Prep Baseball Report

ICYMI Fall Campus Tour: Uncommitted 2023's and 2024's

PBR Georgia Staff

The PBR Staff finished the fall season with the Campus Tour. We went to Georgia Gwinnett, Kennesaw State, Mercer, Georgia Southern, and Georgia to check out the areas top prospects. The staff was excited to get on new fields around the state to run an event. There were many talented prospects that proved why they will be a high follow this spring. Below we highlight a few uncommitted 2023’s and 2024’s that are still looking for a college to call home. All of these guys can make an impact at the next level. 

Cesar Rodriguez,Jonesboro, MIF,  

Had easily one of the most athletic swings in the event. The flow in his hips and hands are extremely impressive, leading to the most dynamic forward move in the event. Rodriguez shows innate feel for hip/shoulder separation and creates ridiculous torque due to his incredible timing and sequence. His lower half mechanics are dynamic. They move at a free yet controlled pace and create perfect lower half momentum which takes pressure off his hands and help accelerate them post landing. Cesar drove the ball to the left center gap consistently with easy backspin, occasionally buggy whipping balls on the inner half. He has a natural ability to turn the barrel in tight space and has strong hands through contact. There is considerable power potential here as he grows into his body, as this is a very athletic frame. He moved well in the infield and showed off nice arm strength at 84 mph. Probably more of a fit at 3B, but the bat is going to play wherever he ends up.


Brandon Stephens, Decatur, SS, 2023

This broad shouldered, long levered baller came away one of the most impressive athletes at our KSU event. He might only be an average runner now, but he glides with lengthy strides you would typically see on the basketball court. I see him getting much faster as he fills into his frame. It’s a very well sequenced swing with balance, rhythm and timing. The head stays very quiet and is centered between the base when he lands, and the weight is properly distributed (55% backside, 45% front side) creating a powerful position to throw the hands from. Stephens has exceptional hand eye & seems to catch every pitch just outside his front foot with perfect extension. He has the length and feel barrel to get hits on breaking pitches that would otherwise end up below the zone. It's a low effort swing built for games, and he’ll get more used to turning up twitch as strength comes. Defensively, his footwork stands out both laterally and through the ball, with soft hands and innate ability to change arm slots based on the play.

Davis Hancock,Centennial, MIF, 2023
6-foot 170-pounds. Strong, athletic framed MIF really impressed during his BP rounds. He increased all metrics from when  he was at an event in June of 2021. His swing is simple, yet generates a lot of power. He keeps his hands inside and keeps the barrel consistently through the zone. Defensively he is smooth with fluid actions. He posted an 83mph from SS, and could really move efficiently side to side at SS.

Brady Bearden, Perry, OF/RHP, 2024
Standing at 5 foot 10, 165 pounds is a freakishly strong athlete for his size. If we're talking about all five tools, Bearden was the most explosive player at the event. He clocked in at 7.19 in the 60 with a powerful run that churned up grass, the speed plays up due to quick first step and instincts. Next, he repeatedly threw missiles from the OF in the 86-88 range, with plenty of carry delivering one hop or no hop throws to the plate from RF. It was more of the same at the plate, with Bearden hitting a 94.2 max EV. Everything he squared up was 90+. He has very good rhythm in the swing, with his hips as the engine and the upper half is timed up with the forward move. Bearden creates big time torque in hip/shoulder separation.


Sebastian Haggard, Ringgold, RHP/SS,2024
Haggard was highly impressive with the best pitchability at the event. His 6 foot 4, 180 pound frame is very athletic with lean muscle and plenty of strength gains to come. He moves extremely well on the bump with a low effort, repeatable delivery and confidence in everything he does. Each pitch is thrown with purpose, and he has advanced control/command of 3 pitches. His FB sat 83-85 with live run and sink, dotting both edges with ease. His two plane CB at 68-70 tunneled well off the FB, and he showed the ability to repeat shape and throw strikes. The CH was on another level at 76-77, with unreal fade and depth shown consistently. His sweeping 71-73 SL showed late depth differentiated from his CB greatly, adding a completely different look to his arsenal. A very intriguing sleeper arm with D1 talent.

Tyler Kennedy, Harris County, OF/RHP, 2023
Positional Profile: OF/RHP

Body: 5-10, 165-pounds. Broad shouldered, athletic frame with long levers, high waist.

Hit: RHH. Athletic bend in knees, slightly open medium base, upper half starts coiled to back hip. Simple stride, solid rhythm in hands. Hands work in & out of slot well.  Some sweep to lofty path, can be very direct to ball. Hands work cleanly close to body.

Power: 90 max exit velocity, averaged 78.2 mph. 312’ max distance. Solid pop to pull side, consistent contact.

Arm: RH. OF - 80.00 mph. Two piece arm action that work in mostly full circle. Accurate throws.

Defense: Hustle to every ball, glove subtle push thru ball stops bad hops, footwork solid.

Run: 7.05 runner in the 60.

Julian Wright, Woodland, OF/RHP, 2023
Positional Profile: OF/RHP Serious sleeper who would fit in many college programs.

Body: 6-1, 190-pounds. Very strong, large frame. Standout athleticism

Hit: RHH. Medium athletic base with perfect weight distribution (55% backside, 45% front). Hips start load into launch position and activate his hands with a good stretch in separation despite a no stride lower half. The no stride keeps his head still and behind the ball. Clears hips well and is in a very good position to hit at heel strike.  Short, quick, direct. Strong hands thru contact and gets barrel angle late, allowing knob to lead path.

Power: 92 max exit velocity, averaged 84 mph. 348’ max distance. Crushed nearly every ball to the left center gap. Impressive pop.

Arm: RH. OF - 85.00 mph. Short circle arm action from H3/4 slot.

Defense: Moves through ball well with easy exchange. Has range.

Run: 7.05 runner in the 60.

Davis Coleman, Deerfield-Windsor School, C, 2023
Positional Profile: 1B/C

Body: 6-3, 194-pounds.

Hit: . Wide, balanced setup, smooth rhythm in hands as he loads back and brings barrel vertical, short stride, good balance. Short barrel path to the zone, keeps hands inside, gap-to-gap approach, looks to elevate and drive middle.

Power: 90 max exit velocity, averaged 82.3 mph. 295’ max distance. Power potential

Arm: RH. C - 72.00 mph. INF - 82.00 mph. Short arm action with a striaight draw back, some arm speed through an over-the-top slot, accurate with throws, true back spin.

Defense: 2.16-2.23 pop times. Moves well around the bag at first, plays through with a confident glove, clean footwork and exchanges. Behind the plate, new to the position, longer actions, feel for receiving, soft glove.

Run: 7.58 runner in the 60