Prep Baseball Report

PBR 15U National Championship - Hitters

Justin Goetz, Chaz Crawford, Paul Gies
PBR Georgia Staff

The hitters in PBR 15U Nat bring a wide range of style, approach, and swing mechanics. But, everyone on this list shows must-have hitting qualities to play at the next level. This tourney has been more hitting heavy than the older age groups which is expected. These are only some of the big time bats that caught our eye in the tournament's first half.

Calvin Johnson, 2B/CF, Frederick Douglass, 2025, Commonwealth Xpress

Uncommitted. A high waisted 5 foot 9, 140 pounds with lean muscle. Profiles as a D1 CF for me but would be fine at 2B. He’s a plus athlete with high level swing mechanics & elite hand eye. Hips are the engine of his swing, barrel tilt just before separation activates twitch & momentum in wrists. Crazy bat spd 4 age. Quiet head as he gains ground in stride, clearing hips before a soft landing on his front foot. Connected hand path works quickly and effortlessly close to the body, allowing him to manipulate the barrel and adjust on the fly. Core is very involved as he works to contact point with strong hands. Knob leads path, barrel replaces!

Trent Grindlinger, C, Huntington Beach (CA), 2025, Team Elite
Long Beach State Commit. 6 foot 180 pounds with a large frame and broad, sloped shoulders. This is easily one of the best swings for a backstop in the 2025 class. He creates free & explosive movement in one compact spot while making his forward move to the baseball. Hand path works along ribs until out front, core finishes swing w/ top hand palm up. Big time rotational acceleration! Will continue to improve as a receiver, smooth transfer with good direction allowing his cannon arm to work 88 off the bump. Very excited to see how advanced the swing will be in 2-3 years.

Daniel Pierce, SS, Mill Creek, 2025, Team Elite
Uncommitted. This long levered athlete stands in at 6 foot, 165 with athletic actions and rare baseball IQ. There aren’t 5 more complete hitters in the country for his class. Pierce has built quite the PBR track record very early in his career - hit 3 oppo doubles with a strained quad against an 88-91 ACC commit in GHSA playoffs, and we’ve seen nothing but QAB’s. He baits pitchers into his strengths, and has unshakable confidence at the plate. The swing mechanics can only be described as dynamic - with rare balance, fluidity and timing. He’s athletic at SS with a cannon for an arm. To have all these advanced skills & production before nearing physical maturity projects enormously on his career.

Cayden Mitchell, 3B/RHP, Mansfield Timberview, 2025, Stix Baseball
Uncommitted. 6 foot 1, 180 pounds of chiseled lean muscle with flexibility. Exceptional upper half mechanics in the swing. His shoulders tilt gradually on a decline plane during forward move & hands activate. Creates incline plane 2 rotate on causing back elbow tuck, barrel lag, & matches pitch trajectory. Knob leads swing, creating a short path with natural lift. We see him as a sure bet for plus raw power, with a combo of ideal power swing mechanics and strength. But that's not all Mitchell can do, he’s very projectable on the mound with a sound delivery and fast arm. This one’s going places.

Austin McMillan, 3B, Johns Creek (GA), 2025, TG DBacks
Uncommitted. 6 foot 2, 175 pounds with a large lengthy frame. Intriguing two way with raw power projection & athleticism. Love how shoulders work south to go north, creating a lofty path, easily matching plane. Wide, balanced base & simple stride. Creates unreal leverage in separation leading to a blur of bat speed as the hands are thrown. Optimal layback off the back shoulder leads to a compact stroke. Quiet head, stays down thru swing well. Absolutely love swing! Athletic delivery on the mound with arm speed up to 84 with more coming. Definitely keeping close tabs on McMillan as this was a limited look.

Steele Hall, IF, Daphne (AL), 2026, Excel Blue Wave
Uncommitted. Hall is one of the more impressive bats in the 2026 class and he has hit every time we have seen him at Lakepoint this summer. It is a simple approach that sees him hunt FB’s early in the count. Bat to ball skills jump off the charts and one thing that I think is very underrated about him is his defensive ability. Instincts, reactions, arm strength, and just overall feel for the shortstop position is one that stands out immensely when watching him up the middle of the diamond. This is an athlete who has shown everything you want in a middle infielder and is bound to receive a lot of interest from college coaches in the coming years.


Greyson Gegg, OF, Glynn Academy (GA), 2024, Team Georgia
Uncommitted. Gegg has continued to impress every time he has stepped onto a field this summer. Whether that be in game or in showcase, this guy balls out. Athletic, slender build standing at 6’3 175lbs and the tools show all over the field. It is a tall setup with some rhythm in the hands before load. Quick toe tap stride allows him to get the foot down early. Back elbow shrinks to provide better opportunity for contact on the inner half. Fluid, short barrel path with lightning quick hand speed. Has also been up to 91mph from the outfield at one of our showcases. Intriguing prospect to follow for 2024 class!


Mason Monsour, IF, Carrollton (GA), 2025, East Cobb Astros 
Uncommitted. Monsour possesses a lot of athletic traits you want to see in a young middle infielder. Thick, stocky, yet muscular frame at 5’11 185lbs. Very methodical back elbow adjustment which changes the barrel plane to a more “lofty” swing path. Great balance in overall swing/stride that keeps him on everything. All fields approach w/ controlled aggression early in the count.  Ranked 22nd in the 2025 state rankings. Will be an intriguing player to follow this spring for sure!


Mason Braun, 1B/OF, New Prairie (IN), 2025, Indiana Mustangs 
Uncommitted. One of the better overall swings of the weekend. Creating subtle rhythm in the hands during setup. Keeps the barrel vertical during stride with a level shoulder plane creating crazy line drive pop. Extremely power hands through contact.  It is a thick body w/ a run tool that could be average/above in the future. Approach to all fields w/ idea to do damage on every pitch. Has shown 2 way ability in the past as well which is pretty intriguing, but what you are ultimately getting is a stocky outfielder who will hit his way into a lineup with the raw power potential he possesses. Pretty exciting stuff from the young slugger!


Carson Zagryn, UTL, Blessed Trinity (GA), 2025, 643 DP Cougars
Uncommitted. Strong, physical presence in the box. Has shown ability to play all around the diamond. Athletic bend in setup with handsy barrel. Hips activate hands, creates really good separation during stride causing “rubber-band effect”. Powerful hands at contact resulting in a lot of line drives. Unique swing path that is more level than you typically see in today’s game. Results in more consistent contact.  Has been up to 83mph across the infield w/ some projection left in the body standing at 6’2 175lbs.


Alexander Peck, SS, University school of Nashville (TN), 2025, 5 Star National 
The shortstop had a day for the 5 Star National team. Tall and athletic frame. Starts tall and stays tall in the box. Rhythmic leg kick to get the swing started, creates minimal head movement. Lands with good separation and gets into a powerful launch position. Front hip works early and gives his hands plenty of time to work out front. Was able to inside-out a fastball in his first at bat for a double to deep right center. Showed the ability to use the whole field with another backside line drive resulting in an RBI. Looked smooth at shortstop. Despite his tall frame was able to move efficiently and can cover a large range at short. Is athletic enough to play anywhere in the field and has big power potential at the plate. Uncommitted.


Luke Greene, 1B, Roncalli HS (IN), 2025, Indiana Canes 15u 
Luke has a relaxed set up at the plate. Starts tall and stays tall throughout the swing. Short leg kick with a short load. Sees the ball deep and makes a lot of hard contact, hard to strike out. Barrel lays down early to stay in the zone a long time. Extends well after contact. Line drive swing, found multiple barrels for the Canes adding good run production to the middle of the lineup. As he matures there is big power potential in his 6-foot-1 170-pound frame. Worked the bag well at first and showed the ability to pick the baseball. Uncommitted.


Andrew Pellicciotta, SS, Malvern Prep HS (PA), 2025, Great Valley Kings
Showed a lot of production from the lead off spot today for the Kings. Strong wide base at the plate. Sinks into backside with a fluid toe-tap. Good back knee drive to create pop. Great approach at the plate, attacking the mid 80’s fastball with ease. Very pesky at the plate and hard to get one by him, able to fight off the off speed to get his pitch. Above average runner, beat out a hard hit infield single to lead off the game; Proceeded to steal 2nd and3rd and scored on a passed ball to manufacture a run. Looked good at short with quick fluid hands and the ability to cover a lot of ground at SS. Uncommitted.


Justin Fallon, OF, Upperman HS (TN), 2025, Knights Platinum 
Great rhythm at the plate. Rides his backside well, hips and hands stay connected. Smooth leg kick with no head movement. Gets into a good launch position with barrel tilt. Stays behind the baseball and drives it to all fields. Looking to do damage from the lead off spot for the Knights. Line drive up the middle at 90+ exit velocity. Big power potential with a whippy bat. Covered center well and ran hard. Heads up fielder backing up his position and hitting his cuts. Uncommitted.