Power 25 Scout Blog: #1 Parkview vs #7 North Gwinnett

Justin Goetz
Assistant Scouting Director

The anticipation for this matchup was intense, and if you’re a baseball purist it sure didn’t disappoint. Although a couple of stars were banged up or didn’t have their best night, there were plenty of players ready to step up on both sides. On any given night this could’ve been a high scoring game, but every time these two teams play it goes down to the wire. ‘23 RHP Garrett Lambert continued to fill the draft balloon with helium, as he threw a 4 inning no-hitter in front of many MLB decision makers. On the other side, ‘23 LHP Gavin Zoeller moved sliced and diced through a high powered lineup. The game would end in a 2-1 W for the View Boys.


2023, RHP, Garrett Lambert
Mercer Commit. 6-foot-2, 200 pounds. The gradual improvement in Lambert’s stuff over the past year is the exact progress you hope to see in a draft prospect. He’s always had an athletic delivery, but last spring he didn’t control his body nearly as well through up+down+out phases. There was a gradual drift as he squared up that led to him landing in a crossfire with his stride foot wide open just to get back in line to the plate somewhat. Lambert made one other adjustment that allowed not only his velo to tick up, but created an entirely new 80-83 SL that flashes A/AVG. Last year he would coil to the back hip as soon as he started to lift the knee, quickly uncoiling in stride which created an early upper half & late arm. This spring he’s coming up completely square during knee lift (shoulders & hips in line to plate), and subtly coiling (chest+obliques) to the back hip at the same pace of his stride. This has created much more separation, torque, backside connection, and much better timing. Obviously his work in the weight room and on his SL grip/conviction/etc deserve credit, but his surge last fall and this spring don’t happen without incredible work on his delivery.

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