Uncommitted 2022 MIF: A Look at Top 100 Ranked Middle Infielders

Phil Wade
Indiana Executive Director

Aidyn Coffey, SS, Monroe Central HS
8/01/20: Athletic frame at 6-foot-3, 175 pounds. Showcased power potential during his BP round. Swing is easy, with little effort. Shows arm strength across the diamond. Athletic defensive actions with body control. 7.15 runner in the 60-yard dash. Frame and athleticism really project well.

Dominic Decker, SS, Silver Creek HS
8/01/20: 5-foot-11, 185 pound left-handed hitting middle infielder simply produces at the plate. Slightly open, wider stance. Smooth load, gets his hands through the zone with a level path. Line drive approach, uses the middle of the diamond well. Sure handed defender, rhythmic feet. Top 60 of 7.21. 

Caleb Niehaus, SS, Castle HS

6-feet, 165 pound wiry frame with long limbs and plenty of room to fill out. High contact hitter, level swing path; ability to find the barrel consistently. High exit velocity of 90mph. Consistent hands defensively, above average fielder. 

Ben Kennedy, SS, Evansville Central HS

3/07/20: 6-foot, 165-pound athletic frame. In the 60-yard dash, recorded a time of 7.4. At the plate, the right-handed hitter recorded an exit velocity of 86 mph. Setup was comprised of a big load and balanced stance. Had a level swing plane and good extension on his finish. In the infield, had a live arm with throws that topped out at 88 mph; has a quick exchange and athletic footwork. Had a ¾ slot with a short arm action.

Maximus Webster, SS, Westfield HS

6/08/20: 6-foot-2, 225-pound solid frame. Hits from a narrow, open setup. Leg kick timing trigger, hands drop during the load. Good use of his lower half. Level, to slightly uphill swing path, generates pull-side pop. Recorded a high exit velocity of 95 mph. Solid glove defensively with average arm strength across the diamond (82 mph). Exchange is quick and clean. 7.28-60 yard dash.

Garrett Rusch, SS, New Castle HS

5-foot-11, 160 pounder runs a 7.20 in the 60-yard dash. Open setup with a high hand set from the right-side of the plate. Leg lift timing trigger, smooth load. Uphill swing path with above average bat speed. Uses his lower half well, occasionally over rotates. Found the barrel multiple times during his BP round. High exit velocity of 89. Defensively, twitchy actions, moves well. Longer arm action with above average arm strength across the field (85 mph). Solid defender. 

Sam Griffith, SS, Center Grove HS

5-foot-11, 165-pound lean frame. During BP, the right-handed hitter recorded an exit velocity of 85mph. Setup included a wrapping load and tall stance. Uphill swing plane. Found some barrels in his rounds. Showed his live arm in the infield with position velocities up to 85 mph; has a quick fluid exchange and Sure hands. Movements laterally were athletic. Had a high ¾ slot with a loose arm action. During the event, recorded a 60 time of 7.56 (ran a 7.29 previously)

Joe Huffman, SS, Avon HS
Body: 5-foot-11, 165-pound lean frame Hit: Begins in an athletic tall stance with a controlled slow load, then uses a long stride just before his swing. Above average bat speed. Good extension on his finish, upward swing. Power: 88 mph exit velocity. gap to gap approach. Defense: Infield, Sure hands, smooth athletic footwork, clean exchange. Arm: 77 Infield velocity. Quick arm action, high ¾ slot, consistent accuracy. Speed: 6.91

Robert Ballentine, SS, Andrean HS

6-foot-1, 175-pound athletic frame. During batting practice, the right-handed hitter displayed an exit velocity of 94 mph, showing some strength. Wide setup, minimal stride. Smooth load back, level swing path, line drive approach, mostly pull-side. In the infield, had a live arm with throws that topped out at 87 mph. Consistent accuracy to the bag, used an-over-the-top slot and a short arm action. Feet move well. Recorded a time of 7.24 in the 60-yard dash. 

Alex Smith, SS, Carroll HS

6-foot-1, 180-pound frame. At the plate, Smith's 89 mph exit velocity showed his ability to drive the ball with power. Track Man Exit Velo 90.97. Starts in an athletic stance with a high load, then uses a leg kick. Has Short swing plane and has good extension on his finish. Created a lot loud contact during the round. While in the infield, made throws at velocities up to 82 mph; shows rhythmic athletic feet, Soft hands and a clean exchange. When fielding he gathers the ball out front. Showed Short  arm action with a high ¾ slot. During the event, recorded a 60 time of 7.5.

Jake Winzenread, SS, Lawrence North HS
Body: 6-foot-1, 210-pound build with room to fill out. Hit: Started in a wide stance with a controlled load, then used a long stride to start his swing. Raw bat speed. Good extension on his finish, upward swing. Ability to drive the gaps with power potential to his pull-side. Power: 91 mph exit velocity. gap to gap approach. Defense: Infield, Sure hands, consistent rhythmic footwork, fluid exchange. Arm: 80 Infield velocity. Short arm action, high ¾ slot, consistent accuracy. Speed: 7.39

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