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Georgia 2024 Rankings Update - Best of the Rest

Justin Goetz
PBR Georgia Asst Scouting Director

Some say that scouting projection is difficult. Here at PBR, we pride ourselves in predicting the future of players early in their high school careers. There are specific sets of skills that help identify a good baseball player before they physically mature.

In a position player - Ability to repeat athletic mechanics (swing, run, glove, arm action), good hitting approach, hand eye coordination, effortlessness, still head, instincts, and baseball IQ.

In a pitcher - Ability to repeat athletic mechanics (delivery, balance, arm action, arm slot/release point), pitchability, ease of operation, arm speed, pitch movement, command, and feel for secondary pitches.

Our best players outside of the 2024 Top 10 have a perfect mix of projection, athleticism, repeatability, and intangibles. 

No. 16 in our freshly dropped rankings is one of the most talented 2 way prospects in the country, SS/RHP Conrad Cason (GAC; Mississippi State). The 6 foot 2, 185 pounder has the length of an NBA point guard and he glides around the diamond like one too. I’m constantly going back & forth on whether he’ll end up more of a hitting or pitching prospect because he has top round potential in both. Cason will likely be too good of a hitter to pitch full time, but if he ends up touching 100 mph what do you do? It makes him twice as valuable as a prospect. He repeats his swing very well and the ball consistently jumps off the barrel with backspin to all fields. He loads his hands into a perfect launch position, which is the reason for his lofty path. At SS he’s got soft hands & the best arm in the class. He’s improving the exchange & ability to throw from all angles. Conrad’s ease of operation on the mound is one of a kind - It’s a smooth overhead windup with a loose, lengthy full circle arm action that produces insane arm speed. His FB sits in the 87-90 range with bore, reaching up to 94 this spring. Cason’s 74-76 CB is tight with late 2 plane depth and should develop into a low 80’s banger in the future. The CH is a low 80’s fader.

Coming in at No. 17 is SS/3B Terrence Kiel (Pace Academy; Uncommitted). At 5 foot 11, 170 pounds he’s got a medium, proportional frame with long levers and lean strength throughout. Quite simply, Kiel has generational bat speed. But blurry bat speed will only take a hitter so far, he also has unreal swing mechanics. Most HS hitters (even top prospects) don’t have a feel for sinking into their legs and staying down thru the swing, it's usually learned in college or MILB. Kiel looks to have been doing this his whole life. His hip fluidity can time him up with any arm, and his perfect separation creates big torque. Creates serious barrel lag out of launch position and the knob leads his short swing. He’s going to be an impact defender at SS with great instincts, range, and quick exchange. He’ll have plenty enough arm and could be just as special in CF. His dad was a hard hitting NFL safety for the Chargers.

Player No. 19 is one of the most projectable players in the country, OF Owen Anchors (Dunwoody; Uncommitted) At 6 foot 3, 180 pounds with light tower power, this is what they’re supposed to look like. It’s going to be absolutely eye opening when he adds another 10 lbs to his lengthy medium frame. The leverage king sets up tall with elbows bent & bat resting on his shoulder, the most relaxed upper body we’ve seen. Anchors pre sets his weight with the knee angled inside his back foot so the first move with the first move is forward. As his hips direct the stride he triggers into launch position at the same pace, creating optimal separation. What happens after is a sweet swing with loud bat speed. Whether he squares it up or not, it always comes off the bat hot. This is a player who projects plus raw power and is regularly showing special abilities as a hitter. Patient in his approach but looking to do damage with any pitch in the zone. He projects as two different players - the 5 tool CF that stays lean, or the 4 tool corner OF with some of the best raw power in the country. Regardless of which type he ends up, fans will stop everything they’re doing to come watch Owen Anchors hit. When he goes to the outfield, they'll see an avg or better defender with a strong arm. 

Two-way stud SS/RHP Dimitri Angelakos (Etowah; Uncommitted) is locked in at No. 22 due to his broad skill set and ability to perform under pressure. The 6 foot 2, 180 pounder with long levers is blessed with one of the most effortless swings in the class. At the plate he creates rhythm in his hips & hands without going too far from his center of balance, with little head movement in the swing. This helps him track pitches at a high level. The up, down, and out action of his leg kick enables him to clear his front hip before landing yet keep direction. This gets him all the separation he needs. He’s got advanced body control in the swing, but the hands are special. Angelakos is able to get in & out of the hitting slot with a flick of his wrists, creating incredible bat speed with no effort. He has the footwork, hands, and arm to play any position in the infield and should end up and A/AVG runner. On the mound he has a good delivery, live FB up to 89, and a nasty mid 70’s SL as well as CB & CH. 

Sitting at No. 26 is a pitcher who’s years ahead of his time, RHP Dane Moehler (Walton; Uncommitted). The 6 foot 3, 170 pounder has a large frame with broad shoulders and a proportional build. The delivery is fast paced, with very good balance and tons of deception. He has an easy short circle arm action firing from a ¾ slot, and you don’t see the ball until it's coming out of his hand. The FB is 86-88 T90 with nasty ride+run. He throws a nasty 72-75 CB that tunnels very well with his FB. It’ll have SL shape at times but one thing is for sure, it's going to get late depth. The CH is an upper 70’s fader that he has a solid feel for. His dad Brian pitched 14 years in the big leagues, and their deliveries & frames are very similar. The big picture here is an aggressive power pitcher who has finesse when he needs it. Dane is advanced in many ways on the mound and has a great person to learn the process from every day.

Sliding in at No. 28 is two-way beast Cooper Johnson (Mountain View; Uncommitted), who has a perfect blend of fundamentals and tools. The 6 foot 4, 190 pounder is a throwback 1st Basemen, built on approach, consistent hard contact from foul line to foul line. At the plate he's a pure hitter who can manipulate his barrel to square up any pitch in any zone. With a quiet head, effortless load and gradual separation timing, his hands are in & out of launch position with ease. It's a lofty swing on the low ball when he needs it, but anywhere above that is a level swing plane with less room for error. He’s one of the best defenders I’ve seen at the position in a long time here. Cooper has smooth hands, can pick any throw, and turns the 2 ball easily with a strong & accurate arm. Johnson gets into the upper 80’s on the mound, with a delivery as effortless as his swing.

Raking his way to No. 31 is one of the most explosive bats in the class, IF Adrian Jimenez (Lanier; Uncommitted). He starts with a wide base with great balance - hips 25% back as he times up the pitcher, 75% forward in stride. Jimenez is like a rubber band in separation, with a gradually slow stretch that creates effortless violence in his hands after he lands. After he throws the knob of the bat through the zone, his barrel replaces with special acceleration through contact. His hands work so well close to the body, able to shrink the swing on inside FB’s & get his hands above FB’s up in the zone. He barrelled a 96 mph middle in FB from Dylan Lesko this spring with ease. Adrian understands how to hang his leg kick on offspeed, slowing his body down to adjust timing. He’s a 55 runner who fits best at 2B/3B right now, but he's improved his defense alot in the past year. I believe he has a chance to be one of the most impactful bats in the country.

Rocketing up the 2024 Rankings to No. 37 is State Champion and SS Jack Myers (Pope; Uncommitted). At 6 foot, 150 pounds with a high waisted, medium frame is an exceptional athlete. The swing looks to have been made to perfection in a lab, with swing mechanics so smooth you could put him in an extended spring training game right now and he would stand out. But his hitting approach has the same special qualities - his beautiful inside out swing is geared to hit backspin lasers to right center and he never loses patience with this plan. Myers takes away the outer half of the zone completely, forcing pitchers to come in on him where his quick twitch and ability to manipulate the barrel lead to left center liners. Pulling off the baseball is out of the question for this projectable SS. His patience helps him in pitch recognition as well, as he doesn’t get fooled with pitchers changing eye levels and easily adjusts to offspeed. He makes quick, correct decisions as a hitter. Jack shows nice footwork and smooth hands up the middle, with a quick exchange and accurate arm. He glides on the basepaths, and should end up a plus run as he gains strength.

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