H3/4 slot. Good arm speed with a high ceiling. FB was 86-91 with late life. CV was 74-75 with 3/4 tilt. CHG was 80-81 with same action as FB. Has good rhythm with a repeatable delivery. Occasionally pulls off line. Throws FB for strikes. Could become a draft.

Cole Sands, RHP, North Florida Christian
Rd. 22, No. 649, Houston Astros

Sands, the younger brother to Carson Sands—the Cubs’ fourth-round pick last year—stands at 6-foot-3, 200 pounds and offers average to above-average stuff with pitchability. He has a three-pitch mix and a repeatable delivery. He has been electric at times and pedestrian at others, but he has upside to his strong, athletic frame and loose, easy arm action. His fastball has been up to 94, but he pitches at 88-92. When he’s on, he locates his fastball well. The slider is tight with depth, but he occasionally works around it. It sits in the low 80s. His changeup is a work-in-progress, though he flashes feel for it. He has good mound presence and could go in the top four rounds if he’s signable away from Florida State.

Chris Chatfield, CF, Spoto
Rd. 23, No. 687, San Diego Padres

Chatfield has a lean, athletic and projectable frame at 6-foot-3, 185 pounds. He has athletic actions in the outfield with good range and a fringy arm. He hits for above-average power from the left side with more to come and has wiry strength. He can put on a show in batting practice, but his swing-and-miss tendencies have scouts concerned about his ability to hit for average. He has enough range for center field, but may not stay there down the road. If signable, he could go in the top four rounds. He is committed to South Florida.

Jared Padgett, LHP, Graceville
Rd. 26, No. 773, Chicago Cubs

Tall loose lean athletic projectable body. Loose quick arm from an over hand slot. Has good tilt on the FB at 88-91 with some arm side run. CV is a downer at 75-77 mph, and an avg ML pitch. High energy and aggressive on the mound. Lands slightly open and occasionally comes off the ball leaving some FB up in the zone. Should be a good draft if signable.

Shane McClanahan, LHP, Cape Coral
Rd. 26, No. 779, New York Mets

McClanahan is a tall, thin and projectable southpaw that made a jump in velocity this spring. He has been up to 93 with tailing life to his fastball. He comes at you from a low slot and can be tough on left-handed hitters. At the very least, he could become a left-handed specialist.

John India, SS, American Heritage
Rd. 26, No. 781, Milwaukee Brewers

India, a 6-foot, 190-pound middle infielder, has a five tools that are at least average to go with good makeup and instincts. He does all of the little things well and is an offense-oriented player at a premium defensive position. He has power and quickness in his bat with instincts on the bases. Defensively, he has good hands with average to above-average range and an above-average arm. His mature frame may cause him outgrow shortstop and force a move to second or third base. A Florida recruit, India has grown on scouts for his style of play, but he may be a tough sign.

Elih Marrero, C, Coral Gables
Rd. 29, No. 865, Cincinnati Reds

Shorter stocky strong durable catchers body. Good all around player. Good catch and throw skills with quick release and below avg arm. Can throw runners out. Good offensive player with surprising power for smaller guy. Good hand eye and good hitters hands. Hits the ball to all fields. Ran a 6.87 60. Great make up guy with take charge ability. Plays above his tools. Should be a draft.

Gabriel Garcia, C, Montverde Academy
Rd. 29, No. 883, Baltimore Orioles

Strong body with good RH power. Offensive guy with good catch and throw skills as well as defensive actions at 3B. Can play either position well! Swing has strength with some quickness and length. Can get the ball in the air. Will occasionally show an avg ML arm both at 3B and behind the dish. Lacks foot speed but doesn't need it. High enery kid. Likes to play.

Logan Crouse, RHP, Bloomingdale
Rd. 30, No. 912, Los Angeles Dodgers

Tall and athletic at 6-foot-6, 205 pounds, Crouse has a power arm. He has been up to 92 this spring with a loose, easy arm action and good finish out front. He opens up a bit early in the back, but repeats his delivery well and is consistent out front. His fastball has good tilt as he leverages his tall frame very well. His slider is a short, tight downer pitch with good depth. It’s an above-average pitch and he throws it for strikes. His stuff has been inconsistent, but the raw ingredients are in there. He is committed to Florida State.

Hector Moreta, RHP, Calusa Prep
Rd. 31, No. 917, Colorado Rockies

6-foot-4, 180 pound right hander with a tall lean projectable body and a max effort, reliever type delivery, but super quick arm with some recoil. Fastball was 94-96 mph with plus tail and riding life. Curve ball was firm with some rotation, but needs better shape and depth.  Turns 20 in December, but has a special arm.

Griffin Conine, RF, Pine Crest
Rd. 31, No. 926, Miami Marlins

Duke commit. 6-foot-1, 185 pound outfielder. Son of Jeff Conine. Today went 3 for 4 with 3 runs, 4 RBIs, 2B, HR.  Hard contact all day. Hard hit line drive to left field, home run to right center field, double down the right field line. Ended the game by gunning down a runner trying to stretch single into double. Very good baseball player who will be a solid college draft out of Duke.

Rafael Ramirez, RHP, Calusa Prep
Rd. 33, No. 996, San Francisco Giants

6-foot-5, 220 pound right hander with an extra large body with a reliever type delivery. Flies open and comes unraveled but still has a fastball at 91-96 mph with plus sinking bore and a plus mostly downer curve ball. Struggles to repeat delivery. Should be a 2015 draft.

Logan Tolbert, RHP, IMG Academy
Rd. 34, No. 1019, New York Mets

Tall lean loose athletic projectable body. Good actions with softness in the glove and a solid avg arm. Lacks enough range to stay at this position but has good baseball instincts. Makes the routine plays. Also very good on the offensive side as well. Avg type power with good hand eye. Avg type bat speed, stays inside ball well and uses the whole field. Adjusts during at bats. Good hitting instincts. Good all around player. Strength will continue to come. Only negative is below avg runner. Was also up to 889 off the mound. Will be  a draft after college.

Andrew Cabezas, RHP, Mater Academy
Rd. 34, No. 1024, Cleveland Indians

Undersized right hander that won’t be a high draft but has good stuff with pitchability. He comes at you from a ¾ slot that occasionally drops to low ¾, and a FB with heavy sink from 87-92 mph. He is very tough on right handed hitters. He shows a sweeping CV with good rotation at 74-75 mph and a SL at 80-83 mph that is just a shorter CV with better velocity. Both breaking balls are effective. Also a CHG with sink at 78-81 mph. He has a loose whippy arm action and while his body is not huge, it is strong and athletic.

Luis Rodriguez, RHP, Calusa Prep
Rd. 34, No. 1032, Los Angeles Dodgers

6-foot-4, 190 pound right hander with a long, sleek, powerful body and quick arm that produces mid-90s fastball when he wants it. Fastball is 90-93 mph. and consistent firm tail with sink for plus life. Drop-and-drive delivery which hurts his angle at times.  Went with mostly fastballs tonight. Slider was fringy but improved as the game went on. Did not see a third pitch. Inconsistent delivery and command will more than likely make him a bullpen guy. He will likely have to develop his breaking ball as well. Arrived from the Dominican Republic last fall, so there are a lot of unknowns but has a very good arm.

Coco Montes, SS, Coral Gables
Rd. 35, No. 1064, Washington Nationals

South Florida commit. 6-foot-2, 185 pound infielder. He has a good swing and showed it yesterday with a hard line drive to right field that was caught.  Poised with rhythm and increasing quickness at the plate. Smooth and dependable at short stop. Should become a draft out of college.

Steven Dipuglia, SS, Cooper City
Rd. 37, No. 1124, Washington Nationals

Matthew Morales, SS, Wellington
Rd. 38, No. 1154, Washington Nationals

Lean loose live athletic body. Continues to get stronger. Ran a 6.6 60. Good actions with soft hands and avg ML arm. Good reads, takes good angles to ball. Plenty of range. Has quickness in bat with good hand eye. Good path, stays inside ball. Bat will continue to improve with physical strength.  Could be a draft.

Daniel Reyes, OF, Mater Academy
Rd. 39, No. 1161, Boston Red Sox

Reyes has a strong, physical frame at 6-foot-2, 200 pounds. He projects as a corner out fielder with big raw power, arguably the biggest in the state. He has strength and quickness in the bat with a lot of lift to his swing. However, he works uphill too much, which affects his contact frequency. His home runs are long with a lot of hang time. He will have to work on his swing path and learn to keep his barrel in the zone longer. He may be a tough sign out of Florida, but as mentioned before, right-handed power is hard to find.

Deacon Liput, SS, Oviedo
Rd. 39, No. 1173, New York Yankees

Florida signee. 5-foot-11, 185 pound infielder with a lean athletic body. Avg type actions and hands with an avg ML arm. Aggressive routes and angles. Comes and gets the ball. Avg type range. Will be more suited for 2B down the road. Quick bat with very good hand eye. Stays inside ball. Has good plate coverage and uses the whole field. Very good bunter. Aggressive on the bases. Very disruptive on the bases. Likes to run. Grinder type make up. Tough kid. Fun to watch. Could become a 2015 draft.

Hunter Bowling, LHP, American Heritage
Rd. 39, No. 1176, San Francisco Giants

Very tall athletic guy with a live arm. His FB was 86-90 with arm side tailing life from a ¾ slot. CV was 74-77 with ¾ rotation, a fringy ML pitch but threw it for strikes. Has good feel for the CHG at 78-79 mph with same action as FB. Velocity has been up and down, but scouts that haven’t forgotten the 94 mph FB they’ve seen in the past will draft him.

Nick Conti, 2B, Dr. Phillips
Rd. 40, No. 1199, New York Mets

Eckerd College commit. 5-foot-9, 165 pound infielder with a lean loose projectable body. Grinder type kid with no flashy tools but can play the game. Makes all of the routine plays at second base with enough arm. Makes a lot of hard contact with the bat and uses the whole field. Gamer type kid. Will be a good college second baseman. 

Mike Rojas, C, Gulf Coast
Rd. 40, No. 1205, Seattle Mariners

Strong durable catchers body. Solid receiver with an avg arm. Good catch and throw skills. Good mobility, blocks well. Has some strength and quickness in the bat. Hit a HR in the game. Avg power. He is an avg tools kind of guy which makes him a very good player at that position. Should be a draft.

Park Quinn, 1B, The Benjamin School
Rd. 40, No. 1214, Washington Nationals

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