Class of 2017 Games: Outfielders Analysis

Shon Plack
Kansas Scouting Director

Prep Baseball Report-Kansas held the Class of 2017 Games in Topeka at Washburn University on June 28.  Profiles have been updated with times, velos, videos and profile pitchers.  In the days to come we will break down the event position-by-position, taking a look that outfielders today. Outfielders are listed in alphabetical order.

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Austin Brooks, Park Hill (MO), 2017
Brooks is a 6-foot-4 195-pound outfielder and right handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2017 class from Park Hill HS.  Brooks displays a projectable frame and build. He ran a 7.53 60 and 4.67 home to first from the right side. During outfield evaluations, Brooks posted an 77 mph positional velo, clean exchanges and fairly accurate throws.  During batting practice, Brooks has a balanced set up, hands trigger his load, maintains balance throughout and showed some pop to his pull side. During game action, Brooks had a line drive single to left field. On the mound, Brooks’ delivery has many moving parts which provided added deception to the hitter. Fastball worked between 74-77 with some run. Changeup looked like his fastball and was clocked was between 71-73 mph. Curveball had 11/5 shape at 67 mph.

Grant Cowley, St. Thomas Aquinas, 2017
Cowley is a 5-foot-11, 160-pound left-handed hitting and throwing outfielder.  Cowley’s build is smaller, yet athletic as he shows some explosive movements defensively attacking the baseball, clean and quick exchanges, positional velo of 78 mph and mostly accurate throws. He ran a 7.19 60 and 4.47 home to first. Athletic stance at the plate, smooth load, level bat path, exit velocity of 80 mph. During bp he showed pull side line drives and contact up the middle. On the mound, Cowley was a strike thrower and shows an over the top arm angle, quick arm speed with some rhythm and fluidity to his delivery. Fastball was between 75-80 mph with occasional run and his curveball was 68-68 mph. Curveball has 12/6 shape with sharp action at times.  

Mason Elston, Goddard Eisenhower, 2017
Elston is a 5-foot-6 140-pound left-handed hitting outfielder. Elston ran a 7.11 60 yard dash and and posted an 71 mph exit velo.  Elston has a short stroke from the left side, with a smooth load and good body control. During the game, Elston worked a middle of the field approach that resulted in him going 1 for 4 with a line drive base hit up the middle. In the outfield, Elston has a good approach to baseball and a ¾ arm slot with clean exchanges. He has a positional velo of 73 mph.

Grant Goldston, Fort Scott, 2017
Goldston is a strong bodied 6-foot-1 190-pound right-handed hitting third-baseman in Kansas’ 2017 class.  He ran a 7.43 60 and a 4.48 home-to-first.  He has an exit velo of 88 mph, one of the top velos at the event.  At the plate, athletic set up, smooth load with a knee to knee pinch, hands worked inside the ball  for flat line drives during batting practice, singled up the middle and drove a double to the right center wall in game action. In the outfield, Goldston shows off loose arm action from a high ¾ release, positional velo of 82 mph with mostly accurate throws. On the infield, 74 mph positional velo, accurate throws and clean exchanges.

Garrison Greer, Wichita Heights, 2017
Greer a 5-foot-9 155-pound athletic utility player in Kansas’ 2017 class from Wichita Heights HS.  He ran a 7.27 60, a 4.56 home to first and has an exit velo of 74 mph.At the plate, Greer has a simple swing, balanced stance, loose hands, good extension and had solid contact throughout batting practice. On the infield, Greer attacks the baseball, clean exchanges, fluid footwork, positional velo of 78 mph with very accurate throws. In the outfield, 79 mph positional velo, loose ¾ arm action, arm works, clean transfer, runs with glove up to the ball, mostly accurate throws. With added strength, Greer should be a projectable prospect in the 2017 class.

Edward Scott, Manhattan, 2017
Scott is a switch hitting outfield prospect  in Kansas’ 2017 class. Scott has a smaller, but still athletic, build at 5-foot-10 155 pounds. During batting practice, Scott showed solid contact from the left side despite closing himself off slightly with his stride and a simple stride, balanced load and solid contact up the middle from the right side. He ran a 7.35 60. From the right side Scott’s home to first time was 4.28 while being 4.14 from the left side.  In the outfield, Scott aggressively attacks the baseball, shows athletic actions, over the top arm angle with a positional velo of 86, mostly accurate throws with good momentum going towards his target and had an outfield assist in game action from moderate depth in CF.

Jake Steinbring, Manhattan, 2017
Steinbring is a 6-foot 170-pound right-handed outfielder and right-handed pitcher from Manhattan.  He ran a 6.82 60 and a 4.63 home-to-first. He has an exit velo of 87 mph.  At the plate, minimal load, controlled leg kick, aggressive swing, quick hands, gap-to-gap approach, consistent line drives during batting practice.  In the outfield, quick catch and throw, work quickly behind the ball, high three quarters release, 81 mph positional velo, mostly accurate throws. Made aggressive accurate throws to plate during game action. 

Zachary Stiles, Helias Catholic, 2017
Stiles is a 5-foot-11 175-pound right-handed hitting outfielder from Helias Catholic HS in Jefferson City, Mo.  He ran a 7.20 60 and a 4.43 home-to-first.  He has an 84 mph exit velo.  At the plate, wide set up, controlled leg lift, level path through the zone, no wasted movement in load, pull side line drives.  In the outfield, 77 mph positional velo, over the top release, crow hop, clean catch and throw, somewhat accurate throws.

Gleason Williams, Salina Central, 2017
Williams has an attractive frame at 6-foot-2 185-pounds and hails in Kansas’ 2017 recruiting class. He is an outfielder that moves well defensively, good range, positional velo of 79 mph, mostly accurate throws, works down hill and gains ground towards target after throw is made. At the plate Williams swings from the left side, tall stance, loose hands, good bat speed, exit velo of 82 mph, during batting practice he showed some power with some pop to his pull side and a 4.35 home-to-first. During game action he singled by the way of a line drive through the left side. He ran a 7.39 60/yd dash.

Blaine Wood, Wichita Independent, 2017
Wood is a 5-foot-11 170-pound right-handed hitting catcher, outfielder and right handed pitcher from Wichita Independent HS. Wood ran a 7.25 60, 4.21 home-to-first and an exit velocity of 81 mph. At the plate Wood has an opened and balanced stance, some bat speed, during bp he showed solid contact up the middle along with some pull power. During game action, Wood reached on a single and on errors twice.  Behind the plate, pop times ranged from 2.12 to 2.20, positional velo of 69 mph, over the top arm action, clean exchanges with the feet and hands working together.In the outfield, Wood has a positional velo of 76 while making mostly accurate throws.  On the mound, Wood utilizes and over the top arm slot, smooth rhythm and an athletic finish to throw his fastball  which ranges from 73-75 mph, a changeup at 67-68 mph and a curveball between 66-70 that has 12/6 action and is sharp at times.

Chaseton Wylie, OF, Osawatomie, 2017
Wylie is a physical, big bodied 6-foot-1 210-pound left-handed hitting prospect in Kansas’ 2017 class from Osawatomie HS.  He ran a 6.99 60/yd dash, third fastest at the showcase, and a 4.46 home to first. At the plate, Wylie starts with a slightly open and athletic stance, smooth load, level bat path, extension through the baseball, exit velo of 91 which was the top velo at the event and showed power to his pull side during batting practice. Defensively in the outfield, Wylie showed good and athletic actions, attacked the baseball, clean and fluid exchanges, positional velocity of 86 mph and mostly accurate throws. Wylie's, physicality, athleticism and strong frame make him a promising prospect to keep an eye on in the future.

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