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Team Florida ID Games - UCF: Quick Hits

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PBR Florida Staff

The Team Florida ID Games - UCF took place Sunday, July 3rd at UCF in Orlando, FL. The event featured players from the 2024-2027 classes participating in a pro-style workout followed by gameplay in front of the PBR Florida Scouting Staff.

To view the stats from the event, check out our Stats Story. Despite being hit with rain, we were able to get most of the event in. With that, several players were able to stand out. Today we will highlight some of the standouts from Sunday's event with our Quick Hits article. Take a look.

Standout Arms

2024 RHP Andreas Alvarez made a big jump since we last saw him. Up to 86 at the Sophomore State Games in the fall, Alvarez sat 87-89 at the Team FL ID. Flashed a sharp breaking ball with spin rates in the 2500s and will be an arm to follow the rest of the summer.

2026 Mills Carrillo made a big impression during his bullpen session. The ‘26 sat 88-90 and showed feel for a 4-pitch mix. The Slider, Cutter, and Changeup all showed promise and there is a lot to like in the arm. Carrillo’s fastball received a Pitch Score of 89 Hop+.

2024 Seth Patterson showed a fastball that can miss bats. Up to 87 mph, command was a bit spotty, but when he located the fastball it created swings and misses. Also showed a swing and miss slider.

2026 Ethan DeJesus showed promise on the mound. Up to 83 mph but the curveball really stood out. Up to 2551 rpm and received Pitch Scores of 92 Hammer+ and Sweep+.

2024 Cayden Hessemyer showed a lot to like on the mound. Sat 87-88 with more to come. Changeup and slider showed quality shape. The arm works well and should continue to develop as he gets stronger.


2024 Jackson Thomas showed some of the best athleticism at the Team Florida ID. Ran a 6.75, athletic actions in the outfield and an above average arm up to 89 from the OF. Offensively, stays in rhythm and worked both gaps with easy juice off the bat. Also, showed off his range in the outfield making a highlight diving catch in the right center gap.

2024 Marc Hersh showed tons of athleticism for a catcher. Ran a 6.96. Athletic actions behind the plate as he gets out the crouch with ease. Plenty of arm strength at 82 mph on throws down with pop times of 1.97-2.04. The athleticism plays offensively as Hersh drove the gaps at an event leading 95.7 mph exit velo.

2024 Wil Gregory has added strength and it plays all over the field. Showed off his arm strength in both the infield and outfield. 90 from the OF, 87 from the INF. Line drive hitter with bat speed.

2025 Jalen Foxx has gotten more physical since we saw him in January. Lefty arm, righty hitter. Loose arm action with a lot to like and will be a two way follow. Offensively, the hands are quick and he finds barrels with ease. A lot to like overall.

2024 Tracen Cameron impressed at the Team Florida ID. Lean, athletic frame. Simple, quiet load.  Quick hands and uses the lower half effectively. Defensively showed soft hands and an above average arm up to 88 mph across the diamond. 

2025 Kai Lwin is definitely a 2025 to follow. Left hander showed easy arm strength at 85 mph from the OF. Offensively, showed great rhythm and overall presence in the box. Hands worked loose, free and easy. Generates above average bat speed that translates to easy power, especially pull side currently. High young follow. 

2024 Will Burke looks to have made a nice jump. Athletic frame. Showed above average bat speed in the box. Level line drive hitter working the whole field. Defensively, showed athletic actions with soft hands at short.

Potential JFG Follows

The Messina brothers always make an instant impact with their bats. 2026 Charles Messina is a strong catcher. Uses strength well to generate above average bat speed and stay compact through the zone. 2026 Dylan Messina is a switch hitting middle infielder. Swings it well from both sides with a lot of hard line drive contact.

2027 CJ Wall is definitely a name to circle in the 2027 class. Long lean, athletic frame. Creates leverage in the path with loose hands. Hard line drives working the pull side gap.

2027 Daniel Padilla is another high follow 2027. Long limbs with an athletic frame. Turned the barrel over in BP with an 88 mph top exit velo. Fluid, repeatable bat path worked hard liners back up middle.

2026 Yavier Rosendo showed a lot of potential in BP. Projectable/athletic frame, clean lower half rotation keeping barrel in zone with bat speed. 


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