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Class of 2015 Games - Instant Analysis

By Sean McCann
Prep Baseball Report Kansas

On Wednesday, August 6, 2014 Prep Baseball Report Kansas hosted the Class of 2015 Games at Trusler Sports Complex in Emporia, Kansas, an event for uncommitted seniors-to-be.  Over the next several weeks we will be updating player profiles, posting videos, feature stories and scouting reports from this event.  For now, we take a look at the measurable stats from the event - times and velocities.

We checked home-to-first base times during pre-game batting practice, however some players improved their times during game action - we use each player’s best time on the day.

Here is a look at the top performers in nine stat areas:

Home to 1B – Left-handed hitters
4.13—Casey Garner, Bluestem, 2015
4.25—Aaron Dees, Burlington, 2015

Home to 1B – Right-handed hitters
4.13—Trent Smith, Wellsville, 2015
4.21— Nate Crossman
4.22—Joel Spain, Lawrence Free State, 2015
4.25—Thomas Elms, Blue Valley Northwest, 2015
4.25—Brock Randels, Baldwin, 2015
4.28—Reid Fehr, Topeka Seaman, 2015
4.28—Mason Knopp, Fort Scott, 2015
4.28—Chase Redick, Shawnee Mission North, 2015
4.28—Jace Snodgrass, Derby, 2015

Hitting Exit Velocity
93—Kyle Klomfahs, Olathe Northwest, 2015
91—Nathan Reeder, Shawnee Mission Northwest, 2015
90—Jonathan Felix, Blue Valley Northwest, 2015
89—Chaz Burgess, Olathe North, 2015
89—Aaron Dees, Burlington, 2015
89—Michael Sinks, Lawrence, 2015

Outfield Throwing Velocity
87—Chaz Burgess, Olathe North, 2015
87—Kyle Klomfahs, Olathe Northwest, 2015
86—Joel Spain, Lawrence Free State, 2015
85—Austin Hoegerl, Blue Valley Southwest, 2015

Infield Throwing Velocity
82—Paul Bachelor, Shawnee Mission Northwest, 2015
82—Michael Sinks, Lawrence, 2015
80—Josh Norlin, Andover, 2015
80—Nicholas Cole, Topeka West, 2015

Catcher Throwing Velocity
77—Reid Fehr, Topeka Seaman, 2015
77—Tyler Garrison, Mill Valley, 2015
76—Brant Millerborg, Blue Valley Southwest, 2015
75—Mason Knopp, Fort Scott, 2015
75—Karl Harding, Shawnee Mission East, 2015

Catcher Pop Times
1.91—Tyler Garrison, Mill Valley, 2015
1.94—Reid Fehr, Topeka Seaman, 2015
1.94—Mason Knopp, Fort Scott, 2015
1.95—Chase Brown, Fort Scott, 2015
1.95—Cody Starkel, McPherson, 2015

Max Fastball Velocity – Left-handed Pitcher
85—Davis Schwab, Blue Valley West, 2015
83—Chaz Burgess, Olathe North, 2015
83—Jonthan Felix, Blue Valley Northwest, 2015
82—Will March, Park Hill (MO), 2015

Max Fastball Velocity – Right-handed Pitcher
87—Ethan Frazier, Blue Springs South (MO), 2015
86—Brandon Gomer, Shawnee Mission Northwest, 2015
85—Mason LeClair, Mulvane, 2015
84—Taner Cairns, Wichita Independent, 2015
84—James Leitch, Bishop Carroll, 2015

For a complete list of stats from this event, click here.  This is a printable two-page .pdf document.

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