5 2022's with Insane Raw Power (Outside Top 10)

Justin Goetz
PBR Georgia Scout

Between 3 and 4pm on game day all across the state of Georgia, a long standing tradition happens. The team chemistry builder of batting practice, BP, or “beeps” if you’ve been around the game a long time. One of the most relaxed, exciting events, where hitters build confidence and work on their craft. It’s also a place where college and pro scouts can get a good feel for the player they are watching before the game. How’s the body look? How consistently does a player barrel the ball, how well does he use the entire field? But there’s one attribute that catches the eye quite unlike any other, raw power. For college and pro scouts, how many bombs can he hit in BP that would go out at our park? Hitting 8-10 well over the fence in BP is typically top of the scale raw power. 5+ easy bombs is still going to put you at above average to plus raw power, 3 or 4 that barely go out comes in average or fringe average. Of course you can judge raw power in game on home runs, backspun line drives with high EV, and big fly outs. Although all 5 hitters on this list have usable power (power production) in game, we’re talking specifically about pure raw power in BP. It takes playing well past high school for a hitter to get into all of his usable power. It takes a combo of approach, hand eye, and swing mechanics for consistent power production. All 5 of these players have good swings, and can consistently send baseballs to the next county in BP. We can’t talk raw power without mentioning our No. 20 ranked player in the 2021 class, James Tibbs. He showed ridiculous pull side raw power in BP at Pope HS. This year at FSU - .318 AVG, .423 OBP, with 7 HR and 10 2B’s as a freshman. We feel the list below can make a similar impact at the next level with their raw power.

No. 1 - Kaden Martin, OF, Buford, 6’1 210 lbs (Miami Commit)

No. 2 -
Luke Boone, OF, Richmond Hill, 6’4 210 lbs (Georgia State Commit)

No. 3 -
Jamie Felix, OF, Camden County, 5’10 205 (Georgia Tech Commit)

No. 4 -
Ty Dalley, 1B/OF, Vidalia, 6’5 210 (Mercer Commit)

No. 5 -
Jack Schrafft, SS/3B, Cambridge, 6’4 205 (College of Charleston Commit)

Leading off this list is the QB1 and dropper of bombs, Kaden Martin. This
Future Games participant has unreal strength in his hands through contact. When Martin’s hands & barrel meet a 90 mph FB, he’s delivering the punishment. Hits off backside as opposed to a centered or front side dominant hitter, which allows him to stay connected and leverage his swing for big juice. Next up is the definition of country strong, Luke Boone. This dude is a walking 100+ mph EV and impressed in our Blast Motion Swing Quality metrics as well Trackman data. In fact in his many AB’s at Lakepoint, it's rare to see a ball come off his barrel below 95 mph. He creates an incredible rubber band effect in his hip/shoulder separation, which fires his hands through the hitting zone. It's an efficient swing path with a steep barrel angle that creates tons of loft. At the 3 spot is a 4 star RB and just as good of a power hitter, Jamie Felix. This man is the definition of hulk strength and he dominated the Trackman Hitting Data at our 2020 Future Games. He is without a doubt the strongest player in the class with one of the fastest bats. He can hit a ball 400 feet without even squaring it up, on a half swing. It's only a matter of time before he's hitting 500 foot moon shots at Georgia Tech. No. 4 is a combo of tall guy power and ridiculous leverage on on a short, uphill swing plane. Gets serious angle with wrists in launch position as he works down into his legs and explodes the backside through his front knee at contact. He also uses his long levers to dunk all over people on the basketball court. Dalley is going to hit tons of HR’s at Mercer. Sitting at No. 5 is the physical specimen known as Jack Schrafft. There aren’t many MLB players built like him. Has a large, proportional frame you’d expect to see on an NFL Safety. I am thankful he chose baseball though, as is the College of Charleston. Hit one of the most towering shots we’ve seen this spring in our Georgia Dugout Club Tourney at 106 EV. He creates effortless bat speed and he manipulates & matches the pitcher’s plane in all quadrants of the zone. Jay Murdock (Terrell Academy; Mississippi St) has earned just as much right to be on this list, as he was in the top half of all Trackman & Blast motion data at our 2020 Future Games. To these home run artists, BP is just another show.