Top Prospect Games: Team Blue Analysis

By Mark De La Garza

NE Indiana Area Scout

On June 24-25 PBR Indiana hosted the second annual Top Prospect Games at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN on the beautiful all-turf Bart Kaufman field.

Indiana's Top Prospect Games has quickly established itself as one of the premier events in the Midwest with over 100 players participating in the event each of the last two years. 

Below we take a look at notes on players from Team Blue: 

In Alphabetical Order 

Andrew Bohm, RHP/3b, Hamilton SE HS, 2016: 6 foot- 2 inches/ 205 pounds, 4.78-H-1st,  Strong and athletic. He has a short, quick arm from a ¾ slot. Fastball is 81-82 and in the zone, curveball is 68-70 and he spots his changeup at 71 mph. At the plate he hits from balanced stance with a short stride and a long path to the ball.

Nathanial Bye, RHP/ INF, Western Boone HS, 2016: 6 foot / 160 pounds, 4.5 – H-1st, Athletic RHP with a ¾ arm angle, fastball was clocked at 82-84 MPH , slider at 65 that had a tendency to stay up in the zone. He is a solid middle infielder with a good feel for the game, fields his position well has good hands and has good feet. Athletic hitter, drops his hands to load and has a long stride with good extension through contact. Will hit for occasional power.

Conner Cunningham, LHP, Carmel HS, 2015: 6 foot – 1 inch / 165 pounds, Lanky frame with room to fill out and get stronger. ¾ slot with a short, quick and loose delivery. Fills up the strike zone with two pitches,  a heavy fastball 78-80 with downhill plain and a 66 mph slider. Arm really works and he is athletic. 

Dre Davis, INF, Lawrence Central HS, 2015: 5 foot –nine inches/166 pounds, 4.69-H-1st, plays with energy and has a good feel for the game. Strong, athletic frame, short arm action, fields his position well and throws strikes to 1b. Hits from a balanced stance with a long stride, bat stays in the zone, pull type hitter athletic. 

Noah Etchison, C/3b, Pendleton Heights HS, 2015: 6 foot / 185 pounds, 4.57-H-1st.  Strong athletic catcher with a short arm. Hits from a balanced stance with a smooth load and short stride and a level path to the ball. Bat will carry. 

Thomas Hall, Of/1b. Pendleton Heights HS, 2015: 6 foot/ 180 pounds, 4.69 –H-1st, Left hand bat, hits from and open stance with a short stride, average bat speed and a long path to the ball. Pull type hitter. Plays outfield, has a long arm, Smooth ball transfer , 81 mph with carry and on target. 1.98-2.05 Pop times.

Pete LaMagna, MIF, Cathedral HS, 2016: 6 foot-1 inch/185 pounds. 4.94-H-1st, Strong arm (80 mph  across the infield) plus actions at SS with average hands and feet and a smooth easy ball transfer. Hits out of crouch with a short stride, drops his hands to load. Has some opposite field power.

Tyler Lucus, LHP/OF, Roncolli HS, 2016: 6 foot -1 inch/ 195 pounds, Athletic  pitcher with a huge upside. Short ¾ arm slot with good control of two pitches. Fastball is 80-84 with downhill plain and occasional run. Slider had gradual movement with a 10/4 break at 66 mph. he is a above average outfielder, athletic  and closes on balls well. Loose easy throwing motion, 86 from right field with carry. Had average hands with a clean ball transfer. Hits from a open stance with a long stride, the bat exploded through the zone ( exit velocity =89) Special player, very gifted.

Travis Mears, MIF, Brownsburg HS, 2015: 6 foot- 1 inch/ 180 pounds, 4.53-H-1st, Strong and athletic middle infielder, Soft hands, quick feet, and a smooth ball transfer, 83 mph across the infield. Plus hitter with the size and strength to hit for average and power.

Quentin Miller, RHP/OF, Pendleton Heights HS, 2015: 6 foot-3 inches/ 185 pounds, 4.5-H-1st,  RHP that fills up the strike zone. Loose, quick arm, ¾ slot with good athletic tempo. Fastball is 84-86 with heavy downhill plain, slider is 71-73 with sharp late action. He threw 87 from the OF to 3b with carry and on target. Hits from a balanced stance with a short smooth stride, generate fast bat speed. Line drive hitter.  

Paul Milto, RHP/OF, Roncolli HS, 20156 foot-3 inches/ 230 pounds. Big, strong, athletic player. Fastball is 88-90 with heavy downhill plain, he has the ability to over power hitters. Slider sits at 82 with tight, late movement. He comes at hitters with a ¾ slot, quick deliver and pin point control. Offensively he can hit for power, balanced stance with a short stride generates a fast bat. 

Adam Neal, RHP/3b, Cathedral HS,2015: 6 foot/180 pounds, 5.03-H-1st, Has a ¾ are slot with a loose delivery. Fastball was 81-82 and in the zone, late breaking curveball (65-67) was an above average pitch that he threw for strikes. Offensively he hit in a balanced stance with a short stride, he generates good bat speed and keeps the bat in the zone.  

Colin Phelps, LHP/OF, Shelbyville HS, 2015: 5 foot – 10 inches / 180 pounds, 4.56 H-1st left side, Athletic frame, pitches with a ¾ arm slot with a short quick delivery. Fastball is 73-75 with downhill plain, curveball is 64-66 with late movement, changeup / BP fastball is 65-67. He throws all three pitches for strikes. He has good hands in the outfield and closes on balls easily. Balanced stance with a short smooth stride and a level path to the ball, more of slap type hitter.

Addison Robertson, Of /2B, Lutheran HS, 2015: 6 foot / 165 pounds, 4.40-H-1st, Athletic, with a long arm, average hands and feet, Throws strikes across the infield at 79 mph. Plus bat with strength enough to hit for power.

Jack Schmidt, RHP, Cathedral HS, 2015: 6-foot-3, 175 pound righty was up to 85 with his fastball. Long arm action from a 3/4 slot with average arm speed.  Breaking ball was 67-69.  Possesses good rhythm and direction.  Keeps the ball in the zone.   

Danny Torres, INF, South Bend St Joe, 2016: 5 foot – 11 inches / 155 pounds, 4.78 H-1st, Athletic with soft hands and quick feet. Ball transfer is smooth and easy. Throws strikes to 1b (79 mph) .Hits from open stance with a long stride and level path to the ball. Line drive type hitter with a little swagger.

Josh Wooten, C/3b, North Central HS, 2016: 6 foot / 187 pounds. 4.37 H-1st.  Athletic, looks good in uniform. Soft hands and a smooth ball transfer. Has quick feet, moves well behind the plate. Appears to be recovering from a hand injury. Hits from a balanced stance with a sound approach. Has plus bat speed with good extension through contact. Line drive type hitter.

Takahrio Yamada, MIF, Columbus East HS, 2016: 6 foot / 170 pounds, 4.63-H-1st, Really athletic middle infielder, has quick feet and soft hands, understands the game.  Short arm always on target ( 79 MPH) . handles the bat from a balanced stance with a short stride and quick hands through the zone. Gap to gap type hitter.