Prep Baseball Report

PBR Top Prospect Games: Top Statistical Performances

By Mike Maerz
Director of Florida Operations/Area Scout

The 2016 Top Prospect Games was highlighted by some impressive performances from both pitchers and position players in the 2017, 2018, and 2019 classes. Multiple players had 90+ mph exit velocities off the tee and several catchers threw 75 mph or more down to second base from behind the plate.

For the full stat sheet CLICK HERE

Here is a list of the top statistical performances from the event:


Pitcher Velocities
Joseph Quintal- 87 mph
Brendan Bell- 86 mph
Kyle Yeoward- 86 mph

Exit Velocities
Gabriel Rivera- 96 mph
Tyler Esplin- 93 mph
Rafael Santos- 92 mph
Jack Keiser- 90 mph

INF Velocities
Brendan Bell- 87 mph
Corey Clement- 84 mph
Jake Waxler- 81 mph
Nick Volpe- 81 mph

OF Velocities
Rafael Santos- 90 mph
Tyler Esplin- 89 mph
Ricky Shimko- 83 mph

Catcher Velocities
Giovany Lorenzo- 80 mph
Brandon Andal- 75 mph
Ty Angevine- 75 mph
Ben Rozenblum- 75 mph

Pop Times
Giovany Lorenzo- 1.98
Ty Angevine- 2.0
Ben Rozenblum- 2.02