Underclass Trials Analysis: Outfielders

PBR Georgia Staff

On Nov. 9, the PBR Georgia scouting staff hosted its final underclass event of 2019, the 
Underclass Trials, featuring nearly 80 prospects from the 2022 and 2023 classes, as well as a handful of seventh- and eighth-graders sprinkled in, at LakePoint Sports.

Last month, we shared our rapid analysis for this event inside our Quick Hits post, and took a statistical look at the day's top performers inside our Stats Story. We began our position-by-position analysis, beginning with the day's primary catchers. Today, we breakdown the 12 primary outfielders that attended the event.

Kameron Byrd OF / SS / Grayson, GA / 2022

Kameron Byrd is a young 2022 outfield prospect from Grayson High School.  He checked in at 5-foot-11, 148-pounds. At the plate Byrd is upright and slightly open with good balance.  He showed good bat to ball skills and consistent hard contact. His late finish in his swing really stood out and he has gotten stronger since the last time we saw this young prospect.  Solid baseball player actions with projectable body.

Davis Green OF / SS / Pierce County, GA / 2022

Davis Green is a good looking 2022 outfield prospect from Pierce County.  He checks in at 5-foot-10, 170-pounds. Green posted a solid 7.31-60 time, but will run plenty in the future and is not a true indication of his live play in game speed. He posted strong measurables across the board with 87-OF Velocity and 90-Exit Velocity.  Green poses a controlled violence in the batter’s box. Green is unique in approach, almost looking too hard on his front side at times, but the more you watch and see, the more you notice how well he sees the baseball and always seems to get his hands where they need to be.  This kid can be summed up as having good baseball player actions with strong and measurables. Green is a bat who can be long or short to the baseball with bat-speed, in whatever situation he needs to be. Hitters hit and I am not betting against this one. 

Alexander Newton OF / SS / Lee County, GA / 2022

Alexander Newton is a young athletic looking 2022 prospect from a strong baseball tradition at Lee County High School. He checks in at 5-foot-7, 145-pounds.  Newton posted solid outfield measurables for a young 2022 with a 73-OF Velocity and an 82-Exit Velocity. At the plate Newton hits out of a narrow base and stays over his backside and loses some hip and momentum getting forward.  His hands are forward in his set-up and shows loose free hitterish hands. He has good hand-eye skills and will benefit from getting his lower half involved a little more. Newton is a prospect to keep an eye because of his athletic frame and bat to ball skills and will greatly benefit from added strength.

Dillon Harris OF / North Atlanta , GA / 2023

Dillon Harris is a young 2023 prospect from North Atlanta High School.  He checks in at 5-foot-10, 165-pounds. Showing an impressive 7.14-60 time that he will build upon with strength and the ability to finish as well as he starts.  His 73-OF Velocity and 77-Exit Velocity are average for age both will improve with development and strength due to his proper. Harris uses a shorter arm stroke than most outfielders and would benefit from a longer fuller stroke, to allow more hand-speed to build. At the plate Harris works over his backside very well and keeps his hands inside the baseball working at a strong projectable middle of the field approach.  Harris made very consistent hard contact up the middle of the field in BP.

Grey Brannen OF / Westfield , GA / 2022

Grey Brannen is a long and athletic right-handed hitting 2022 outfielder from Westfield Academy with bloodlines (Brother Cole Brannen).  He checks in at an impressive looking 6-foot-4, 185-pounds. He is a long strider, with nice easy running actions that will only tighten up with natural strength and maturity, he posted an impressive 7.04-60 time for a young lanky big man.  Both his 77-OF Velocity (footwork and hips will improve with reps) and his 85-Exit Velocity project out well, as he matures. Mostly because his arm works and his approach and leverage are ideal at the plate. In the Box he sets up over his backside and gets quality balanced momentum going to his front side and can really back spin the baseball. He stays on plane and through the baseball very well without being down and through.  This kids doubles are going to turn into homeruns with nothing more than natural strength gains. Exciting projectable young hitter.

Aiden Macks OF / 1B / Robertsdale , AL / 2022

5-foot-11, 195-pound right-handed hitting outfielder and first baseman, thick frame with strength throughout, moves athletically, will only continue to add strength and firm up frame. Offensively was a standout performer during batting practice, the only prospect to leave the yard all morning, accomplishing it multiple times. At the plate, has a swagger about him in the box, takes a balanced setup, hanging leg stride, high hands drop on load, incorporates lower half well, good balance through contact.  Profiles as a power hitter with pull-side tendency, barrel works uphill as he elevates the ball with considerable force, 90 mph exit velocity off a tee. Ran a 7.24 laser-timed 60.

Timothy Burnsed OF / RHP / Effingham County, GA / 2022

Timothy Burnused is a young 2022 outfield prospect from Effingham County.  He checked in at 5-foot-10, 148-pounds and has a live body. He posted a strong 7.12-60 time that projects well going forward with athletic strides and proper form.  His 85-OF Velocity and 83-Exit Velocity both project out well because of his actions and maturity level. At the plate Burnused has a balanced straight away set-up.  He leg kicks and takes his bat to vertical to load and is aggressive to the ball, producing impressive bat-speed and hard contact. Talented young outfielder to follow and watch.  Definite next level talent that will need to be followed closely.

Ryan Combs OF / 2B / Blessed Trinity, GA / 2022

Ryan Combs is a young 2022 outfield prospect from Blessed Trinity.  He checks in at 5-foot-10, 155-pounds. He posted respectable measurables in his 78-OF Velocity and 77-Exit Velocity.  Defensively his actions work, but would like to see deeper arm stroke at separation to generate more hand-speed. Offensively the right-handed hitter is sound with a balanced approach.  He is slightly open with his hands at his ear, shows solid bat to ball skills and good extension with a high finish, giving him some projectable loft power. Solid baseball player actions that will benefit from strength gains.

Justen Newsom OF / 3B / Harrison , GA / 2022

Justen Newsom is a young and athletic looking 2022 prospect from Harrison High school.  He checked in at an impressive looking 6-foot-2, 170-pounds. Newsom posted an impressive 7.14-60 time, but the time does not tell the entire story.  He is a long strider who has not gained man strength so his form would break down at times and as he gets stronger and more durable, look for Newsom to post some impressive times.  At the plate he is upright, narrow and slightly open and appears to see the ball very well. He is under control and has impressive feel for the bat-head for a young hitter. His quiet approach and lack of head movement really stand out because the hands are live and get fast just before contact.. Look for this one to come big over the coming years with proper strength gains and at bats.  His easy actions and frame make him uber-projectable.

Lucas Uyeda OF / 1B / Lakeside, GA / 2022

Lucas Uyeda is a young 2022 prospect with an athletic frame, he checks in at 5-foot-9, 155-pounds. He posted a solid 7.11-60 time, as well as showing an 80-Exit Velocity.  As a runner Uyeda has solid forward lean and shows athletic strides, but would like to see his arms tucked in tighter with more straight line movements from his upper body, rather than the slight side to side action.  Look for this time to improve with age and form. Uyeda has a really good set-up at the plate, the left handed hitter starts out of a wide base with good high hand placement slightly above his shoulders. He displays the ability to change barrel angles to adjust to the baseball. He has good tempo and leverage to his swing.  With natural growth and strength to his already athletic frame, look for Uyeda to emerge as quality next level bat in the future.

Caleb Mitchem OF / RHP / Archer, GA / 2022

Caleb Mitchem is young looking 2022 prospect from Archer High School.  He checks in at 5-foot-8, 145-pounds. He posted a solid 72-OF Velocity and an impressive 84-Exit Velocity given his current body type and maturity level. At the plate Mitchem shows a solid athletic set-up with a slight leg load to start.  He shows good tempo to his stroke and the barrel stay in the zone on a flat level angle, producing consistent hard contact through the middle of the field. His approach is sound and projects well with added strength. Defensive he shows athletic actions and his works well, with a clean projectable arm stroke.

Kevin Clark OF / North Atlanta, GA / 2023

Kevin Clark is a young 2023 outfield prospect from North Atlanta High School.  He checks in at 5-foot-9, 185-pounds, showing a 82-Exit Velocity at the plate. Clark  has strength from the left side and shows the ability to lift the baseball. He drops his hands, creating a dip before he gets good extension with his high finish.  He also shows impressive hand-eye skills and consistently gets the barrel to the baseball.

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