Georgia 2023 Rankings Update - Best of the Rest

Phil Kerber & Justin Goetz
PBR Georgia Staff

After such a legendary 2022 class of Day 1 and Day 2 draft prospects, many wouldn’t expect the 2023 class to outperform it. We’re here to tell you that's exactly what could happen with these soon to be seniors. Yes, Georgia is loaded every year and has 2-3 times the prospects most states do, but we haven’t had this much talent in a class for a very long time. Every player from No. 89 to No. 95 in the PBR Georgia 2023 Rankings have touched 90 mph on the mound. That’s unheard of with the exception of a few other states - FL, TX, CA. All of which are much larger states than Georgia. The baller filled class of 2023 is as dense as Georgia is humid. But do we have any Termarr Johnson, Druw Jones, Dylan Lesko type guys? Let's just say I wouldn’t put it past us if I were you. You might even find one of them outside the top 10. Here are some tooled up players who will help us stand toe to toe with the most talented states in the country for 2023.

A testament to the depth in this class is the fact that the former No. 1 ranked 2024 in the state has reclassified to the 2023 class and debuts at No. 12. LHP Drew Sofield (East Cobb Academy; Auburn). The 6-foot-1, 180-pound southpaw presently sits in the upper 80s, and can run it up into the low 90s at-times. He has a sharp 1/7 curveball that generates plenty of swing and misses. What really stands out though, is his ability to maintain arm slot and throw a high percentage of strikes. Sofield is able to mask his pitches and keep hitters guessing out of the hand. And if you are guessing against a pitcher of his quality, chances are the at-bat is going to end poorly for you.

Coming in at No. 13 is a bulldog on the mound with exceptional stuff, RHP Chase Meyer (Cherokee; Uncommitted). The 6 foot 2, 185 pounder has arguably the best SL in the entire class. Thrown at 2900 RPM from a “garden hose” low ¾ arm slot is a 78-81 2 plane hammer from a different planet on an identical plane with his FB. The combo of late sweep & depth causes very good hitters to take some very bad hacks. His 89-91 T92 FB at 2700 RPM has a similar quality of life and effectiveness. It rides and runs gradually out of the hand, he can break bats with it arm side against RHH and front door it against LHH. Has feel for a low to mid 80’s CH. Expect his continued rise on the senior circuit.

One of the state’s top two-way prospects comes in at No. 17, 3B/RHP Ethan Sutton (Allatoona; Uncommitted). Sutton checks in at a physical 6-foot-3, 208-pound. His game is defined by his power, from the plate to the mound. He has a fluid right-handed swing that lags through the zone, allowing for a higher percentage of barrels. And when he barrels the ball, it comes screaming off his bat. Sutton has some of the top raw power in the class. On the mound, his arm plays short and methodical with whip-like action. He attacks with his fastball, that has topped 92 mph this spring. While he does flash a sharp curveball, Sutton prefers to challenge opposition hitters with his fastball.

With a leap from No. 29 to No. 18 is the king of pitchability, LHP Jake Hembree (North Paulding; UGA). The 6 foot 1, 190 pound pitching scientist has the most vast, complete repertoire in the state. Pitching from the stretch only, he's also got one the cleanest deliveries in the state. This is part of what enables him to throw four pitches for strikes at any time, in any count. Without getting too mechanical, he has great direction and an effortless arm action from a high ¾ slot with a slight wrap that seems to help his ability to spin 2 dominant breaking balls. His high glove side adds deception to his sneaky, tailing FB at 88-89 T90. He can locate it up or down, in or out. He has 3 offspeed pitches with above average to plus future potential. The 78-80 SL sweeps across the zone with depth, 74-76 CB good shape, tight rotation, and ridiculous tilt. Last but not least, an absolute downer 82-83 CH. One of the most advanced pitchers in the country without a doubt.

Left-handed hitters are always viewed as premium in baseball, combine that with the athleticism and skills to stick at shortstop, and that's what you get when viewing No. 23 SS Trey King (McIntosh; Georgia). King has an easy effort swing with quick, fluid hands. He can spray the ball to all fields and acts as a spark plug as a top of the order bat. Defensively he is just as smooth with good range and plenty of arm strength. King makes it all look easy with just how fluid/smooth he is.

New at No. 29 from No. 36 is four star RB and explosive LHP, Justice Haynes (Blessed Trinity; Uncommitted). The most athletic players typically develop and adjust the quickest, and that holds very true with Haynes. The chiseled 5 foot 11, 195 pounder has an incredibly natural, perfectly sequenced delivery. He stays over the rubber well underway and uses his lower half better than any arm in the class, which takes tons of pressure off his electric arm. Justice fires his live 89-90 T92 FB w/ run+sink from a loose, efficient short circle arm action (¾ slot). The quick twitch machine drives each pitch downhill with noticeable force. His 71-73 CH is one of the nastiest CH we've ever seen at this level, a bugs bunny that falls directly off the table at an unheard of 1000 RPM. His 67-69 CB has nice shape+tight spin, and can easily develop into a banger. He will be a serious pro prospect in both baseball and football.

At No. 30 is the two way stick of dynamite, Connor Crisp (Locust Grove; UGA). He will undoubtedly make an impact on the mound in college, but we feel he has the most potential as a position player. At the plate he has a very relaxed upper half, aided by the bat sitting off his shoulder and gradual chest load as he separates. His tip toe stride prevents extra head movement, and get into a perfect launch position at landing. He’s an instinctive SS with soft hands, quick exchange, and a cannon of an arm. Rangy and can make every throw from every angle with good body control. Plus runner who would have just as much impact in CF. On the mound he has a compact, well balanced delivery with an efficient one piece arm action. He creates power from the ground up with his flexible+mobile lower half. FB 88-90 T91 with serious carry, his 80-81 SL tunnels perfectly with it. Aggressive strike thrower. 

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