Prep Baseball Report

SkinnerStrong Summer Trial Player Breakdown

By Doug Freeman
Florida Scouting Director

The SkinnerStrong Summer Trail was an event to not only evaulate talent, but also help raise money to support research in the area of childhood leukemia; the treatment, and care of children with leukemia. Players took part in a pro-style workout, batting practice and bull pens, below is their breakdown.

Paul Phillips 2B / OF / East Lake, FL / 2019

The strong, stocky OF/2B showed accurate throws from the outfield at 82 mph. In the infield he showed solid actions with a quick first step. His hands work well, out in front of his body and topped out at 79 mph across the infield. The left handed hitter has a strong lower half and strength in the wrists. He showed a feel for the barrel with some gap-to-gap power potential, taking three solid rounds of batting practice.

Austin Tanner RHP / 3B / Windermere Prep, FL / 2020

The high waisted right handed pitcher has a long, lean projectable frame. From a high 3/4 slot he threw strikes with a fastball that ranged from 78-80 mph that he located down in the zone. He also mixed a curveball at 69-70 and a changeup at 67-68 mph. He has some drop-and-drive in his delivery that limits some of the tilt in the fastball. As he logs innings and learns to stay over his backside he should see a jump.

Andrew Lang RHP / OF / Naples, FL / 2019

The long, lean right-hander has a high-waist and long legs. He lands slightly close with a crossfire delivery. He has some drop-and-drive and could stay over the backside better. There is some life on the fastball at 80-81 mph that should make a jump as he learns to get consistent extension. He also showed a changeup at 76-77 and a slider with decent shape at 73 mph.

William Kilduff 1B / RHP / Chiles, FL / 2019

The big strong right handed hitting 1B/RHP showed solid footwork and hands at first base. Offensively, he has a bit of an early load, that is near an arm bar. With a small leg kick trigger, he is able to still get level in the zone and showed a fee for the barrel. There is some present pull side power and as he learns to create more rhythm and stay consistently short to the ball there should be more to come. On the mound, he has a high front side and lands in line consistently. He threw strikes with a fastball that ranged from 74-75 mph, a curveball at 63-64 and a changeup at 65-66 mph.

Troy McPeak OF / LHP / Orangewood Christian, FL / 2019

Has a strong frame, with wide shoulders and a strong lower half. In the outfield he projects at the corner with strong, accurate throws. Also moves well at first, with quality footwork and good hands. The bat projects, has a somewhat short stride, but the path through the zone works and has power potential. He has loose wrists and a feel for the barrel, as he learns to get better use from the lower half the ball should start jumping off of the bat.

Zac Veen SS / 2B / Spruce Creek, FL / 2020

High waist, athletic frame, stands out in the infield. The actions worked well with a quick first step with above average hands. He does a great job of funneling the ball to his body with a quick transfer to release. All the actions and arm strength projects at short. Offensively, he shows some easy, rhythmic actions from the left side. He has a feel for the barrel, balanced lower half and has power potential as he continues to fill out. There is a lot of potential and will be a very interesting follow.

Blake D'Arville SS / RHP / Bishop Moore, FL / 2020

Defensively, he moves like a middle infielder. Under control, with quick feet , the defensive actions are sound. At the plate, the right handed hitter shows a short quick swing with quick hands. There is a bit of an arm bar in the load, but stays short to the ball with a level line drive swing and a feel for the barrel. On the mound, with a short quick arm he had a fastball that ranged from 74-76 mph. Also showed a changeup at 66-67 and a curveball at 61-64 mph with some depth.

David Chapdelaine 2B / RHP / Bishop Moore, FL / 2020

Very athletic and projectable, he has sound footwork and hands in the infield. As he continues to gain reps, the rhythm to and through the ball should improve, but the mechanics are sound in the infield. The right handed hitter has a wide base with a simple load. Although there is some steepness in the path at times, when he is level through the zone he consistently finds the barrel with a line drive, gap-to-gap approach. Very athletic with plenty of upside.

Dylan Crews OF / C / Lake Mary, FL / 2020

Extremely athletic and looks to have added some muscle since January. In the outfield, he runs through an outfield workout with everything you’d like to see. Fielding the ball in stride with a quick transfer he has low, accurate throws with carry and topped out at 83 mph. Behind the plate, he is very athletic, a little less polished than the outfield, but he hands work well and is flexible with a lot of potential. Offensively he is well above average for his class with both hit and power tools. There is still a lot of room to grow and fill out. He has a path that keeps him the zone a long time with a lot of whip and bat speed through the zone. He creates quality leverage with a feel for the barrel and big power potential.

Joseph Casale SS / 2B / Jesuit, FL / 2020

The middle infielder showed loose, athletic actions. In the infield, his hands were late at times, but fielded everything cleanly and they work well out in front of his body. The footwork looks easy and everything should continue to improve. Offensively, he has a simple load, stays balanced with good use from his lower half. There is some steepness in the swing, but feel for the barrel. He is very athletic and will continue to make adjustments. When he is level, everything works well and will continue to improve with a lot of upside.

Matthew Snyder OF / 3B / Cypress Creek, FL / 2020

Currently stands at 5-foot-10, 150 pounds with a lean, athletic build.Slightly open stance at the plate with some balance in the box. When he was on time to the ball he showed the ability to make solid contact, drive the ball into the outfield. A more level path through the zone will allow for more consistency at the plate. Registered a 69 mph exit velocity in the cage. Fields the ball out in front and showed the ability to come get the ball during defensive drills. Throws had some accuracy to them, topping out at 76 mph to the bag.

Travis Stapleton C / 3B / Real Life Christian Academy, FL / 2020

Appears to have added some strength in his lower half. Defensively, he has above average receiving skills, consistently getting in quality positions. He tends to sit a bit high, but has a clean, quick transfer and an above average arm resulting in pop times ranging 1.96-2.02. At the plate, from an open stance, he stays a bit overloaded on the back side at times. He stays in his legs well and has a feel for the barrel with a gap to gap approach. He has some length, but as he continues to shorten the swing consistently, the power should improve as well.

Bryce Bitting 1B / 3B / Tavares, FL / 2020

Tall, strong frame standing at 6-foot, 172 pounds. Balanced approach at the plate with an uphill path through the zone from the left side. Some stiffness in his follow through, but when he is on time he can drive the ball into the outfield with some pull-side potential. Registered a 71 mph exit velocity in the cage. Moves well for his size to go after the ball off the bag, showed accuracy on his throws to second and across the diamond topping out at 72 mph. As he becomes more comfortable ranging to his right and left fielding it out in front, he will continue to improve his defense.

Tucker Fine 2B / SS / Berkeley Prep, FL / 2019

The athletic middle infielder moves extremely well at short. He is under control, with easy fluid actions. The hands are soft and he has a lot of confidence in them. He also showed plenty of arm to stay on the left side of the field. At the plate, he showed surprising pull power. He utilizes his lower half extremely well, and has a lot of looseness in the wrists. He can get a bit shouldered at times, but when he works the middle he shows advanced barrel feel.  

Cab McIvor 3B / RHP / Episcopal, FL / 2019

With a strong frame, he shows quality footwork at third. He can get the glove down late at times, but showed the glove works well and topped out at 79 mph across the infield. The right handed hitter has a wide base, with a simple load and short level swing that created a line drive gap-to-gap approach. On the mound, he worked out of the stretch only. Despite having a somewhat short stride and doesn’t get much extension he still worked a fastball at 76-77 mph that should jump as he learns to get extension. He also has a changeup at 65-70 and a slider at 74 mph with some tight spin

Kelby Osteen 3B / RHP / Chiefland, FL / 2019

Strong frame standing at 6-foot, 180 pounds with a good lower half. Slightly open stance at the plate and showed the ability to square the ball up with solid contact. Good path through the zone with an uphill finish that resulted in multiple line drives during batting practice. At times can be out in front, but when he stays back on the ball he can drive it into the gaps. Registered an 83 mph exit velocity in the cage. Showed the ability to range backhand while at third, throws across the diamond had some accuracy topping out at 79 mph. Osteen showed potential on the mound, with a strong arm and potential. Fastball sat in the 81-83 mph range while also mixing in a 54-55 mph curveball with looping action along with a 75-78 mph changeup.

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