Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospect Games - Standout Players

Justin Goetz & Chaz Crawford
PBR Georgia Staff

Kyle Jones, OF, North Oconee, 2023, 6’3 170
Uncommitted. Supreme athlete with 5 tool potential who will develop a no fly zone in CF due to his 6.57 speed (2nd fastest in event) and instincts. 90 mph from OF with accuracy adds another level to his defensive impact. Swing is of the same quality and can be a menace on the basepaths. Getting plenty of interest from good programs.

Brooks House, RHP, Winder-Barrow, 2023, 6’5 190
Uncommitted. Future starter with a sky high ceiling who has a good approach to pitching. Will improve dramatically year by year. Unique, projectable arm w/ great balance for his lengthy frame. Funky OH wind, deep AA slight wrap from 3/4 slot A/AVG deception. FB 87-89 T90 sinker w/ incredibly steep plane. SL 77-79 sudden lateral bite, CH 75-76 fade (mirrors SL).

Ryan Ford, 3B, Winder-Barrow, 2023, 6’2 220
Uncommitted. One of the strongest players in his class who hits anything from the finesse arm to the power arm. Extremely short, handsy swing with a right center approach who can get to any pitch in any zone. Works hard on defensive improvement and head always in the game. Wants to be challenged and responds well to adversity on the field. Can really move for his size (7.13 60 yd).

Jayden Reid, SS, Westlake, 2023, 5’10 150
Uncommitted. Magical actions as Top Prospect Games top defender. Fluid hips w/ instinctive reads, always in control of his body & feet. Able to stop on dime & redirect momentum explosively. Soft hands & exchange, creative from all angles, 7.0 60, 86 mph from SS and the mound! Smooth, contact oriented swing to all fields with backspin. Only at the tip of the iceberg athleticism wise, strength is the only thing he’s waiting on.

Will Curcio, OF/3B, Etowah, 2023, 5’10 170
Uncommitted. Curcio posted consistent EV’s of 90+ in BP. Athletic frame. Controls barrel and shows ability to spray the ball to all fields. State Champ runner up who turns in consistent quality AB’s. Does well in all facets - Can run (7.11), defend, situationally hit, nice aptitude and effortless actions.

Nicholas Stinson, RHP/1B, 2023, 6’2 180
Uncommitted. Has been offered by D1 and has interest from multiple schools. Stinson is a legit two way w/ big arm speed on the bump & consistent swing that produces gap to gap barrels from a sweet line drive swing. Throws power sinkers in the 88-89 range T91. SL 78 depth and is still developing but has some late action. A lot to work with here, plenty of potential.

Samuel Albee, RHP, Fellowship Christian, 2023, 6’5 225
Uncommitted. Future dynamite closer here. Already getting D1 offers as a Tight End and lots of D1 interest on the mound. Chiseled frame, few big leaguers look like him. Clean delivery med circle 3/4 slot, gradually builds up momentum over rubber - solid lower half mech create a steep plane. FB 87-89 T90 live run+sink, SL 76-78 late bite. This elite athlete with a great personality will fit in seamlessly to any clubhouse and end up a pro prospect sooner rather than later.

Luke Earnhardt, LHP, Rabun Gap, 2023, 6’1 205
Gem w/ mix of pitchability & nasty. Gets more swing & miss and bad hitter reactions than most in his class. Picture perfect delivery w/ elite ease of operation, unique+deceptive low 3/4 slot. FB 85-88 + angle, carry up & tail down. Can put it anywhere he wants. SL 74-75 2600 rpm sweeper, 2 plane bang. Has an equally nasty SLV at 69-72 with similar spin that he likes to throw for breaking ball variation. CH 72-74 nasty fade! Another for sure pro prospect to me at the college level.

Lewis Rodriguez, OF, Rabun Gap, 2023, 6’ 165
The most toolsy player at our entire event also shows in game. He’s a high energy leadoff type who put on a show yesterday with his bat, arm, and legs. Ran a 6.52 60 while also throwing 93 from the OF and 96 EV! Line drive approach w/ intent to drive the ball to all fields. Electric personality and a hard worker who will have a freakish skillset as soon as he gets stronger. Easy D1 & pro potential but would fit just as well in juco.

Cole Eison, OF, Alexander, 2023, 5’9 155
Uncommitted. Toolsy infielder who will hit for power up once he gets older. Evident in swing path and load. Low hand set that gradually works into launch position as he gains ground in stride. Barrel gets vertical out front w/ slight back elbow adjustment before front foot lands. This creates a more steep path for his hands to work through the ball. Easy pull-side pop. Has shown ability to keep hands back on off-speed pitches well while still providing some power output. Athletic defender w/ a strong arm to match (88mph). Smaller frame that has a lot of filling out to do once he gains strength.

Walker Shaw, LHP, Johns Creek, 2023, 6’6 190
We’re excited to announce this crafty lefty with an endless ceiling has committed to MTSU! Great get for them as he had lots of other D1 interest. He’s a polished strike thrower, clean delivery & pretty 1 piece AA hi 3/4 slot. Incredibly steep plane on 83-85 FB low in zone, plays well up w/ carry. Separator- arm speed & tight+short+late SL 73-75 that tunnels perfectly w/ FB. CH 77 sink. Projection.

Blayne Newman, RHP, Richmond Hills, 2023, 6’3 185
We are happy to announce this projectable arm has committed to USC-Aiken! We feel he will develop into a serious prospect there. Repeats hi tempo+connected delivery, OH slot. Moved fearlessly, ripping every pitch 100%. Speaks just as much to projection as low effort does in my book. FB 87-89 plane, bore arm side. CB 74-76 2600 rpm!! There are few who have as much feel to spin as Newman, this advanced ability will take his career beyond college. Pro bloodlines.

Forrest Lietz, OF, Wesleyan, 2023, 5’11 170
Uncommitted. Student of the game who is hungry to be great. Some of the best swing mechanics in his class and consistently barreled D1 arms on his way to a State Championship. Very explosive rotationally but hip direction works to CF. Hands start angled into launch & work down easily into slot. Picture perfect separation, smooth hand path barrel replaces knob late. One of the most explosive swings in the southeast pound for pound.

Mason Moore, 3B/C, Social Circle, 2023, 6’3 190
Uncommitted. One of the more underrated power bats in the event with ridiculous projection. When he squares one up its going to go. Still working toward a repeatable approach but the raw power is there in bunches. Versatile athlete who ran a 6.91 and is only going to get faster as he fills out. This will be a very exciting player to watch develop.

Frankey Moree, MIF, Tallulah Falls, 2023, 6’1 180
Uncommitted. This is a very well built frame with an effortless swing that produces big bat speed. I’ve seen him barrel mid 80’s arms with ease and he has a solid line drive approach, rarely getting out of control trying to do damage. Consistent barrels up the middle of the field, smooth defender with a high ceiling and A/AVG run in game. He has a continuous hunger to succeed.

Hadley Long, RHP, Wayne County, 2023, 6’1 190
Uncommitted. High ceiling with a relaxed, funky, deceptive delivery. Lengthy, loose 3/4 AA that gains easy momentum from drop out glove. Live running FB 84-87 really pronates well. KCB 70-73 sharp & flashes 2 plane depth! Will jump when stronger on legs. This is a baby faced arm with very loose mechanics and live stuff. He should make a huge jump in college as he physically matures.

Dylan Alonso, 3B/1B, Rabun Gap, 2023, 6’4 208
Uncommitted. This monster 2 way did receive offers after Top Prospect Showcase, including a two way! This is maybe the best combo of makeup & ceiling in the entire 2023 GA class. This Miami born beast has a powerfully lofty swing with naturally sequenced mechanics. I believe in the bat and wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a John Olerud finalist in college. This is a player with hulk strength & pro tools now that needs to play early in college to reach his sky high ceiling. Whether he does or not, it's going to be a mid 90’s arm on the bump with a disgusting mid 70’s CB. He’s already been sitting 89-91 T92 this summer with a raw yet effortless delivery.

Mason Snyder, OF, Irwin County, 5’8 170 
Two way player that showed impressive traits both on the mound and at the plate. Switch hitter that shows quick trigger/rythym in hands w/ level shoulder plane that produces a lot of line drive contact. On the mound, he showcased a low 80’s FB that would creep into the mid 80’s w/ a CH that showed heavy fade. A lot of confidence in the CH which he threw early and often. Short, compact 3/4 AA from lower release height which proved difficult for hitters to pick up on.

Sebastian Collender, C, Dominion Christian, 2023, 5’11 210
Uncommitted. This large framed athlete has been one of the most impressive hitters in game this summer at LakePoint. He seems to get a hit or QAB every time he steps to the plate. He works deep counts, tiring pitchers out, only to lace a ball up the middle on pitch 8. This is a guy you want in your fox hole. He’s a reliable and tough backstop who popped 1.96 - 2.04 with his strong arm that produces carry to 2B. He’s a winner who barrels high end pitching consistently. 


Daegan Strickland, C, Savannah Christian, 6’1 195
Uncommitted. Big time juice in the barrel for this tough catcher with passion for the position. We have been impressed w/ the easy pop produced in tournaments, but it was equally impressive to see it up close during BP and in game. Easy/loose hands with quick shift in weight to back hip. Thick lower half. He ran a 6.97 60 and pop time was 1.96 - 2.07! This is a great value for a backstop here.

Brady Roulier, C/1B, Rabun Gap, 6’1 200
Uncommitted. This barrel chested beast has a very good approach looking one pitch one spot, ability to lay off secondary stuff to work favorable counts. Lit up an upper 80’s FB to left field for a triple in live game. Still hands/barrel into load. Big time linear connection with hips, hands, back elbow & knee when starting his swing. A lot of raw power here. Someone is going to get an absolute steal with relentless love for the grind.

Easton Sears, 2B, Creekview, 5’9 155
Uncommitted. Absolute grinder with 6.86 speed and quick twitch in his hands at the dish. Nearly led Nelson Baseball School to a PBR Classic Championship, going 3 for 4 off two upper 80’s D1 arms. He’s a solid defender who you can depend on with high baseball IQ. Sears competes every single pitch and is never out of an AB. The makeup is off the charts and he gets the most out of his tools.

Isaiah Pou, SS, Strong Rock Christian, 5’8 180
Uncommitted. Extremely athletic ball of muscle with a twitchy frame and present mobility. Very impressive hand eye coordination at the plate and in the field. Doesn’t need to exert much effort for the ball to jump off his barrel. He’s a gamer who uses a variety of tools to make a huge impact, from his powerful swing (94 EV) to his explosive first step on the basepaths (6.90 60).

Breydon Divine, SS, Alexander, 6’ 150
Uncommitted. This is an exceptional athlete with loud tools offensively and defensively. He had a great showing metrically and turned in a 6.83 60 yd dash. Would love to see him on the mound, as he hit 91 from the OF (highest in the event) and 89 from the IF. Has a sweet swing producing explosiveness already while still developing physically. This could be a very valuable two way for nearly any school.

Patrick Crosby, MIF, Appling County, 6’2 185
Uncommitted. Big time power out of this South Georgia bat, Crosby has a large frame and loves the game. He ran 7.03 in the 60 and was 79 mph from IF. Very good makeup and showed well in BP and game for us. He’s going to be a good get for someone in college. He continues to improve his numbers at our events.