Prep Baseball Report

April 1-2: Lawrence North @ HSE; Monroe Central @ Guerin Catholic: Bedford North Lawrence Roundrobin

Indiana Scouting Staff

April 1-2
By Daylan Nanny

Lawrence North @ Hamilton Southeastern

Jake Winzenread, INF, 2022, Lawrence North, Anderson University Commit
Winzenread got the “party” started for LN with solo HR to right-center field. The future “Raven” keeps it very simple in the box with a quiet loading process – allowing him to efficiently get the barrel to the front of the zone with good direction. Made multiple plays at 3B defensively & looks to drive the baseball to the big part of the field with minimal effort.

Owen Quinn, OF/RHP, 2022, Lawrence North, Ball State Commit
Owen Quinn isn’t a new name to our Scout Staff but has only seemed to improve his game over the last 4-5 months during the offseason. Really athletic build with solid body control in the box & down the slope. Made some loud contact through the middle & ran his fastball up to 87mph with minimal effort during his start for LN. Quinn displayed good sequencing down the mound allowing him to get to consistent extension and throw to both sides of the plate. Really good showing for the future “Cardinal”.

Samuel Reagan, RHP, 2022, Hamilton Southeastern, Uncommitted
Reagan got the nod to start for HSE in their home opener and threw with tons of conviction. Showed ability to control his “middle” – changing tempos and rhythm with little effects on timing of his arm. What stood out most in Samuel’s arsenal is the CH. 70-72mph with good depth – could use to either cross count or as a put-out pitch. Comes out of the same slot/arm speed. I expect the uncommitted ’22 to eat up a lot of innings this spring & keeping hitters off balance with the “pitch-ability” he possesses in his game.

Andrew Hargrove, C/OF, 2022, Lawrence North, Uncommitted
The uncommitted ’23 C/OF started in CF for LN & made some game changing plays out there in the “Wildcats” victory. Showing his athleticism off – closing the gap on baseballs hit in front of him, comfortable playing with one hand. Hargrove also collected a hit on the day. Catching wise, we have seen Hargrove pop it between 2.05-2.17 seconds. Versatile.

Trevor Jones, INF, 2022, Lawrence North, Uncommitted
The 2022 infielder - Jones showcased a lot of ways that he can impact a baseball game, starting at SS & being a tough out every time he stepped up to the plate. Smooth actions on both sides of the baseball with a good “feel” for the game. Possesses an inside – out swing path with a simple approach at the plate from both sides. Very scrappy and passionate about the game.

Noah Wolf, INF, 2022, Hamilton Southeastern, Lincoln Trail Commit
The LT “Statesman” commit is the type of player that catches your attention from the moment you begin to watch IO. Lots of energy and tempo when Wolf steps on the baseball field. Defensively, started at 2B for HSE and displayed good actions and feet with some arm strength. Offensively, Noah Wolf is very short to the baseball with no wasted movement added to his movement patterns. Key impact player for the Royals this spring.

Griffen Haas, LHP/OF, 2023, Hamilton Southeastern, Uncommitted
Uncommitted ’23 Haas, took a fastball up at the letters for a ride for HSE to the deepest part of RC. Flat bat path with the ability to cover the top part of the zone. Strong lower half with minimal effort to produce in game power. True two-way potential type of player from the left side. Good Follow. FB was up to 86.5mph at Preseason All State.

Cole Earlewine, INF/OF, 2023, Hamilton Southeastern, Uncommitted
Earlewine got the offense going for HSE with a 2-strike double to LC field covering the top half of the zone with true backspin to the gap. Lots of upside in the frame & tools, translating them to in game results. Present barrel strength with no “false: loading patterns, has recorded EV up to 98.5mph in BP. Strong lower half.

Brady Strawmyer, LHP, 2023, Hamilton Southeastern, Uncommitted
Southpaw Strawmyer came in relief for HSE having to make some big pitches to stand LN baserunners. The 6’4/185 lbs frame projects at the next level with a clean arm action. His ability to throw his fastball glove side was what stood out the most, threw it with conviction to make the pitch. Short AA with a good body control down the slope. Balanced throughout. FB:74-78mph; BB:72-74mph; CH:71-74mph

Ty Bradle, RHP, 2023, Hamilton Southeastern, Uncommitted
HSE brought in Bradle following Strawmyer in relief Friday vs LN. Displayed a fastball up to 83mph & tight breaking ball at 65-69mph. Some effort with an over-the-top AA. Frame and athleticism projects at the next level with more in the tank as size is added.

Monroe Central @ Guerin Catholic

Joel Kennedy, C, 2022, Monroe Central, Uncommitted
Joel Kennedy is a name that people will want to keep an eye out for as we head into late April-May. The frame, athleticism, and defensive ability is indisputable. Mobile / quiet actions while setting up & receiving the baseball. Was an absolute backstop of the “Golden Bears” during their Friday night matchup. Good presence & plate discipline in the box offensively. Will be a key contributor to Monroe Central's success this year.

Ashton Bandy, INF, 2022, Monroe Central, Uncommitted
2022 Ashton Bandy plays with some real “swagger” and instincts. Doubled to LF and displayed good instincts & savvy at SS defensively. Definition of “Ballplayer”. Another guy to keep an eye on if we see Monroe Central make a deep run in this year’s state tournament!

Will Fremion, OF, 2023, Guerin Catholic, Uncommitted
Following his standout Preseason All State performance, it was good to see Fremion transfer his tools to game play results. Displayed feel for rhythm & timing with a flat path through the middle. With no wasted movement & presence of “space” in Fermions’ loading pattern, expect consistent results to continue to come for the uncommitted ’23.

Caleb Snyder, INF, 2022, Monroe Central, Uncommitted
Snyder caught attention for making loud contact multiple times in Monroe Central’s (04/01) matchup vs GC. Loose hands with a very direct bat path. Sprayed the ball middle/opposite field gap. Solid Frame and good bat to ball skills.

Ryan Zimmerman, INF, 2024, Guerin Catholic, Uncommitted
Uber projectable 6’6”/200lbs Ryan Zimmerman ambushed a fastball for a line drive SF for Guerin Catholic. The frame and athleticism stand out with a good feel for when/where to deliver the barrel. “Whippy” type of swing and a guy to keep an eye out for moving into this summer.

Bryson Dorsey, C, 2024, Guerin Catholic, Uncommitted
2024 Dorsey took a fastball deep to the RC power alley for GC with true backspin. Twitchy type of bat speed with a good direction through the baseball. Displayed consistent tempo and the ability to get on time & in sequence to the front of the plate. Good follow.

Bedford North Lawrence Round Robin

Nolan Netter, INF, 2022, Franklin Community, Uncommitted
Nolan Netter was locked in for the “Grizzly Cubs” this weekend. Finding the barrel on both ends of their double header. One being a no doubt Home Run to LF, as well as loud contact to all parts of the field. Made some solid defensive plays at second base as well. Good rotator with some present bat speed. Gets his “A” swing off often and competes every pitch!

Beau Baker, C, 2023, Franklin Community, Uncommitted
Uncommitted ’23 Beau Baker uses a compact toe tap loading pattern to maintain direction through the middle of the field. Shows feel for rhythm & timing with an efficient hand slot. Caught well behind the plate for Franklin as well. Collected hard line drive single up middle in video.

Pryce Rucker, 1B/LHP, 2023, Franklin Community, Uncommitted
What stood out about Rucker is his ability to maintain “space” throughout the swing. There is a lot of room for the barrel to accelerate and maintain good direction, and does a good job of holding the top hand strong into heel strike. Simple approach with present barrel strength. Good follow.

Kline Woodward, INF, 2024, Bedford North Lawrence, Uncommitted
Uncommitted ’24 - Woodward is very physical and can really handle the bat. The simplicity of his movement patterns w/ the amount bat speed & barrel strength he possesses is going to be a good long term success predictor for Kline. Stood out at Pre-Season All State & continues to do so as we turn the corner into the month of April.

Rylee Singleton, INF, 2023, Evansville North, Uncommitted
Singleton is a guy we have seen a lot through the summer circuit and has really improved his game over the last 6 months. The swing is rhythmical, the bat path is direct, and the lower half is strong. Quick release of barrel on this ball up the middle. Physical athlete.

Aaron Nehls, OF, 2023, Evansville North, University of Evansville Commit
The UE commit displayed his athleticism and ability to keep his hands back on BB to shoot it through the right side. Lots of room to fill out the frame, but the athleticism to play at the next level is there. Good runner with bat speed that only continues to get better.

Jonny Stone, C/UTL, 2023, Bedford North Lawrence, Uncommitted
BNL’s Jonny Stone was very consistent in getting the barrel to the ball on Saturday. Really like the hand slot & how he uses the ground well to rotate into the baseball. Sprayed the ball to all parts of the field with a balanced approach.

Grant Dalton, OF/INF, 2022, Bedford North Lawrence, Southeastern Illinois JC Commit
The Southeastern Illinois commit Grant Dalton, displayed a loose-whippy swing from the left side of the plate. Recording multiple hits on the day with line drive type of approach. High OBP type of guy with a good feel for the strike zone.

Mitchell Renfro, RHP, 2023, Evansville North, Uncommitted
Coming out of the pen for the “Huskies”, Renfro displayed an easy delivery & pounded the strike zone. Same slot on FB/BB, which projects tunneling capabilities in the future. Possesses ability to throw FB glove side & expand BB off it as chase pitch. FB: 82-84mph; BB: 74-75mph

Ryker Hughes, OF/RHP, 2024, Bedford North Lawrence, Uncommitted
Hughes was effective on both sides of the ball for BNL in a solid 6’2”/165lbs frame. Loose mover with loose hands at the plate & whippy AA down the slope! Collected multiple hits on the day with one being a HR. Strike thrower & competitor. FB: 82-84mph; BB: 69-71mph; CH: 73-74mph

Logen Devenport, RHP/OF, 2022, Franklin Community, Northern Kentucky Commit
Devenport, a NKU commit, came out of the pen for Franklin with some electric stuff from the right side! Very strong/explosive athlete with twitch throughout his game. What really stood out about Logen’s arsenal was his ability to “land & expand” his breaking ball with late – sharp downward action. Also shows the ability to really impact the baseball in the box as well with present bat speed. FB: 88-90mph T91; BB: 74-78mph; CH: 78-79mph

Cal Gates, OF, 2025, Bedford North Lawrence, Uncommitted
The 2021 Junior Future Games Participant, Cal Gates can flat out play! Collected 3 hits with multiple RBI’s/Runs scored for BNL. Gates is very advanced in his approach & bat to ball skills for only being a 2025 grad. One of the more impressive 2025’s I have come across in the last 6 months. Very high ceiling for LHH & expect him to be a force at the top of the lineup for years to come! Definitely a name people are going to want to remember.

Jace Fowler, OF, 2022, Franklin Community, Indiana State University Commit
Was great to see the Future Sycamore back on the field with many noticeable improvements in his game. Fowler has always possessed the ability to really hit, but seeing the athleticism and arm come along with it makes him that much more of a threat. Present body control & advanced understanding of tempo & timing in the box. Expect to see more production from the 2022 OF as the “Grizzly Cubs” season progresses.

Cameron Decker, INF, 2022, Evansville North, University of Central Florida Commit
The Super 60 Participant – Decker is off to an (8/12), (1) 2B, (6) HR, (11) RBI absolute terror of a start for Evansville North through only their first (3) games. Hitting (3) of those (6) total home runs on Saturday (04/02). The “easiness” of the power tool combined with his consistent ability to find the barrel is what makes him such a highly touted prospect. The UCF commit is on a different level and showing no signs of slowing down.

Max Clark, 2023, OF/LHP, 2023, Franklin Community, Vanderbilt Commit
The #2 overall Prospect in the 2023 class, just showing why he’s the #2 overall Prospect. Clark simply just has every tangible/intangible that is required to play this game for a very long time. The LHH controlled the box & barrel throughout the day, ran the bases exceptionally well, & also dominated in his inning of work on the mound. A special talent that is only getting better with time. Clark’s “motor” on & off the field is second to none. FB: 93-96 T97 mph; BB: 77-78 mph.