Prep Baseball Report

State Games of GA: Day 1-2 Recap

Justin Goetz
PBR Georgia Asst Scouting Director

The State Games of Georgia have been an electric factory for Day 1-2. It's truly incredible how much young talent is in the southeast, and it makes me proud to be a part of it. This weekend has been loaded with generational talents, high & mid level D1 prospects, and plenty of good fits for juco and D2. With the leadoff tourney of summer off to a great start, there are high expectations week by week at the beautiful Lakepoint Complex.

Carson Ray, SS, 2026, The Dream; Woodward HS, GA
Uncommitted. 5 foot 10, 150 pounds. One of the most low effort, high contact swings I’ve seen in the age group. Quiet confidence at the plate. He works inside the baseball very well, making it tough for pitchers to jam him inside. Ray will surely hit for average, but also creates loft late in the swing when needed - with his ability to manipulate the top hand before contact based on pitch location. Tall open set up, narrow base w/ slow flow in the hands. Good separation timing, hips lead the stride. Very handsy with a short, level path & good lag. Right center approach keeps him on everything. Gd lower half actions on low ball. I hear good things about him defensively and look forward to seeing more. He runs well. 

Trey Robbins, 1B/LHP, 2026, The Dream; Whitewater HS, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot 2, 185 pounds. A monster at the plate and on the bump. 6 foot 2 185 with big juice in the barrel. Still head, timed up leg kick, natural angle in launch position. Gd barrel acceleration, swing will shorten as he works back elbow closer 2 body. With a young look and giant frame, I can only imagine how strong Robbins will be in a couple years. He’s already got average raw power for a college bat in 8th grade. On the mound it’s an athletic delivery with a full circle AA, little bit of pie throw but gets very good extension and builds up gradual momentum for easy violence after landing. FB 80-82 run arm side, cut glove side. CH low 70’s. 


Ty Mobley, RHP, 2026, Canes Baseball; Pike County HS, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot 4, 185 pounds. Large frame w/ funky delivery he repeats well. Mobley has lots of pitchability and is just difficult to time up as a hitter. He should get real innings right away his freshman year in high school, and is a very good bet to develop into a D1 arm. FB 80-82 T84 from steep plane w/ heavy run+sink, low 70’s CB has some shape & tight spin for age. Will be playing for a State Championship team next spring!

Ty Tillery, RHP, 2026, Canes Baseball; Morgan County HS, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot 2, 165 pounds, broad shoulders long levers w/ quick twitch fibers. This is one of the most exciting arms in the country for his class. I haven’t scouted tons of ‘26’s, but this is a faster arm than many prospects 2-3 years ahead of him. I believe he will make steady progression in velo yearly as well as develop more consistency in his SL. It’s a clean, med paced delivery lengthy full circle AA low 3/4 slot. Rare hip/shoulder separation & gd extension aided by stride. FB 84-85 T88  run+sink, bore up in zone. SL 73-74 sweep. Will throw 100, and I don’t think it's going to take very long to happen. Check back with me on that 4-5 years from now.

Ashton Alston, RHP, 2024, Rawlings SE Mavs; Christian Community HS, TN
Bama commit. 6 foot 6, 190 pounds. This effortless arm is only going to become easier as he fills into his frame. To be able to repeat his delivery at a high level from a lanky 6’6 frame is eye opening. Lack of command and consistent movement on all pitches are typical of a young player this size who’s still got years to fill out. It’s a slow paced delivery, with calming ease of operation & arm spd. Loose, long AA picks up gradual momentum from low 3/4 slot. Patient over rubber repeats well. High spin FB 89-91 T92 bore arm side, sink glove side. 78-80 banger w/ late sweep, mirrors FB. I didn’t see the CH, but due to his advanced pitchability I can almost guarantee he’ll develop a good one.

TJ Ford, SS, 2025, NSA Baseball; Team Elite Academy, GA
UGA commit. 5 foot 10, 150 pounds. This young boss plays SS like an NBA point guard. Slick glove flips, behind the back throws, going airborne on slow rollers & ranging all over the place for diving web gems. Ford is electric to watch, and should only become more so as he fills into his frame. TJ is one of the best athletes in the country for 2025. At the plate he’s got slow & controlled w/ hips, great balance from start to finish. Smooth 2 part load that keeps him patient as he stretches for separation in stride. Level swing path for high contact built to match speed. Doesn’t stray from approach. 4.04 down line.

Lucas Langley, CIF, 2025, Southeast Sox; Social Circle HS, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot 1, 190 pounds. This broad shouldered beast with dense muscle from head to toe is a punisher of baseballs with the hair to match. He can also throw strikes on the mound in the low to mid 80’s. Langley Showed a patient approach working a 3-2 count looking for his pitch in his zone. Simple line drive swing path, keeps head still from start to finish. 94 EV off the end of the bat. If the swing mechanics continue to develop out of the rawness stage, it could be a special bat. This dude is a beast and has a cool, calm temperament on the field. 

Matthew Bright, OF, 2024, Southeast Sox; North Paulding HS, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot 2, 175 pounds. This is a very mechanically sound bat who can work counts but also be aggressive on the first pitch. You’d be getting a guy who makes consistent contact with potential for power production. Had the biggest hit of the night on Day 1 for the Sox. Bright gained ground with his lower half to attack a middle away pitch in front of the plate & drive it to left center for a 3 RBI double. This is a sweet lefty swing.

TJ Smith, CF, 2024, Southeast Sox; North Cobb HS, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot 1, 180 pounds. is an elite athlete with a sky high ceiling. This is going to be an impact defender at a premium defensive position - Instincts, jumps, effortlessly gliding through routes. Smith’s arm should develop into plus as he fills out. The bat has just as much potential and I look forward to getting more looks. At the dish - Balanced base w/ knees angled inside feet, hips start swing. Chest loads hands for him allowing quick twitch to take over. Smooth path, effortless bat speed. Glider who will be at least a plus runner. 


Caden Hewitt, RHP, 2024, Southeast Sox; North Paulding HS, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot 3, 170 pounds. This is a wiry strong medium frame with ridiculous arm speed and good ease of operation. Well paced delivery w/ good balance & athletic mech. Efficient one piece AA 3/4 slot. Gd lower half direction & extension. FB 83-86 T88 bore up, run+sink down. Plus life in the future. Commands KCB 70-72 w/ sharp 11-5 shape, 2 plane depth. This is the pitch that will separate him from other wiry projectable righties. Another velo jump incoming. 

Justice Haynes, LHP, 2023, TGBA; Buford HS
Uncommitted. 5 foot 11, 190 pounds. The 4 star RB is the strongest player in his class pound for pound. He might have the best delivery in the country. Pace, balance, timing, linear connection and direction are identical pitch to pitch. His velo is steadily climbing and he really has a natural feel to pitch. Haynes will only get bigger, faster, and stronger. He takes care of his body like a professional, learning from his NFL dad Verron Haynes, so he will remain more flexible & mobile than any baseball player as he adds more size. FB sat 89-90 T92 w/ turbo sinkers down in zone. Gets carry up in zone due to arm slot & tail. CH 70-72 bugs bunny. CB will develop quickly as he spends more time on it with the spin doctor at Full Count Baseball.

Steele Hall, SS, 2026, Excel Baseball; Daphne HS, AL
Uncommitted. 5 foot 10, 145 pounds. This gamer is going to be one of the best HS hitters in the southeast very soon. Rare hand-eye, seems to be right on every single pitch he swings at. Good balance over backside when hips start, smooth separation timing. Creates perfect lag off back shoulder as he throws hands, barrel stays in zone forever. A/AVG run when underway, and should end up a plus runner. Instincts are ahead of his age and dependable SS with twitchy actions. 

Pete Jezerinac, LHP, 2024, Nelson Baseball; Kennesaw Mtn HS, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot 2, 155 pounds with coat hanger shoulders & long levers. One of the most exciting finds of 2022 for me. It's rare to find a rising junior who can command 3 pitches with consistent movement. The bats he faced spoke volumes, having trouble squaring up anything the entire start. Funky high tempo delivery, standout arm speed from high 3/4 slot. Patient over rubber, works downhill very well. FB 84-85 T86 heavy sinker, late tail+unique angle. Sweeping low 70’s SLV 2 plane snap, consistent shape. CH 76-77 fade. If he continues to progress on a steady pace, we’ll be seeing him pitch at the games highest level someday. 

Brandon Sunwoo, SS/3B, 2024, Georgia Jackets; Peachtree Ridge HS, GA
Uncommitted. 6 foot 2, 180 pounds. Large frame, proportional build, sloped shoulders. High level actions in all facets of the game. One of the most repeatable swings in the class, Sunwoo makes loud contact game after game. He has an advanced gap to gap approach and consistently makes good decisions on what pitch to swing at, rarely taking strikes. Great balance and feel for sinking into his legs, which helps him match plane often. His upper half coil into launch position & feel for clearing hips creates efficiency separation without extra moving parts. Good footwork, smooth hands & exchange with a strong, accurate arm from all angles.

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