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Georgia 2023 Class: Top-5 Changeups

Chaz Crawford
PBR Georgia Staff

The Peach State was spoiled for the past few years with the likes of Dylan Lesko’s 80 grade changeup, a pitch the likes of which we may never see again. But time marches on and a new king of the changeup must be named. A summer and fall of action at LakePoint has provided us with no shortage of looks at the top arms in the state. After careful consideration, these are the top-5 changeups in Georgia’s 2023 class.

Top-5 Changeups


Noah McMahon RHP / Decatur, GA / 2023

Wofford commit, 6’2 170lbs. The award for best CH in the state goes to none other than Noah McMahon. One of the more intriguing arms to follow in not only the state, but the nation due to his athleticism, projection, and 3 pitch mix. His CH has become a real equalizer versus both right handed and left handed hitters and he throws it with an immense amount of confidence in any count. The pitch showcases heavy fading life, <25in of HZB, which would rank among some of the best in the MLB. Uniquely enough, McMahon spins his CH higher than his FB. However, could changing to a 4seam CH grip may help McMahon even more? Due to McMahon's absurd feel for pronation, a 4 seam grip may give him more efficient results for swing and miss opportunities. Being able to tilt the hemisphere of the ball where the flat or face of it is on more of a horizontal plane (>3:00 tilt) would provide him with more efficient depth via the tilt produced from release. Therefore, the air flow/air particles impacting the ball would drive it with more intent to his arm side with depth+run. McMahon could eventually kill a massive amount of vertical break by changing to this grip and would make this pitch appear as a left handed SL. This would no doubt turn his great amount of weak contact into swing and miss. His FB lives in the 82-86 range and has flirted with the upper 80’s. Produces a lot of ride+run in FB profile with a flat VAA from crossfire release. Drop and drive with a lot of patience in his hips before entering leg drive.The SLV is thrown in the low-mid 70’s at 2400rpm with late 2 plane bite. Has shown the ability to back foot this pitch comfortably to left handed hitters and showcase wipeout, late depth versus right handed hitters. However, the success of the FB/CH combo has led to little use of the pitch. Overall, McMahon is a player that has all the makings to blossom due the traits he possesses. Getting stronger and improving back hip/heel connection through rotation will prove huge in his development. Excited to see what the spring/future holds for him.

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