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GDC Scout Blog: Week 1 (Pitchers)

Justin Goetz, Hudson Graham, Sean Smith
PBR Georgia Staff

Joe Lattanzi Division

Blessed Trinity

2023, RHP, Porter Buursema, Blessed Trinity
Georgia Southern Commit. 6-foot-1, 185 pounds. With the aura of a throwback prize fighter, all eyes immediately lock on him as he toes the bump. The delivery looked even more sharp than his 1st start, but he was battling 30 degrees temperature (felt like 23 with wind chill). Talking with Porter after the game, he said there was no feeling in his fingertips after the 1st INN. The cold didn’t stop him from dominating, as he K’d 10 through 5 with 0 ER. With his extremely rare high spin arsenal, you can basically pencil him in for those numbers. His FB spin is in the top 5% of MLB, and his natural cut+ride causes the most in zone whiffs in the class. His unreal wiffle ball SL was impressive in outing 1, but took another step outing 2. The pitch stayed on FB plane longer, with an even more sudden sweep. It flashed wipeout depth multiple times. It was encouraging to see his air bending CB feel coming back in the 71-73 range, and he’s going to steadily incline each outing.

Savannah Christian

2024, RHP/C, Jayden White, Savannah Christian

Uncommitted. 6-foot 100-pounds. Strong, physical build on the mound. He tallied a couple hits at the plate. He came on in relief and filled up the zone. The fastball was 82-85 with a breaking ball at 71-74. When he hits his balance point he really drives down the mound with a strong finish. The slot is over the top, and he generates good spin on the baseball that produces whiffs. The delivery is consistent between the fastball and breaking ball, and makes it tough for hitters to pick up the pitch.

Julian Mock Division


2023, LHP, Ryan Gold, Campbell
UGA Commit. 6-foot-3, 195 pounds. Gold was a pre tourney target for us due to not seeing him for a while, and he definitely impressed. Although his FB velocity wasn’t where we’ve seen it, he did locate very well arm side. He sat mostly in the 86-87 range and touched 89 in the 1st. He was effective throughout the outing, showcasing a very deceptive new arm action that’s a much shorter circle than we saw over the summer. Due to the deceptiveness, he did produce some swing & miss. What he will need to add to this new arm action is more extension out front, as he’s not getting the chest over the front knee at release with the shorter arm stroke. As a solid athlete, he should be able to make this adjustment to give him the best of both worlds. His CB showed better shape than last summer, with a bit more velo in the 72-75 range and it was less noticeable out of the hand.

Forsyth Central

2024, 3B, Alex Hernandez, Forsyth Central
Georgia Tech Commit. 6-foot-2, 190 pounds. This arm just continues to impress us with his consistency each look we get. We love the steep trajectory his FB comes in on, making his 77-78 hammer play up even better. He drives the ball downhill better than most in the class, and HS hitters rarely get a clean barrel before being wiped out by the CB. We haven’t yet seen the 91-92’s that are being widely reported on Hernandez, but we know its in there. He couldn’t have pitched in worse weather, as his night outing was when the temperature took another dive and the wind increased quickly. His CB stays on FB plane much longer than most, and still gets a ridiculous amount of depth. This is the best we’ve seen him throw the low 80’s CH, as LHH had absolutely no shot at it. The lower slot on the pitch is a tell to more advanced hitters, so he will need to raise that slot to match his FB/CB eventually. Nevertheless, his feel for it is advanced.

Locust Grove

2023, RHP/SS, Connor Crisp, Locust Grove
UGA Commit. 5-foot-10, 180 pounds. This stick of dynamite has had a good jump in velocity since last GDC. The FB sat 90-93 with a vicious bore that ate the hands of RHH, and he’s sitting 2-3 mph higher than he was last spring. The 77-79 SL put hitters in a blender, and just might tunnel better with his FB than any other pitcher’s FB/SL combo in the class. This is an arm we feel can contribute immediately for UGA when he arrives, and really is loaded with quick twitch fibers. Crisp is the ultimate competitor on the bump, and refuses to lose the battle to even the best bats. I do think he has more arm speed than his brother who pitched in the SEC as well, and would not be surprised to see him in the mid 90’s in the future. He also flashed an impressive low 80’s CH with fade and depth that suddenly fell off the table.

EE “Red” Whitsett Division


2023, RHP/SS, Bryce Kearson, ECI
South Georgia State commit. 6-foot 175-pounds. Kearson is an athletic player that can get it done anywhere on the field. He hopped on the mound in relief in a tight game, and worked out of a jam against East Paulding. His fastball was up to 86 and mixed in a 12-6 type curveball at 72-74. He could throw it in any count, and kept the hitters guessing. He moves well at SS with a clean transfer and throw. Kearson won POTW honors with a complete game no hitter in their season opener.

Jim Luck Division


2024, RHP, Dane Moehler, Walton
Clemson Commit. 6-foot-3, 175 pounds. Although there’s so much room to fill out, Moehler’s 5 added lbs of muscle since Future Games have already ticked up his velocity. This speaks to the natural arm speed+arm strength combo he has, as most amateur arms don’t jump 2-3 mph just from adding a little weight. You know where I’m going with this, Dane’s 88-92 FB range will soon be a distant memory. The ease of operation is elite before he’s anywhere near his eventual physical ceiling, and he’s one of the surest bets in the class to make a huge jump between now and next spring. I could argue no one in the class creates velocity this easily, and I will argue with anyone that he has the best arm action in the class. What’s currently an A/AVG or better delivery will be beyond elite in the next 2-3 years, as he gains the strength to control his body throughout. Of the 5 looks on him we’ve had, the FB life and CB shape are always very consistent. The CH is being used much more now in the low 80’s with sudden fade & depth, taking him to a new level as a prospect. 1 year and 5 months away from his first eligible draft, there is ZERO doubt that this is a starting pitcher of the highest potential.

Bud Theodocian Division

Saint Pius X

2023, RHP, Luke Wiltrakis, St. Pius
Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 205 pounds. Man is it fun to watch this beast pitch. It’s hard not to love an arm that comes out with this type of intent. Let’s call it 120% effort. This big time uncommitted arm pumps angry jet fuel at hitters, daring them to take a swing. His drop & drive delivery creates a pretty unique look to the FB, giving it the look of hop up in the zone. He sat in the 88-89 range for 3-4 innings, and was pumping multiple 91’s early in the game with plenty of swing & miss. His heavy CH was actually his 2nd best pitch in the outing, working at 79-80 with some late fade. The CB was in the 71-74 range and is a sweeper that has potential if he can show better lower half posture at landing and through finish. This will also create much more FB velo for him as his back knee collapses to the ground each pitch. Holding a slight bend in the back knee from start to finish could realistically add 2-3 mph to his FB right now. If I’m a juco or any D1-D2 with money, im jumping all over this highly athletic project.

Rob English Division

North Cobb Christian 

Blake Dean, RHP, 2023, North Cobb Christian
Kansas State commit. Lean 6-1, 175-pound frame with room to add on. Didn’t have pinpoint command of the FB during his start at GDC and had to battle baserunners through the duration of his outing but the secondary pitches were as advertised. Athletic and quick movements on the bump, suggesting that with further added weight his velocity could jump even more. Shorter action with a H3Q slot, allows him to get good backspin behind his FB and stay on top of all his secondary pitches. FB sat 86-88 and touched 90, as mentioned before, didn’t have the most success with this pitch but when located well enough is a big weapon of his and will generate s/m at the top of the zone with high spin-rate numbers. Best pitch was his sharp CB at 76-77, often freezing RHH and falling right into the zone for strikes. Also showed a strong, hard SL at 79-82 and controlled pitch well for s/m. Dean’s athleticism will keep his ceiling high and shows good feel for the entirety of his arsenal.


2023, RHP, Nick Lanning, Norcross
Georgia State Commit. 6-foot-5, 215 pounds. This was a very encouraging outing for Lanning and his future on the hill. While it was too late in his outing to film, We saw multiple 91’s innings 1 and 2. This was a great sign due to his velocity being down a bit last fall, and all it will take is filling into the frame for him to hold it better throughout his starts. The 72-74 CB has improved by leaps and bounds since last spring, where it was 68-69 with an early break. Now it has much tighter rotation and twice the depth. He moves well through the delivery for his size and his sinkers flash some serious life when the velocity is up early in his outings.

John DeVore Division


Ethan Sutton, RHP/3B, 2023, Allatoona

Georgia commit. Large, strong 6-3 205-pound frame. A good start to his senior campaign for Sutton, going 3 innings with 7 punch-outs in Allatoona’s 19-0 rout in their first game of the GDC tournament vs. St. Francis. Overpowered hitters at times with big FB while mixing in secondary offerings throughout. Short, clean arm action with a balanced delivery, eases into his drive leg before exploding down the mound with quick arm speed. Confident, athletic lower half, opens the hips and whips his arm around after a long stride to generate power. FB (89-91, T92) with strong run and heavy sink plays best at bottom of the zone, but can also locate well towards the top to get s/m there as well. Snaps off a gradual CB at 71-74, front door break, used at its best to LHH, needs strong location to land versus RHH but keeps all hitters off balance with such a stark drop in velocity. Tunnels a good CH at 83 off FB, similar action but can improve feel and confidence for pitch to make into a true s/m weapon. Also tallied two multi-hit efforts over his three games played, two-way potential at the next level.

2025, LHP, Cooper Underwood, Allatoona
Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 150 pounds. Our number 4 LHP in the class continues to wildly impress us with his advanced delivery, secondary pitches, and command. While we typically see him use the time stopping CH in most of his outings, he didn’t need it on this day. Cooper went strictly FB/CB combo and produced some really ugly swings inning by inning with both pitches. His 82-84 FB has an extremely sharp, late tail seemingly just as it crosses the plate. Add in his nearly invisible, efficient mid depth (one piece) arm action, and you’ve got a FB playing 2-3 mph harder than it actually is. We also had an 86 out of Underwood inning 1, our highest FB velocity on him to date. This is a great sign, especially with him being only 150 lbs currently. His 70-72 CB is as consistent as it gets for his age, with very tight rotation, sweep, and ridiculously sharp two plane depth for the current velocity. He can locate the FB/CB to both edges with absolutely no effort, and the confidence he has on the mound is second to none for his age.

Harry Floyd Division

Kennesaw Mountain

Pete Jezerinac Jr., LHP, 2024, Kennesaw Mountain
Kennesaw State commit. Team Georgia alum at 2022 PBR Future Games. Lanky, high-waisted 6-2 165-pound frame with plenty of room to add on. Works up tempo and pounds the strike zone, commanding all pitches well. Shorter arm action with a closed, drop and drive delivery, providing tons of deception on every pitch from a 3/4 slot. FB has considerable run and sink and dives away from RHH consistently. Pitch worked 85-87 and generated several s/m and ground balls, a unique weapon. Also flashed a CH at 79 with similar tail to the FB, tunnels effectively.

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