Prep Baseball Report

Uncommitted 2021s: Right-handed Arms

Phil Wade
Indiana Executive Director

Sam Mettert, RHP, Franklin Central HS

9/19/20: 6-foot4, 200 pound frame, 88-92 with life and late run. Breaking ball 77-81, CH 79-81; works well from slot. Lots of movement on his pitches. Arm really works; plenty more in the tank.


Eli Clotfelter, RHP, Mt. Vernon HS

2/29/20: Pitching: Drop and drive delivery. High ¾ arm angle, quick arm speed. Shoulders work slightly uphill. Lands square. Has some effort in the delivery. FB: T90. 86-89 mph. CB: 73-76 mph. Tight spin, low in the zone accuracy, 11/5 shape. CH: 74-75 mph with some fade.


Peyton Olejnik, RHP, Hanover Central HS

9/12/20: Listed at 6-foot-7, 165-pounds, with long, loose limbs, Olejnik oozes upside/projection and TrackMan numbers tended to back that up. The curveball played with big 12/6 depth and feel with spin upwards of 2400 RPM. His fastball comes out of the hand clean at 82-83 mph and touched 86 early in his outing. Given his extra long frame, Olejnik repeated well, threw strikes and controls his body. Seems to have plenty more velocity in the tank. High-ceiling 2021 arm still on the market. 


Dalton Swinehart, RHP, Concord HS

7/1/20: Dalton Swinehart has been 82-86, T87 with a 67-70mph breaking ball. With more time and development could be a plus pitch. He uses his 6’2, athletic frame to drop and drive down the mound. Showed ability to pitch up in the zone also.


Diego Cardenas, RHP, John Adams HS

2/29/20: Pitching: Drop-and-drive delivery, high effort. Over-the-top arm angle, quick arm speed, long arm  action. FB: T87. 85-87 mph with run. CB: 71-74 mph. 11/5 shape CH: 73-76 mph. Occasional fade. KN: 69-72 mph.


Will Pettit, RHP, Crown Point HS

6/11/19:6-foot-2, 180-pound RHP. Has a short arm action; hides the ball in delivery; shows flexibility in his arm. Stays on top of FB and has good location; 82-84 mph FB; 70-73 mph CB; 76 mph CH. During game, overpowered hitters with his FB and pounded inside to both lefties and righties. Shows potential with ability. 


Isaac Evaniew, RHP, North Central HS

8/9/20: Athletic 6-foot-2, 185 pound frame. Fastball was a consistent 83-84, T85 (2308 max spin, 2209 average spin). Shorter arm action from high 3/4 slot. Above average arm speed. Showed feel for spin on his 71-73 mph curveball (2388 max spin, 2225 average spin). Change was 74-76.


Seth Risley, RHP, East Central HS

6/23/20: Projectable 6-foot-2, 195 pound right-hander. Up to 85. Loose, high 3/4 arm action with quick arm speed. Tall and fall type with smooth actions. Loose arm that generates easy velocity. Curveball: 11/5 shaped offering with a nice combination of depth and action to it. Changeup: Maintains arm speed on the offering that has similar arm side action to the fastball. Average to slightly above average offering presently.


Jack Fiorio, RHP, Lake Central HS

2.29.20: Body: 6-foot-1, 165-pound projectable frame Pitching: Tilt-and-topple delivery, some effort. High ¾ arm angle, above average arm speed. Shows some rhythm with uphill shoulders in the delivery. FB: T84. 82-83 mph. CB: 71-72 mph. Sweeping action from 10/4 shape. CH: 73-74 mph. 


Eric Wigginton, RHP, Charlestown HS

2.29.20: Body: 6-foot-3, 165-pounds, plenty of room to fill out Pitching: Tall/Fall type delivery with regular effort. Smooth rhythm, uphill shoulders, tends to fly open. Falls off towards 1B side. Long, high 3/4 arm action. FB: T84. 82-83 mph. CB: 68-69 mph. Low in the zone accuracy, tight movement. CH: 79-82 mph. Fading action, consistent accuracy.


Kyle Carpenter, RHP, Evansville North HS

6.26.20: Uncommitted, lanky 6-foot-5, 170 pound righty sat 82-84. Sidesaddle delivery, long high 3/4 arm action with some stiffness. Slight inward turn at the top of his delivery. Lands heavy, spinning off towards 1B. Breaking ball was 68-69.