Road 2 The Show: Draft Follows

Justin Goetz
Assistant Scouting Director

Vahn Lackey, C, Collins Hill, 2023
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 188 pounds.       Age at Draft: 18 yrs, 0 months (2 days before draft).

Body Type: Large frame w/ long levers, well built lower half. 20 more lbs easy.

Competitiveness: Very Good   Body Control: A/AVG   Swing Mechanics: Good

Instincts: Good   Pitch Recognition: A/AVG (future)   Plate Discipline: A/AVG (future) 

Approach: A/AVG (future)   Projection: Excellent   Makeup: Excellent   Baseball Player?: Yes.

Future every day C who is only at the ground floor of his eventual ceiling. Late bloomer (grew from 5’9 to 6’2 last summer) who focused on fundamentals at a young age and now has the large frame and 5 tool potential to go with it. Current A/AVG to plus catch & throw will make him a defensive force who can shut down run games on a consistent basis. Noticeable passion for catching and moves effortlessly behind the dish with impressive reaction time. Offensively, he has all fields juice with advanced pitch recognition and the ability to manipulate the barrel to all pitch locations. Advanced lower half sink, linear connection. Produces easy lift by tilting shoulders south gradually in stride (puts him on diagonal plane) to create leverage north post landing. Separation timing, fluidity in & out of launch are exceptional. Very mature for age with a 4.0 GPA, would handle MILB grind well. Will be a priority draft 2-3 years from now.

Separators - Athleticism, Catch & Throw, Projection, Swing Mechanics, Pitch Recognition.

Tools (future grades only)       Stats: .466 AVG, 58 AB, 21 R, 27 H, 3 HR, 7 2B, 9 RBI.

Hit - AVG. Advanced approach for age, uses reaction time and tracking ability to make consistently good swing decisions. Dynamic forward move and ability to decelerate on offspeed. Works himself into advantageous counts on the regular. Innate feel for timing.

Power Production - AVG. Equal pop to both gaps with ideal backspin+carry. Will produce consistently in big situations. 

Run - AVG. Long, gliding strides with 3.28 - 3.30 Home to 1st times. There’s a chance for speed to increase as he fills out from recent growth spurt.

Field - A/AVG. Way ahead of his age group in all facets. Agility, flexibility stand out when shifting and blocking. Soft hands as receiver with impressive framing. Footwork and transfer are lightning quick.

Throw - Plus. Average arm strength currently. Transfer, quick release, and arm accuracy allow his arm to play as a good tool right now. As the arm strength ticks up, we’re talking top of the scale pop times.

OFP: Solid Avg.

Player Comparison: Floor - Tony Eusebio.

Conrad Cason, RHP/SS, GAC, 2024
Mississippi State Commit. 6-foot-2, 186 pounds.       Age at Draft: 17 years, 11 months.

Body Type: Large, rangy frame loaded w/ fast twitch fibers. Built like basketball player.

Competitiveness: Excellent     Body Control: A/AVG     Delivery: Good

Arm Action: Very Good (H3/4 slot)     Ease of Operation: Good     Separation: Excellent

Arm Speed: Excellent     Projection: Good     Makeup: Excellent     Baseball Player? Yes.

Future occ. All-Star #8 or #9 with chance to be mid rotation starter due to athleticism, dominant FB, projection, and work ethic. Exceptional athlete also has many loud tools as a position player with smooth actions in all facets. One of the highest velocity ceilings in the country whose FB is just as impactful in the top of the zone as the bottom. Fearless competitor with a determination like few others on the mound. Confidence and business-like approach make it easy to see him reach his full potential. Delivery has remarkably improved since last summer, making me even more convicted on the player. Uses his long levers very well in the delivery (stride length, hip/shoulder separation) while maintaining efficiency. Improved compactness through up+down+out phases since just last year. Controlling the upper half with improved balance (chest stays over feet) instead of the chest fading like it did last year. The arm action has gone from average to very good over the past year, improving fluidity and eliminating the unneeded depth (light stab) he had in 2022. Slight bend in elbow throughout path keeps him more connected to largest muscles on backside, creating more arm speed out of the bottom of arm path. His newly improved arm action is allowing him to move at a faster tempo with less effort and much better timing, positioning at foot strike. These adjustments have already improved his feel for the SL & CH, as his release point is much more consistent. While it’s too early in his development to decide his role, this is an elite athlete who I would bet on to have big success in the game.

Separators - Athleticism, Arm Speed+Arm Strength Combo, FB Velocity, FB Life, Projection.

Tools (future grades only)

FB Overall (92-95): Excellent. A lock to reach triple digits in the near future, holds velocity very well.
FB Life: Good. Bore up in the zone already flashing A/AVG, steep plane w/ run+sink down.
FB Command: Avg. Control has improved drastically with improved AA.

SL Overall (79-81):  Avg. Improved posture like FB will tighten rotation, add depth to pitch. Will play up half grade regardless due to FB.
SL Life: Avg. Sharpness continues to improve. Some sweep, much more depth.
SL Command: Near Avg.

CH Overall (78-80): Avg. Selling it much better, arm slot fits well with the pitch. Will play up due to FB.
CH Life: Solid Avg. Fader that flashes sudden depth.
CH Command: Near Avg. Feel continues to improve.

OFP: Reliever: A/AVG to Good. Starter: Solid Avg.

Delivery Comparison: Jeremy Jeffress.     Player Comparison: Jeremy Jeffress.

Jansen Kenty, LHP, East Coweta, 2023
Alabama Commit. 6-foot, 185 pounds.     Age at Draft: 17 years, 11 months.

Body Type: Large frame, higher waist, very strong lower half, shoulders, forearms.

Competitiveness: Excellent     Body Control: AVG     Delivery: A/AVG

Arm Action: A/AVG     Ease of Operation: AVG     Separation: Excellent

Arm Speed: Good     Projection: A/AVG     Makeup: Excellent     Baseball Player? Yes.

Future #5 starter with some of the best competitiveness I’ve seen in a prep arm. Suffocates hitters with constant tempo, fearless intent with every pitch he throws. Comes at hitters like a bull in a rodeo and focus does not waver from 1st pitch to last. Durable build helps him hold velocity throughout starts. Extremely compact delivery and L3/4 slot produce some of the best angle you’ll find in the Peach State. Likes to attack early in counts with FB, but has the feel and confidence to pitch backwards. Willingness to pitch inside to both RHH/LHH is impressive, and is just a small glimpse of the type of baseball player he is. Would have zero worry about facing an MLB hitter right now, which there’s something to be said for. As far as hip shoulder separation and torque at landing goes, there are few arms in the country that match him in that department. Stacks backside over the rubber very well with an aggressive stride that allows his FB to get on hitters quick. Glove side and plane shoulders rotate on match his slot perfectly, creating a natural (more East/West) rotation. These type of deliveries involve heavy core rotation, and he has the strong build to handle that violent rotation regularly. Separation timing, efficiency can still improve and there’s still more velocity in the tank. This is an arm who you can depend on to fill up the zone and pitch to contact, and who will constantly strive to get better. Great teammate.

Separators: Angle, Competitiveness, Hip/Shoulder Separation, Durability.

Tools (future grades only)

FB Overall (89-91 T93): A/AVG. Velocity will be at least avg for LHS, holds it from 1st pitch to last. Nasty angle will play pitch up half grade. Averages 20 IVB w/ A/AVG spin rates.
FB Life: Avg. Gradual tail with carry up, some dive down in zone at times. Consistent A/AVG spin for MLB LHP, flashes good already (Max 2513).
FB Command: A/AVG. Good feel to both edges of plate, works in & out regularly with ease.

CH Overall (82): Solid Avg. Tunnels with top of zone FB well, sells pitch very well with aggressiveness.
CH Life: Solid Avg. Gradual fade with late depth. Consistent shape.
CH Command: Solid Avg. Spots up arm side with regularity.

SLV Overall (73-76): Near Avg. Strike pitch that gets occasional S&M. Throws it confidently.
SLV Life: Avg. Up to 17.7 HZB and flashes late depth at times. T2527.
SLV Command: Near Avg. Plenty of control with the pitch.

OFP: Avg with traits that can play up.

Player Comparison: Rheal Cormier.

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