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Southeast Senior Games - Team Georgia Pitcher Anaylsis

Phil Kerber
Georgia Scouting Director

The 2nd annual Southeast Senior Games took place on Monday, July 25th at LakePoint Sports in Emerson, GA. This event kicked off the busiest recruiting week of the summer for college coaches as it led directly into the PBR Future Games and PBR Junior Future Games. What was a six team event a year ago, has expanded to include eight teams and featured over 140 uncommitted prospects from 10 different states.

In the days that followed the event, we produced post-event analysis that included performance highlights inside of our Quick Hits story. That was followed by a deep dive into the statistical side of things with a number of content pieces. First, there was the Stats Story on the traditionally measured metrics. Then we went head first into the TrackMan numbers and Blast data.

We started out the individual scouting reports on Team Georgia by looking at the position players. Today, we will produce the pitchers reports, and we will wrap things up with a ranking of the top overall prospects on Friday.

Team Georgia (Listed Alphabetically)

Logan Bryson, Woodstock (GA), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP/1B Physical arm with plenty more in the tank.
Body: 6-3, 205-pounds. Extra large frame, strong, sturdy, physical build.
Delivery: Tall and fall delivery, stays upright throughout, good rhythm, short strider, works on-line, lands closed on the front-side, finishes crossing over.
Arm Action: RH. Short draw on the back-side, quick arm action, some looseness, works downhill out of a high 3/4 to over-the-top slot.
FB: T85.9, 82.7-85.6 mph. Armside run. T2064, 1929 average rpm.
CB: 74-76.5 mph. Downer action, 11/5 to 12/6 shape. T2050, 2003 average rpm.
CH: 77.4-79.1 mph. Late sink, falls off the table, potential swing and miss pitch. T1314, 1140 average rpm.

Chase Moller, Alexander (GA), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP Pitch ability with three lively pitches.
Body: 6-1, 150-pounds. Lean, athletic build, room to add.
Delivery: Drop and drive delivery, flexible lower half, sits on back-side as he comes to a high balance point, leads with hip down the mound, works on-line, lands square, finishes upright and crossing over. Fluid, loose actions throughout. Easy effort.
Arm Action: RH. Long, loose arm action to a 3/4 slot, some arm speed, repeatable.
FB: T84.2, 80.9-83.7 mph. Heavy running action to both sides, feel for. T2224, 1943 average rpm.
SL: 69.4-72.9 mph. Sweeping action, some sharp, potential swing and miss, feel for. T2211, 2090 average rpm.
CH: 72.2-75.5 mph. Heavy sinking action, kills the spin on it, feel for. T1408, 1232 average rpm.

Wesley Moore, Home School (GA), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP One of the top uncommitted arms in the state, huge projection.
Body: 6-6, 195-pounds. Ultra projectable, long, lanky frame.
Delivery: Smooth drop and drive delivery, good pace throughout, high balance point and front-side, works on-line, lands square, finishes upright and crossing over.
Arm Action: RH. Short, loose arm action, quick arm speed, able to get out front on-time ,by staying short, and utilizes his long arms to get extended through a high 3/4 slot.
FB: T87.9, 83.7-86.4 mph. Riding life, velocity plays up with his extension, feel for to glove side and up in the zone. T2415, 2206 average rpm.
SL: 72.4-77.5 mph. Downer action, some sharp, can throw for strikes or bury for swing and misses. T2376, 2167 average rpm.
CH: 73.3-76.8 mph. Mostly straight, change of pace, deceptive, some sink. T2173, 1885 average rpm.

Austin Robinson, South Paulding (GA), 2023
Positional Profile: OF/RHP Huge raw talent, loud tools across the board.
Body: 6-4, 201-pounds. Long, lanky frame, ultra projectable, highly athletic, loads of room to fill out.
Delivery: Tall and fall delivery, smooth rhythm, hands rise with high leg kick, long strider, works on-line, lands closed, finishes crossing over.
Arm Action: RH. Long arm action, short stab, to an over-the-top slot, some arm speed, gets downhill at-times.
FB: T81.7, 78.6-81.1 mph. Mostly straight, some run. T2112, 1961 average rpm.
SL: 66.7-71.1 mph. Downer action, 12/6 shape, feel for, some swing and miss. T1721, 1538 average rpm.

Logan Taylor, Oconee County (GA), 2023
Positional Profile: 3B/RHP One of the top uncommitted two-way players in the state.
Body: 6-0, 184-pounds. Medium sized frame, proportional build, strength throughout.
Delivery: Smooth athletic delivery, tall and fall, rhythm and pace as he builds, high balance point, backside helps work downhill, lands square and stiff just after release allowing for ankle mobility, finishes crossing over.
Arm Action: RH. Clean, loose arm action on the back-side, quick to a high 3/4 slot, repeatable.
FB: T88.4, 83.6-87.5 mph. Boring action, feel for to both sides, some swing and miss. T2060, 1815 average rpm.
SL: 73.5-76.8 mph. 12/6 shape, downer action, tight spin, swing and miss, strikes. T2012, 1949 average rpm.

Kaden Tuten, Benedictine Military School (GA), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP Pitch ability, four pitch mix.
Body: 6-2, 170-pounds. Long, lean frame, projectable, room for more.
Delivery: Quick paced tall and fall delivery, some deception, hides hands behind leg at balance point, high front-side, works on-line, lands square. Uses a quick slide step out of the stretch.
Arm Action: RH. Short arm action, short stab on the back-side, gets out front routinely, 3/4 slot.
FB: T84.4, 81.5-83.8 mph. Sinking action, thrown to all parts of the zone. T1882, 1748 average rpm.
CB: 72.4-74.6 mph. 11/5 shape, some swing and miss, deceptive, had hitters guessing, feel for. T1746, 1605 average rpm.
SL: 72.7-74.1 mph. Deceptive, sweeping action, some swing and miss, had hitters guessing, feel for. T1876, 1761 average rpm.
CH: 73.4-77.4 mph. Sinking action. T1698, 1569 average rpm.

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