Class of 2017 Games: Infielders Analysis

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Prep Baseball Report-Kansas held the Class of 2017 Games in Topeka at Washburn University on June 28.  Profiles have been updated with times, velos, videos and profile pitchers.  In the days to come we will break down the event position-by-position, taking a look that infielders today. Infielders are listed in alphabetical order.

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Kyle Baker, Goddard Eisenhower, 2017
Baker is a 5-foot-7 140-pound right-handed hitting middle infielder. Baker ran a 7.52 sixty, 4.45 home-to-first base and and posted a 78 mph exit velo.  He has a simple stroke from the right side, which allowed for some line drives in his bp session to the middle of the field and pull side. Baker did show some pop to his pull side as well. Defensively, Baker showed decent range, with a high ¾ arm angle and clean arm action.  He has a positional velo ranged from 64-67 mph, with mostly accurate throws.

Bryce Balusek, Park Hill (MO), 2017
6/28/16 - Balusek is a 5-foot-10 210-pound left-handed hitting first-basemen in Missouri’s 2017 class from Park Hill HS.   At the plate, athletic set up, open stance, uphill swing path, creates leverage with his lower half, exit velo of 86 mph, 4.84 home to first, and showed some pull pop during his bp session.  On the infield, 64 mph positional velo, high three quarters arm action, accurate throws, and clean exchanges. On the mound, Balusek’s delivery is simple, fluid, easy over the top arm action. Fastball showed occasional cut between 67-70 mph and curveball had 12/6 shape and was seen between 56-60 mph with gradual bite.

Parker Base, Abilene, 2017
Base is a left handed hitting first baseman and left handed pitcher from Abilene HS in Abilene, KS. Base runs a7.09 60, a 4.29 home to first and an 89 mph exit velo. While working at 1B, Base posted an 74 mph positional velo, with clean exchanges and moves well and has good footwork.  During batting practice, Base showed an aggressive and loose swing with good bat speed.  He has a balanced and athletic set-up with a simple load and compact swing. On the mound, Base worked 75-78 mph with his fastball, and showed a 2-to-8 breaking ball at 69 mph. His breaking ball served as a wipeout pitch as it has sharp action and was tough for batters to pick up from his delivery. Base’s delivery shows some balance and includes a high ¾ release with good momentum and direction towards the plate.

Robert Bundy, Andover, 2017
Bundy is a 5-foot-10 180-pound right-handed hitting catcher and middle infielder. Bundy ran a 7.15 60, a 4.80 home to first and posted a 85 mph exit velo.  During batting practice, he showed a gap-to-gap approach with pull power and some pop to the opposite field. Bundy has an easy repeatable swing, retreats to his backside and creates leverage with his lower half.  During catching evaluations, he posted pop times between 1.92 and 2.01, making him the quickest at the showcase, and positional velo of 74-76 mph. Behind the plate Bundy has a clean exchange, over the top release and plus footwork. On the infield Bundy has fluid footwork, stays down well and has a positional velo topping at 79 mph. Athletic class of 2017 catching prospect.

Kalin Fergus, Piper, 2017

Fergus is a 5-foot-9 190-pound right-handed hitting catcher, infielder and right handed pitcher. At the event Fergus ran a 7.53 60 and a 4.50 home-to-first. At the plate he shows a balanced stance, negative toe tap, simple load with hands, some pop to the opposite field, an exit velo of 80 mph and during game action he doubled and singled. Behind the plate, pop times ranged from 2.09 to 2.25, positional velo of 70 mph, over the top arm action and clean exchanges. In the infield, Fergus has a positional velo of 69 while making accurate throws.  On the mound, Fergus’ delivery has a slower tempo but does show some rhythm. Fastball was clocked between 65-71 mph, with his changeup at 57 mph and his curveball at 54 mph.  

Grant Goldston, Fort Scott, 2017
Goldston is a strong bodied 6-foot-1 190-pound right-handed hitting third-baseman in Kansas’ 2017 class.  He ran a 7.43 60 and a 4.48 home-to-first.  He has an exit velo of 88 mph, one of the top velos at the event.  At the plate, athletic set up, smooth load with a knee to knee pinch, hands worked inside the ball  for flat line drives during batting practice, singled up the middle and drove a double to the right center wall in game action. In the outfield, Goldston shows off loose arm action from a high ¾ release, positional velo of 82 mph with mostly accurate throws. On the infield, 74 mph positional velo, accurate throws and clean exchanges.

Garrison Greer, Wichita Heights, 2017
Greer a 5-foot-9 155-pound athletic utility player in Kansas’ 2017 class from Wichita Heights HS.  He ran a 7.27 60, a 4.56 home to first and has an exit velo of 74 mph.At the plate, Greer has a simple swing, balanced stance, loose hands, good extension and had solid contact throughout batting practice. On the infield, Greer attacks the baseball, clean exchanges, fluid footwork, positional velo of 78 mph with very accurate throws. In the outfield, 79 mph positional velo, loose ¾ arm action, arm works, clean transfer, runs with glove up to the ball, mostly accurate throws. With added strength, Greer should be a projectable prospect in the 2017 class.

Jayton Haggard, Marysville, 2017
Haggard is a 6-foot-2, 160-pound athletic and projectable right-hand hitting middle infielder and right-handed pitcher. Balanced set-up at the plate, open stance, good bat speed, minimal hand load, extension through the baseball, maintains balance throughout, 82 mph exit velocity. 4.77 home to first base from the right side. 7.04 60-yard dash time. Defensively, Haggard had good actions, attacked the ball, clean exchanges, loose arm action, fluid footwork, 76 mph throwing velocity with very accurate throws. On the mound Haggard showed a smooth, clean and repeatable delivery with good direction and loose arm action from his high ¾ release point. Fastball was 81-84 mph and his curveball was 71-74 mph with tight break, good action and 11/5 shape. Mixed pitches well during game action with an abundance of strikes. Did not allow a hit. Very athletic class of 2017 prospect.

Chance Henderson, Manhattan, 2017
Henderson is a 5-foot-8 152-pound right-handed hitting third baseman and catcher. Henderson ran a 7.32 60, 4.42 home to first base and posted a 85 mph exit velo.  During batting practice, he showed a solid swing with good extension, small hand load, good feel for the barrel and scattered the ball throughout the entire field. During the game he doubled down the left field line and singled through the four hole. Behind the plate, he posted pop times between 2.10 and 2.50 while making mostly making accurate throws with clean exchanges and a ¾ arm slot.  On the infield, Henderson showed good actions and a quick release.

Ian Meyer, SS, Monett (MO), 2017

Meyer is a projectable 6-foot-1 195-pound right-handed hitting shortstop and right handed pitcher  in Missouri’s’ 2017 class.  He ran a 7.70 60 and a 4.86 home-to-first.  He has an exit velo of 86 mph.  At the plate, wider and crouched set up, open stance, loose hands, maintains balance throughout and singled up the opposite field in game action.  On the infield, 78 mph positional velo, over the top arm action, mostly accurate throws, fluid footwork with clean exchange. On the mound, Meyer located his fastball well to both sides of the plate, good downward action and velo range of 75-81 mph. Curveball was 64-65 mph with gradual 12/6 break. Changeup is 67-68 mph with some sink. Meyer’s delivery showed to be smooth and directional with loose and quick arm action.

Bryce Nation, Jayhawk Linn, 2017
Nation is a 5-foot-11 175-pound switch hitting catcher and right handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2017 class from Jayhawk Linn HS.  He ran a 4.47 home-to-first from the left side, a 4.89 home-to-first from the right side with exit velos of 86 and 81 mph, from the right and left side respectively. During bp, from the right side Nation has  loose hands, a compact swing with contact up the middle; while from the left side he showed an open stance, uphill bat path and primarily pulled the baseball.  Behind the plate, he had pop times between 2.14 and 2.22, 71 mph positional velo, an over the top release and clean exchanges. On the mound, Nation’s delivery is smooth, repeatable and directional with a square finish. During the game Nation was a strike thrower, with a fastballs ranging from 74-77 mph and curveballs at 66-67 mph, that resulted in a good amount of outs. Nation exhibited good feel for his curveball that has 11/5 shape and has the potential to be a good pitch for him in the future.
Conor O’Boyle, Riley County, 2017
O’Boyle is a left handed pitcher and first baseman from Riley County HS. He posted a 4.32 home to first time, a 7.22 60 and a 77 mph exit velocity. At the plate, O’Boyle has a balance stance, minimal load and a level bat path. During the game, he went 1 for 4 with his hit being a solid line drive up the middle. On the mound, O’Boyle’s delivery includes high ¾ arm action, good direction and an athletic finish. Fastball ranged from 68-71 mph with slight run. His curveball has 1/7 type action and was 60-63 mph.

Nathan Postlethwait, Andale, 2017
Postlethwait is an athletic and slender framed right handed pitcher and third baseman in Kansas’ 2017 class. On the mound, Postlethwait’s delivery is easy, simple and repeatable. He throws from an over the top arm arm slot, has good direction and has an athletic, repeatable finish. Fastball ranged from 79-82 with good downward action, changeup was 66-72 with good action and his curveball showed good life, sharp bite with 11/5 shape, and was thrown with good arm speed between 64-78 mph. During game action, Postlethwait mixed speeds well at the knees which resulted in numerous ground ball outs. Defensively, the footwork was fluid and he has a positional velo of 76 mph. At the plate during bp, Postlethwait showed good rhythm, a leg kick, loose hands, a pull approach during bp and an exit velo of 89 mph. 7.69 60 yard dash and 4.76 home to first.

Cooper Schlochtermeier, Rock Creek, 2017
Schlochtermeier is a 6-foot 150-pound right-handed hitting shortstop from Rock Creek HS.  He ran a 6.92 60 and a 4.20 home-to-first.  He has an exit an exit velo of 84 mph.  At the plate, tall stance, open, controlled leg kick, some hand load, looseness in hands, pull side line drives.  On the infield, 73 mph positional velo, high over the top release, hands and feet work together, quick catch and throw, lean frame, projectable, loose arm action, accurate throws.

Cooper Sears, Olathe East, 2017
Sears is a 5-foot-9 165-pound right-handed hitting middle infielder and right-handed pitcher from Kansas’ 2017 class.  During batting practice, Sears showed a balance stance, simple load with a toe tap, average bat speed, an exit velo of 77 mph and had two singles to the opposite field during game action.  He ran a 7.70 60/yd dash and a 4/50 home-to-first. During infield evaluations, Sears posted a 71 mph positional velo, charged the baseball, clean exchanges, and made accurate throws across the infield. While on the mound, Sears showed a simple delivery with a high leg kick, over the top release point, and works to create deception with his glove side. His fastball was clocked between 71-74 mph and threw his curveball between 58-61 mph. Curveball was viewed to have gradual break and 12/6 shape.

Jakob Schields, Maize, 2017

Shields is a 6-foot, 160-pound left-hand hitting, right hand-throwing middle infielder.  Simple and balanced set-up at the plate, minimal hand load, level bat path, top hand pushes through contact, maintains balance throughout swing, 78 mph exit velocity. Solid contact viewed throughout batting practice primarily to the middle of the field. 4.29 home to first base, 7.08 60-yard dash time. Defensively, Shields showed good actions on the infield, good lateral movement, clean exchanges, quick release, connected and under control, smooth arm action with a velo range of 61-73 mph.

Tanner Smith, Wichita Independent, 2017

Smith is a 6-foot-1 170-pound, slender frame, projectable right-handed hitting middle infielder from Wichita Independent. Smith ran a 7.06 60 and and 4.52 home-to-first. He posted an 83 mph exit velo. At the plate, Smith starts with an open stance, smooth load, good tempo, maintains balance throughout swing. During bp showed some pull side line drives with occasional pull pop, but did show that he could go the other way with a line drive base hit to the opposite field during the game. Defensively on the infield, Smith shows good actions, is connected, clean exchanges, good footwork and a positional velo of 75 mph with accurate throws.

Grant Smith, Oxford, 2017
Smith is a 5-foot-11 165-pound right-handed hitting third-baseman and middle infielder in Kansas’ 2017 class from Oxford HS.  He ran a 7.00 60, which was the fastest recorded at the event, and a 4.39 home-to-first. During bp, Smith shows a balanced set up, simple load, fluid rhythm, and an exit velo of 80 mph. Singled up the middle during game action. On the infield, 75 mph positional velo, accurate throws, over the top arm action and clean exchanges.

Jacob Taylor, Maize, 2017
Taylor is a 6-foot-3 180-pound first baseman and right-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2017 class from Maize HS in Wichita, KS.  During infield evaluations, Taylor posted a 78 mph positional velo, clean exchanges, with quick footwork and release, making accurate throws across the infield. He ran a 7.63 60 and had an exit velo of 87 mph, one of the top velos at the event.  During batting practice, Taylor showed some pull pop with mostly a line drive approach. He has an open stance, balanced set-up, hands work inside and a 4.56 home to first from the left side. During game action, Taylor singled twice, one a ground ball to the pull side the other a line drive to the opposite field. On the mound, Taylor’s FB worked between 71-78 mph and curveball 63-65 mph that showed to be sharp at times and had 12/6 shape. Taylor’s delivery shows some rhythm, uses his glove side to provide deception from this over the top arm slot and a square, athletic finish.

Kade Wallace, Clay Center, 2017
Wallace is a right-handed hitting catcher and middle infielder in Kansas’ 2017 class.  At the event he posted a 4.42 home-to-first, a 7.26 60 and an exit velo of 79 mph. At the plate, he shows open and athletic stance, negative toe tap, level bat path, and a gap-to-gap approach with some pop up the middle. Behind the plate, pop times between 2.06 and 2.27, 71 mph positional velo, quick over the top release, clean exchanges and receives the ball well. On the infield, Wallace showed good actions, clean exchanges, quick transfers and 71 mph positional velo.

Solomon Young, Bonnor Springs, 2017
Young has a strong build at 6-foot 180-pounds and is a right-handed hitting infielder in Kansas’ 2017 class from Bonner Springs HS.  He ran a 7.04 60/yd dash, second fastest at the event. During batting practice, Young has a balanced set-up, minimal hand load, slight leg kick, level bath path, shows some explosiveness with his lower half and a 4.77 home to first. During game action Young reached base twice, once on an error and the other on a single in the infield. Defensively, 76 mph positional velo with accurate throws, clean exchanges, quick arm action with a high ¾ release.

Skylar Zirkle, Shawnee Heights, 2017
Zirkle is a 6-foot 185-pound middle infielder and right-handed pitcher from Shawnee Heights HS in Topeka, KS. Zirkle posted a 7.63 60/yd dash and 4.97 home-to-first. During infield evaluations, Zirkle had an 75 mph positional velo, with smooth, clean actions and a quick release with mostly accurate throws. During batting practice, Zirkle showed a balance set up, minimal hand load, extension through the baseball and worked the middle of the field. On the mound, Zirkle’s delivery proved to be repeatable while providing some deception with his glove side. Zirkle showed command of his fastball that worked between 75-78 mph and curveball between 64-66 mph. Curveball had 12/6 shape and showed occasional tight spin.

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