Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State Underclass: Pitching Standouts

Kevin Christman
Indiana Scout

Max Clark, OF/LHP, Franklin, 2023, IN

Vanderbilt commit. LHP Medium height, strong well-proportioned body frame with power type legs and arms. Very agile with some quick twitch actions. Has a Mature strength to him. Starts from the middle of the rubber with a short side step to get to his leg kick. Has a belt to chest hand pump, which follows by a H ¾-arm slot. Ball comes out of hand easy. Clark has command and control of three usable pitches. FB has some run and sink as he has small crossfire landing, especially from the stretch. SL has a 2/8 angle break. Sharp and good spin. Circle changeup gives a late fade look. Small drift forward in delivery gets him to rush at times. Fully correctable. High-energy effort and competitive. Athlete that is a two-way player and prospect at both.

Body: 6-foot-1, 190-pound
FB: T88. 87-88 mph. (Max spin 1928;  Avg 1730)
CH: 77-81 mph
SL: 71-75 mph



Caden Cornett, RHP, Center Grove, 2023, IN

Has good size and strength, with a well-proportioned athletic look to him. Displays a wire fast twitch body with good balance and coordination. Starts his delivery from the far left side of rubber, with a mid-belt glove separation leading to a ¾-hand pump. His H ¾-arm slot is fluid and quick. Has a short quick flinging style finish with a slight pull from glove side. When on line his FB has good movement and life in zone and gets in zone quickly. Short strider in his delivery at times, allows his ball to run and tilt. Aggressive full throttle effort. CB has spin and accuracy, straight changeup gives a late fade look. Cornett is a very good athlete with a very good upside. Staying his line will be key to his overall command while he has two usable pitches. FB 90-92, CB 68-72, that will be out pitches in his future.

Body: 6-foot-4, 185-pound
FB: T92. 90-92 mph. (Max spin 2438;  Avg 2379)
CB: 66-72 mph
CH: 81-82 mph


Noah DeArmitt, LHP, Franklin Community, 2023, IN

Tall, large frame with potential to fill out and get stronger. Looks mature and advanced already in his total body strength as he has firm actions from legs through his hips to his shoulders. Starts his delivery from the far right side of rubber. Has a short side step turn that leads to his abbreviated leg kick. His arm slot is H ¾ and at times more over-the-top. Some stiff rigidness in his delivery style that he is so strong he works through with good extension out front on release. Holds the ball deep in glove before a chest high separation. Strong accelerated finish landing heal first and small over rotation. FB has some life down in the zone and sink. CB is tight and at times mixed look of Slider. Straight change is accurate and works both sides of plate. Repeats his delivery well and appears to be an innings eater durable pitcher. With normal time on mound in future, has chance for all pitches to be effective. 

Body: 6-foot-3, 200-pound
FB: T85. 82-84 mph. (Max spin 2251;  Avg 2096)
CB: 72-76 mph
CH: 75-76 mph


Alec Hershberger, LHP, Fairfield, 2023, IN

Tall, narrow waisted with lean features, room to fill out his athletic frame. Started from the middle of rubber, has a short step forward before squaring up his delivery to plate load. Mid-chest separation to a ¾-arm slot that is compact. Hides ball well and comes out of his left ear with release for deception. Methodical calm tempo and rhythm to pitch. Small glove tuck in front with slightly stiff front side at times. FB has some run and sink while his changeup showed late fade. CB from the release point was a slider acting pitch that he at times would scale and surround his arm action and flatten out. His style is pitch by command and accuracy.  Hershberger looks durable and competitive. When he keeps ball down in zone will have high percentage chance to get outs.

Position: LHP/OF
Body: 6-foot-1, 160-pound
FB: T87. 84-86 mph. (Max spin 1871;  Avg 1809)
CB: 69-70 mph
CH: 78-80 mph.


Jake Hooker, SS/RHP, University, 2023, IN

Tall, lean, narrow, long features. Big hands. Long levered body. Has good athletic frame to fill out in the future. Starts his delivery from the far left side of rubber. Short side step to an abbreviated belt high glove separation. Has a slight stand up finish to most pitches. Will gain longer stride as he continues to get stronger and understand his body relationship to his delivery. With this short stride, he has some run and sink to his pitches. Has a H ¾-arm slot. Good tempo and confidence to his delivery is present. Fastball is firm and locates well in zone consistently. Slider has good tight spin and accuracy with depth. Mixes a straight change up to compliment his order. Hooker has a very bright, high ceiling upside as he has the body and strength to improve as well as strong work ethic. Will have a good chance to be a starter at the next level due to command of his pitches.

Body: 6-foot-2, 170-pound
FB: T88. 87-88 mph. (Max spin 2089;  Avg 2038)
CH: 80-81 mph
SL: 78-80 mph



Bishop Letson, RHP,  Floyd Central, 2023, IN

Lean, tall, wiry, long torso athletic body. Starts from the middle of the rubber and short slide steps the far left side. H ¾ arm slot. Pulls to the glove side too often and loses his line. Has chance to get stronger and get the base of his delivery stronger, with a stronger upper half of his delivery to create possibly more front side resistance. Has a good loose range of motion to his arm and shoulder. Quick arm speed. Small over rotation as he hops in delivery on push off. Letson is  athletic enough to correct things and his delivery will improve with more mound time. CB has tight spin off a cast arm slot at times; again, this will improve with strength and weight gain. Late fade on his straight change that has some down action. Has deception and funkiness for a RHP. More of a thrower now and with added experience and understanding will improve in all areas.

Body: 6-foot-3, 160-pound
FB: T88. 85-88 mph. (Max spin 2364;  Avg 2272)
CB: 73-74 mph
CH: 77-79 mph.


Ben Murphy, RHP, Center Grove, 2023, IN

Long torso and long levered body with tall features. Starts from the middle of rubber with a ¾- arm slot. Small side step to an abbreviated no hand pump separation. Has easy arm action and little effort to throw. FB has some good run action, while his CB maintains consistent spin and accuracy. Murphy’s 3-pitch mix is finished with a solid straight changeup that displays late fade. Most of his pitches have good life and sink with depth in the zone. His size and fluidity  shows he has the makings of a bright future as a pitcher. Prototypical look and build of what good pitchers have. He was able to repeat well and locate his pitches.

Body: 6-foot-7, 210-pound
FB: T91. 87-90 mph. (Max spin 2000;  Avg 1877)
CB: 77-79 mph
CH: 76-78 mph


Tyler Peller, LHP, Lake Central, 2024, IN

Medium height with strong legs and shoulders. Thick strong body style. Starts delivery from middle of the rubber. Has a short side step with an abbreviated motion to his delivery. Has a belt to chest hand pump. This leads into a small arch and tilt to his delivery. Arm slot is H ¾ with a small wrist wrap on all pitches. Has good feel for pitches as creates strikes in his outcome. FB has some tail and life down with a good spinning CB that gets top to bottom finish. When from the stretch he will fall glove side often and loses line at times. Peller will learn his timing in his delivery better as he gains mound time and stronger feel for his style. Gives a good effort and has some deep breathing aggressive style start. LHP with good upside. Has good durability and will be an innings eater.

Body: 5-foot-10, 160-pound
FB: T83. 76-81 mph. (Max spin 1676;  Avg 1504)
CB: 64-67 mph
CH: 67-70 mph


Kevin Reed, LHP, Martinsville, 2023, IN

Tall, strong and durable look body. Shows good range of motion to his left shoulder and seems to have good durability. Large features. Starts from far right side of rubber, out of stretch for all pitches. A high hand separation to ball from glove in an abbreviated delivery style. Goes deep to well on backside with slight sit on back leg. Good strong finish with power approach. H ¾ arm slot. Has good command and control of his FB down in zone. CB has top to bottom action finishing with a late tail and fade changeup. Repeats his delivery well and looks to be a innings eater. Big strong LHP that uses a three pitch mix.

Body: 5-foot-10, 185-pound
FB: T85. 83-85 mph. (Max spin 2184;  Avg 1952)
CB: 71-73 mph
CH: 73-76 mph.


Mitchell Renfro, RHP, Evansville North, 2023, IN

High waist on tall, long torso with long arms. Good strong chest and wiry strong arms. Starts delivery from the middle of the rubber. Has short side step start, from glove starting in the middle of his body. Separates ball on down side hand pump. H ¾ abbreviated delivery. Has straight action mechanics that stay in line to finish. Slight kick on leg kick that allows him to balance out in square finish to plate. FB comes out of hand clean and has some arm side run. CB has good spin and rotation. Renfro displays a stance that is cross foot start from stretch. Keeps ball down in zone on his pitches.

Body: 6-foot, 155-pound
FB: T85. 83-85 mph. (Max spin 2242;  Avg 2180)
CB: 70-73 mph
CH: 74-77 mph

Eli Shaw, RHP, Warren Central, 2023, IN

Very tall, long legged high waist frame. Square, wide shoulders and long arms. Good extension levers for a pitcher. His delivery starts in the middle of rubber with a soft smooth step to start his abbreviated high hand separation. H ¾ arm slot and in line transfer to plate. Small stand up finish with soft landing. Arm works well out front with arm speed. FB has some run in zone followed with a high top to bottom spin on a CB. Shaw displays a tight spin rotation slider that tends to get in between on angles compared with curveball. He will most likely gravitate to a Slider as he continues his development.  A straight changeup is in the mix that has good control and command. His size and flexibility will continue to be intriguing through his years of development. Has good chance to be starter in future due to the ability to command 3-4 pitches well.

Body: 6-foot-3, 180-pound
FB: T87. 85-86 mph. (Max spin 2087;  Avg 1875)
CB: 64-69 mph
CH: 75-77 mph
SL: 70-74 mph.


Griffin Tobias, SS/RHP, Lake Central, 2024, IN

Tall lean, narrow shoulders. Long levers and high waist. Some rigid strength with strong back and mid-section that has room to fill out. Starts delivery from the middle of the rubber with a short side step that leads to a quarter turn, mid-belt separation. Has a H ¾- arm slot.  Showed a crossfire stride that came off leg kick and created a swing in his gate on his stride. He created some sink on his fastball due to this style. With added leg strength and awareness of his delivery, he can correct this. Has idea how to pitch and mix up pitches and showed good pace and confidence in throwing. Presented good command down in zone and worked both sides of plate. Curveball had good spin and continued good arm speed on release. A third pitch will enhance his look and allow him to compete more efficiently. Tobias has a good chance to develop and project out at the next level.

Body: 5-foot-10, 145-pound 
FB: T83. 82-83 mph. (Max spin 2347;  Avg 2230)
CB: 68-70 mph



Joe Trenerry, RHP, Penn, 2024, IN

Big strong thick body look, very powerful legs. Short side step from middle of rubber. Belt high hand release to a ¾- arm slot release. Displays a quick arm with good finish off a slight over rotating landing. Pulls arm speed through on glove side aggressively. Falls to 1B side at times. Trenerry shows that he has a short stride and quick finish. FB has good run in zone and compliments off a tight spinning CB. Straight changeup and late fade allows his FB to play up. Firm strong range of motion to his shoulder and strong legs to his body allows him to have chance to throw harder in future.

Body: 6-foot-2, 182-pound
FB: T87. 83-87 mph. (Max spin 1999;  Avg 1925)
CB: 69-72 mph
CH: 72-75 mph.


Will Worrel, RHP, Fort Wayne Carroll, 2023, IN

Tall, large frame body structure with good hip and leg strength. Starts from the far left side of rubber, short leg and hip turn that leads to a H ¾ arm slot. Slight surge and lunge forward to his landing foot that he lands on finish with the ball of his front foot closed. Delivery and arm speed remains the same throughout his delivery style. Worrell displays good command and control. When from the stretch he is from extreme left side of rubber and sits on back leg start. Firms up and finishes strong with a little whippy arm style. Has good lower half strength and gives good effort. Has a feel to pitch and good tempo.

Body: 6-foot, 170-pound
FB: T87. 83-86 mph. (Max spin 2200;  Avg 1940)
CB: 67-73 mph
CH: 72-74 mph.